Many people have heard now about the incident at the Republican National Convention where two white men supposedly threw peanuts at a black camerawoman for CNN, telling her that is how they fed animals at the zoo.


This incident fits right in with the media narrative that the Republican Party is the party of white racists. 


Yet there are a lot of details about this incident that either do not add up or raise a lot of questions.


The CNN Camerawoman is now identified as Patricia Carroll.   Based on her comments she made to a blog, she appears to be a liberal. 


This story could be true but there are a lot of things about this story that are raising enough flags that many more questions need to be asked.


Let’s start with a few.


First, this is a CNN CAMERAWOMAN.  Where the hell was her camera?  According to her two other cameramen and a reporter came over to see the ruckus.  They did not hear what was said. 


In that crowded room of thousands of people, how does an event like this happen and no one else hears it?  How is it that something like that happens and no one gets video or even a photo of it?  You could probably count the number of people at the convention who do not have phones with cameras on one hand. 


Who are these people who were supposedly throwing peanuts?  Reporters pride themselves on finding out information for news stories.  They discover classified projects and scandals.  The can identify former Navy Seals who write books.   Do you mean none of them can find out who these guys were?


Does anyone have any idea how tough it is to get into that convention?  If you do not have the proper credential, you get nowhere near the event.    Do you think if these guys were ejected, someone tried to find out who they were and if they were properly on the floor of the convention?


Who is the RNC official who allegedly apologized and claimed the men doing it were alternate delegates?  If he knew they were alternate delegates, he probably has some idea who they are. 

Where are the witnesses to this event, other than the guys who were allegedly throwing the peanuts?


According to Patricia Carroll, they were causing such a ruckus that other colleagues came over to investigate.  How is it possible that such a ruckus was created that attracted the attention of other reporters and not the attention of other attendees?  If so, why hasn’t the media tried to interview them?



This incident may or may not have happened.  CNN’s coverage of the Republican Convention has been so egregiously biased that the claim by the reporter that she was tormented by a couple of white guys based on her race fits right in with the narrative they are trying to spin.


The simple truth here is there are a lot of questions.  Clara Peller was made famous almost thirty years ago with the famous hamburger question, “Where’s the beef?”


In this case, the question is, “where’s the proof?”

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haha! I love it when a lawyer starts questioning things! EXACTLY all the right questions to be asking, my friend! 

I see a trimmer in events, as if a game plain is to in-site hate against Romney...maybe I am wrong but to many issues at one time in the last week of the black and white....

Drawn right in and too late to turn away!! Round and round we go!!

and go down ... the TIME TUNNEL!!!

Oh, no!  Now I need therapy!

Yes, one of obama's mentors?

It is the exact reason the Communist party of the US endorsed Obama.

Back in 1954 both parties of Congress signed on the Communist control Act. This was sent to the Supreme Court, then became law. It states in brief, no person that is a member or distributes socialist, or communist material or recieves money from any communist organization may hold public office.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communist_Control_Act_of_1954   For many years communists have been infiltrating the democrat party. It goes on with specific regulations to prevent what is happening today. The DNC is in clear violation of this law, and we MUST do the necessary to REMOVE oblama from office... this is yet another overlooked criteria.

After all we have heard this week from maxist media, I thought this was therapy.........lol  

I can hear the "Twilight Zone" theme playing right now. WTG, Goodbusiness! LOL!

This is the first I've heard of it - because I don't watch CNN...

This White House regime is so desparate, we cannot put anything past them. I believe that Chicago outfit would stop at NOTHING to keep from loosing power. This story is just like the Tea Partiers who allegedly spit in the two black congressmen outside the capital during the Obamacare debate. Absolutely NO proof could ever be produced that happened. The current Democratic Party would feel right at home in the old Soviet Union along with their own versions of Pravda, CNN and MSNBC.


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