Running the American military is one of the specific powers given to the President and his administration.   Of all the things the Obama regime is currently worried about, their current priority really takes the cake.


What is it?


The thing the Obama regime is most worried about right now is not the gutting of the size of the American military.   It is not the reduction in the capabilities to defend America.


What they are most worried about now is a video that has surfaced showing American Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban.


In the greater scheme of things, the actions of those Marines falls under the heading of, you should not have done that. 


And there is where it ends.


But not for the Obama regime.   Leon Panetta, Obama’s Secretary of Surrender, called Afghan President Hamid Karzai and pledged a full investigation.   Hillary Clinton, Obama’s Secretary of Appeasement is “totally dismayed.”  The Commandant of the Marine Corps has directed the Naval Criminal Investigative Service to put its “best agents” on the case. 


Perhaps there is a better use for the NCIS agents.  They could be at work trying to prevent the next Ft. Hood. 


Hamid Karzai is outrage and described the video as “completely inhumane.”  Funny, most sane people usually reserve that description for things like beheadings, torture, throwing acid on women and child rape.  Those are all things the Taliban do all the time.  Karzai is silent on them. 


If we had a real American in the White House he would tell Karzai to shut the hell up.  Karzai should remember that if it were not for the “completely inhumane” Americans like those Marines, his buddies in the Taliban would probably waste no time in separating his empty head from the rest of his body.


The Marines involved in the video have not been identified.  But, we can make some educated guesses about what they were doing.  They were probably in combat recently.  They may have even been in combat with those Taliban whose bodies are shown in the video.  It is also a safe bet they have not only lost friends to the Taliban but they have probably seen the atrocities the Taliban visit on anyone who disagrees with Islam.


These Marines urinated on the bodies of dead enemies. 


So what? 


Someone was dumb enough to video it and they were dumb enough to let them be videoed. 


Tell them not to do that again and move on.


The real story here is the need to win in Afghanistan.  It is not to surrender, as Obama wants us to do.  The real story is the Taliban leaders that Obama wants to release from Guantanamo.  Several of them are wanted for war crimes.  They are all top terrorist leaders who, if they are released, will rejoin the fight.  The real issue is how many Americans will die because Obama wants to release some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists prior to his surrender in Afghanistan.


Mean while, the big story is that four or five Marines peed on some dead Taliban.


Who the hell cares?

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Let these pansies go to the front lines and watch bullets rip through their buddies bodies if not their own.  And if one is unlucky enough to get captured, pray they don't get decapitated like has happened in the past.

I am a retired U.S. Army First Sergeant, Viet Nam Vet.  While I agree with your concern about cutting the military, I have to disagree with you regarding the actions of the Marines in question.  It is a big deal!  That type of action is not representative of the values, standards, and traditions of the U.S. military or the nation.  What those Marines did also put more American lives in danger, provided great recruiting material for the radical islamists.  They should be severely disciplined.  Beyond that, Obama must go!  We need a president and congress that will formulate a foreign policy that is not based on political expediency, but sound moral principles.  And, we need a president and congress that will support the military.


The only wrong here is their stupidity in videoing it. Otherwise, give them a slap on the wrist & move on.

These men & women do not get the help they need when they come home from the Middle East. When the gov't begins to care about them, maybe then I will get upset.

Chuck, I agree. We are an exceptional nation and thus we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. The killing of these despicable excuses for human life is the ultimate act and desecrating them in death is less than honorable. 

Thank you, Chuck, for seeing the issue as it is. I was surprised to read so many letters that upheld these vlle acts. It makes Americans sound like savages.

I too am former Army. The military has rules of conduct for reasons most cilvilians could never understand. I agree with you Top. GOD BLESS AMERICA......

Come on Sarge, lighten up.  They are warriors mocking their enemy after winning a battle. 

Read about mocking your enemies in the Bible. 

Start with 1st Samuel 18.  David, the man after God's own heart, killed 200 Philistines and whacked off the ends of their tallywhackers and sacked them up as a wedding gift for Saul, his future father-in-law.


I think an article 15 is in order.  Turn them over to their Top Sgt for company punishment.

A Federal case with International implications is out of line.  The White House should treat this like an inappropriate Fraternity prank.  Our Commander in Chief, Major-ODomo, should thank them for their service

Thank you, Chuck. People seem to be missing the importance of military discipline and our setting an example to the world.

As to the "it's just war" argument: does that make it OK for Taliban soldiers to pee on Marines? 

Top, I have to agree with you about the actions of those Marines.  Having served in Iraq, I can understand the anger that caused those guys to do that, but we are the best in the world.  We MUST hold ourselves to the highest level of conduct.

Chuck, I too am a Vietnam vet Jan 68 to Jan 69, but a lowly Sgt E-5 previously in charge of a security platoon covering two supply compounds. Since it is against both army protocol and US law to desecrate a dead body. They are clearly under battle fatigue and should receive our apology for what they have seen and endured, then sent to Hawaii to be with family for R&R (Rest and Recuperation) to be retrained for reentry into battle! If I remember correctly... our one year stint in Vietnam included a one week or two week R&R in several locations to include Hawaii or Cambodia but maybe you can refresh my memory on location, time and duration? 

Do our troops in the middle east also receive R&R for time in the battle zone there? Just asking?

IMHO, these Marines should get the Medal of Honor, or some such high recognition. Throw in a ticker tape parade and an all expense trip to Hawaii paid from the personal wealth of FLOTUS.


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