Barack Obama has been whining incessantly about the Buffett Rule.  He wants millionaires and billionaires, who have already been repeatedly taxed and who are risking their wealth with investments that help this nation, play more in taxes.  In fact, he wants everyone to pay more in taxes.  


We have a poster boy for Obama’s call for more taxes. 


Who is it?


It is Jeffrey Neely.




You have probably never heard of Jeffrey Neely but he was the head of the San Francisco office of the General Services Administration.   He thought the government was his personal piggy bank and he had the constitutional right to take all kind of lavish trips, paid for by we the people.


He took his wife on a trip to Hawaii, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands as a birthday present.  Gee, I’d like to give my wife birthday presents I don’t have to pay for. 


In an email, his wife said, “It’s yo birfday … We gonna pawty like iz yo birfday!”

Wow.  There is nothing like partying on the taxpayers’ dime.   I’m sure some of the 88 million Americans who are out of the work force and are wondering how they are going to make it appreciate that.  I’m sure some of the million or so people that have lost their homes in the Great Obama Depression are thrilled he could party with his wife, on his birthday, with the taxpayers paying.


Neely did not just travel to Hawaii.  He travelled all over the place.  Even when he was being investigated, he received a bonus for his work.  You cannot make this stuff up.  Only in Obama’s government is this the norm.


Neely was arrogant in his abuse of the American taxpayer.  At one point he wrote to a friend, "I know. I am bad but Deb [presumably this is his wife] and I say often, why not enjoy it while we have it and while we can. Aint going to last forever."


Really?  Enjoy it while you can?


How many Americans are out on the streets because of the Great Obama Depression?  Hey Jeff, you think they are enjoying it?


And why should any American be asked to pay any more in taxes?  This is where our tax dollars are going.  We have waste, fraud and abuse as the norm now in government spending. 


Neely is not alone.  Last year, the General Accounting Office reported on hundreds of billions on dollars in waste and fraud in government spending.  None of that has been dealt with.  None of it has been cut. 


In the last year, John Boehner hauled up his freshly laundered white flag of surrender and spending went up 3% over what it had been when Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker.


Meanwhile, as Obama demands the rich, which is anyone with a job and a bank account, to pay more in taxes, we need to fire back at the Party of Treason.


This is your tax dollars at work.

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Cry baby Boehner should be tried for treason along with 90% of Congress, 99.99% of the administration, and almost half of SCOTUS.  I'm fed up!

Thomas Jefferson once said, "I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious."

Wouldn't you just love to hear what he would have to say NOW?

The Buffett Rule is based on flawed logic.

Buffett and the top 400 taxpayers don't pay less than "EVERYONE" else. They just pay less than most of the people in the "TOP 5%" of taxpayers and maybe a few of the top 10% of taxpayers. I devoted a whole chapter to this top 400, in my book, "The Rich Don't Pay Tax! …Or Do They?" But in short, based on their tax rate, Buffett's secretary and her husband are clearly in that top 5% of taxpayers, so they are in that very select group that really does pay more than Buffett and the top 400. But if you aren't in the top 10% of taxpayers and you pay at a higher rate than Buffett, then you seriously need some better tax software or a new accountant.

Few people understand the tax code and how it works.  What we need in not a Buffett Rule, we need to scrap the current code, rules, and  regulations from other bills that impact the code, and rewrite it completely.  Every time congress tries to "fix" the code, they only suceed in making it more complex. 

  Wrong, my wife and I are NOT in the top 10% and our tax rate after all standard deductions (we don't have enough to itemize) was 16.1%.  I don't need software or an accountant to do a 1040A.

   You are correct about the Buffet Rule and how the dems are focusing on a few instead of the whole flawed tax system here in the U.S.


Michael, FYI, at 16.1% tax rate, you were paying less than Buffett and as you pointed out, yours is the worst case scenario. Buffett stated that he paid 17.4%. On average, the top-earning 400 taxpayers paid 18.11% in taxes. At 16.1%, you are NOT paying more than Buffett.

The top 1% (income over $344K) pay more than Buffett. They average paying about a 24% tax rate. The top 5% (income over $155K) pay more than Buffett. Their tax rate averages about 20.5%. Even the top 10% (income over $112K) pay an average of 18% tax rate.

So you pay a tax rate higher than, most of the people in the top 25% (income over $66K), who pay an average of 14.7% tax rate. But remember that these are all averages. There are some in every income group who pay more or less than the average. But if you pay way more, than the average for your group, then you may have an accounting problem.

All of those numbers are from the IRS Collections data. It's not what the IRS "thinks" is owed. It's what they actually collected, after all exclusions, deductions, under-reporting and scams. It's numbers that the politicians and the media can't spin. That's why I chose to use that particular data set in my book. It's money in the US Treasury.

I've got to quit reading accounts like this......it makes me sooooo angry I almost explode!

Yeah no kidding. :) I feel that way all the time, actually over the past four years I have felt that way. :D

What's even funnier, is that this man heads the Government Agency tasked with rooting out fraud, theft, and waste.  No better picture of, "our tax dollars at work," exists.  I just wish that somehow we could have found a way to put one of those green paid for by the stimulus signs in view.

If the Oracle of Omaha would pay his corporate tax we'd have an extra Billion Dollars, or so, for obama to incinerate!

obama is incinerating approximately $10 Billion dollars a day, so the proposed $5 Billion (annually) is about 1/2 days of our cash going into obama's incinerator.

Buffet's idea of Taxing the Rich will raise about $5 Billion annually, will neuter new employment and economic expansion and could easily be offset by sending Tax Bills to the 50+ million folks who pay no income tax.

If these folks paid $100 a year ($8 a month) in Income Taxes it would cover the $5 Billion his proposed Tax the Rich fiasco would raise.  

$100 a year is like 2 packages of cigarettes or a bottle of wine . . . EACH MONTH.  Most everyone is suffering this economy, why not . . . . REALLY EVERYONE!

Neely should not be on paid leave, he should  be fired, tried for mishandling of public funds, put in jail and made to pay back the money he stole.  This is but the tip of the ice burg and our congress will do nothing but carry on with their dog and pony show.  Buy, this is a symptom of the times.  When they see the abuses and excesses of leaders, they feel entitled to  emulate those abuses and excesses. 

YELK! Talk about now going to have nightmares. sheech, no wonder the tax payers needed to pay for all of that, if my man was THAT ugly.... YELK. A little warning next time please ;) Ohhh man "WARNING, REALLY UGLY GUY PICTURE AT THE END!" lol

It's unreal to me that people would be this way. Even after all the years of putting up with insane liberals...it STILL shocks me that people would stoop so friggen low, as to steak from those that actually work for a living and have to watch what we do. Disgusting for sure. Liberals are careless and they have no self control. The absolute GREED that pours out of them with such a bitter smell, is some thing that HAS to be fixed, and now. Really, I think YES we should make the millionairs and Billionairs pay higher taxes...BUT only if they voted for the party of Treason. Really, I think that we should seperate them from the rest of us for a bit. If we gave them Califorina and Ill's and let them tax each other to death, and have their Obama care and all that they dream of having, and the rest of us live a NORMAL American life..they would rather quickly change their minds.

My Mother told me about this guy that she had to work with, he was in his 20's and she was in her 40's. She taught English to forginers and he did as well. He was a far left nut and my...Well not so much. He would sit there and tell her how bad America was and so on. My Mother would just smile and say "Sorry you feel that way, but you know some times when people get older they change." LOL God Bless her. Well he told her one day that he was going to the cezch Republic and live out there becasue America was so bad. He returned 9 months later and said he was going to stay here in the USA. (Suddenly becoming a right wing flag waver.) He said that he couldn't believe tha they would actually want a King. It was terribal out there. Now I understand what you meant when we get older, we can change. He now votes for the right. So in this long stroy lol I wanted to say that since the liberals are obssessed with free things, we give them all a free ticket to live out there for 9 months. They claim this is what they want, YET when forced to live like that, they cahnge. :D




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