The stories about how the Obama Regime and Harry Reid’s shutdown are coming almost faster than we can deal with them.


The Regime has closed the World War 2 Memorial.  They closed the Iwo Jima Memorial.  They closed Mount Rushmore and the scenic overpass that allows people to look at it.  They closed privately owned businesses on Federal thoroughfares.  Today there is even a story of how the feds threw a family out of a house they own that sits on Federal Property.  The Obama Regime has even tried to close part of the ocean.


Conservatives have reacted with outrage.  Liberals, especially the liberal media, have tried to ignore these stories.  From a messaging point of view, these stories are horrible. 


Why would the Obama Regime be so tone deaf?  Could it be there is something else going on?


Today is the sixth day of the Harry Reid government shutdown.


The world has not stopped turning.  The Obama Regime is causing as much pain as it can.  It is refusing to negotiate with Republicans and not allowing the funding of the National Institutes of Health while giving half a billion dollars to the left wing corporation for public broadcasting.


The biggest danger the Democrats faced from a prolonged shutdown was the realization many Americans would have that much of government is simply a giant waste. Government is bloated with employees who do little more than collect a paycheck.  They do nothing to advance any mission of the government.


Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer may be evil but they are not stupid. Serial killer Ted Bundy was evil but he was not stupid either.  They know exactly what they are doing.


By shutting down popular attractions, many of which they did not have the authority to shut down, they knew they would create attention and anger from conservatives.  If you look at social media, this is what conservatives are talking about.  This is almost all conservatives are talking about.


How many Facebook memes have we seen about the old World War II vets storming their memorials or the vets running down the barricades in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial?


If conservatives are going to win the battle of the government, one of the things we have to make Americans understand is that our government is riddled with waste, fraud and abuse.


By focusing on the outrage the Obama Regime is creating by closing oceans, memorials, privately owned businesses and kicking people out of their homes, the Obama Regime is ensuring that the most important story of the shutdown goes unnoticed.


That story is how little government we really need for our daily lives.  The story is how much government exists that we do not need and how much we can get rid of.


The possibility of this narrative getting out has always been the big risk of the shutdown for the Obama Regime and the Party of Treason.  By screaming every time Obama does something like that, we are letting him play the Wizard of Oz.


“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” 

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I  couldn't agree  with  you more....but  now  what........I  think   obama  is baiting  the average person  to start  a  civil  war....

What  does the  average person  do.....??

My  suggestion....STAND  STRONG.....!

You are absolutely correct Charles. Boehner is the key that can turn this Obama "crying wolf" into a victory for all of us. We need to all send him tweets and emails to have courage to stand pat on the resolve and the issues of the Tea Party Representatives that have stood like those of the Alamo.

In addition, we need to put more pressure on Harry Reid and the Democrats to let them know that we are not fooled by their games.  Light up the phone lines!!!!

Its my opinion that Harry Reid is playing poker------John Boehner is callin his bluff!!

They took the joker out of the deck and put him in the White House with the Queen of Hearts!

Very good point, Sir Charles! Somebody conservative had better get through to Boehner and prop him up!  He seems

to play the part of windsock dolls you see in front of car dealerships--one moment he stands up, the next moment he's down! Patriots, we need to send out a loud "gust" of indignation to the Congress today!

WE the PEOPLE don't need big government,big government needs big government to CONTROL WE the PEOPLE! SHUT IT DOWN! LIVE FREE!

Well said.  Just goes to show you, how well we can do without govt. intervention.  I think we could ALL do with much less Obummer-vention.

If they want civil unrest, I say "bring it".  Most of us will just sit back and watch the chaos with the people that are depending on the govt to do everything except wipe their *ss. 


Did you notice Obama Warns Wall Street Of More Chaos To Come,  on Thursday, 3 days ago?

(Do you  remember a President ever trying to spook the market  in the past?) I don't!

Did you notice that the Dow and Nasdaq closed up Friday .5 and .9 percent respectively? Up ~15 % for the year?

The explanation I reach is that the Market doesn't believe his Chicken Little cry, and the sky is not falling. The Emperor wears no clothes. He is now so ineffectual that none fear his rants and ravings!

Yes   I  did  notice....but  that  is  mostly  big  business....agree  with you...

In reality, the market is mostly made up of us small investor and our choices. I know of no more valid poll of the perception of the economy, really! From big business through Granny's savings...the aggregate vote is the opposite of Obama's prediction. 

Far too much of the stock raising or holding it's own is chiefly due to the infusion of money being put into the markets from the investment banks that are receiving the printed money from the feds thus thay are buying the bonds. Essentially buying your own debt.


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