And Romney was cheated out of the presidency.   Romney should demand a recount.

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We all know how BHO disregards and disrespects the military. . .this IMO is the ultimate slap in their face. . .he knew that the majority of them would vote against him. . .every day they risk their lives to make his sorry @$$ look good around the world and this is the thanks they get!  He is the most vile, disgusting, evil person I have ever heard of  (and that's putting it mildly).  They still won't call Ft. Hood an act of terrorism. . .

I said the same thing Nancy.  He wanted to be absolutely sure all the moochers got to vote since they would vote for him, but for some reason it was o.k. for the military men and women not to get their ballots.  They have more of a right to vote than any of us.

Did you read the article? Or John Clark's comment below?

  This story came off of The Duffel Blog which is a "satire" site like the Onion meaning it is a made up story.  Didn't you research this before you posted it?  Here is the link to their web site www.duffelblog.com .  There I did your research for you.  (If you posted this for the humor I sincerely apologize.  Hard to tell anymore with some of the stuff that gets posted.)



John, are you saying that just this story from the Duffel Blog is false, or are you also claiming that the democrats never drag their feet when it comes to getting the military ballots out and/or counted each time?

I can't remember one election where there isn't this same problem cropping up over and over again, and it's always more than just one or two outposts in the middle of nowhere.  How difficult would it really be to have ballots delivered everywhere there are troops?  After all, they do get food, ammunition, and communications on a regular basis, right?  Sheer common sense would lead any sane person to admit that there is a recurring effort to have some of the military votes never happen.  And isn't it odd that there is always a concerted effort against other groups having a photo ID so that they CAN vote?

JC Patriot,

    Yes, I am saying this story is a total fabrication on a satire site called duffelblog.com.  Please go to the site and check it out.  I am not arguing that the DoD mail system has had some difficulty in moving mail. I'm not excusing late mail I am only saying that the story driving this thread is completely made up on a satire web site.  If we're going to create a conspiracy then let's do it with a few actual facts at least this way we don't look quite so silly.

    Sheer common sense would tell you that food, ammunition and communications gear all take priority on already overtaxed airlift assets.  The mission comes first.  I'm not excusing late mail I am just saying mail doesn't run in a combat zone like it does in the burbs.  At MOBs those ballots are competing with tons of other mail for limited space on limited aircraft heading into the holiday season with hundreds of thousands of people shopping online and all of it delivered to an APO.  Until you've sorted mail at an APO you just have no idea what an ordeal it can be.



John Clark,

     As I pointed out already, I get it about the Duffel story, so why tell me to go read it one more time?  Let's not beat a dead horse.

     But let me clarify the rest of what you're saying.  The individual in the military and on the front lines is fighting for our interests and our right to vote among many other things, and yet we should not value his/her right to receive a ballot as much as his right to receive food, ammo, and communication gear for our sake?  That sounds we're using him/her as a tool, not treating him/her like an equal or with extra gratitude.

     And elections are not surprise events, so why do you use holiday mail as an excuse?  Send the damn things a year in advance if you have to.  After all, it's not like major military deployments are not known well in advance.

     Perhaps the military postal service has learned some excuses from the USPS!  Maybe we should consider using UPS, FED EX or DHS to deliver the ballots.

I agree totally, John.  There should be no excuses why our military did not get their ballots and get to vote.   obama knows that there is a high percentage of military men and women who would vote republican so therefore he suppressed their vote.

Defense Department can't put soldiers, ballots together
'This is precisely where DoD has failed these overseas troops'

Johnson, Schuette sue to count late military ballots

OCTOBER 12, 2012

Legal move only option to protect military/overseas votes

Republican senators express concern about military voters missing Election Day

Cast aside: Thousands of votes from our military troops uncounted or missing

Supreme Court Halts Military Voting Rights Law this Election But Case Continues

Check out the links other than duffelblog.com, which tell the story.

There are only about 1.5 million military personal today and I'm sure much less than that overseas.  Even if everyone of them voted for Romney, he'd still lose.

If you through out ALL the Ballots cast by ILLEGAL Aliens and add them to the military votes not counted, OBummer is a HAS-BEEN!!!



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