Jim DeMint is retiring from the United States Senate and will take over the Heritage foundation. 


Heritage is certainly getting one of the conservative superstars of this current era. 


But what will this mean for the Senate and the future?


South Carolina governor Nikki Haley will appoint DeMint’s successor who will then have to run for election to the Seat in 2014.


I have a suggestion.


There are a lot of good people in South Carolina who could be nominated but how about Tim Scott?


Republicans control five of South Carolina’s six congressional districts.   Tim Scott is a solid conservative.  He is a good guy and his appointment would say a lot about the Republican Party in the South.  


The appointment is a huge matter.  It will not change the balance of power in the Senate but it could change the balance of power in the Republican Party.


In 2014, because of this, both of South Carolina’s Senators will appear on the ballot.  South Carolina RINO Lindsay Graham also has to run for reelection.


The person Nikki Haley chooses to fill DeMint’s seat will decide much of the political future in South Carolina and in the Republican Establishment.


If Governor Haley chooses Tim Scott or some other top notch conservative, the conservatives will solidify against Graham for a primary challenge.   If Haley picks a RINO or someone else who is not a heavy hitter, many of those who might think about challenging Graham will instead look at an easier target.


Lindsay Graham has infuriated conservatives over the years.  Most recently he announced his willingness to raise taxes and ignore the Taxpayer Protection Pledge he signed. 


Conservatives are looking forward to someone challenging Graham.  If there are two RINOs on the ballot, Graham might skate. 


Tim Scott is not the only conservative who could be nominated but there is certainly a compelling case to make him the choice.


Governor Haley has not yet indicated whom she will select to fill DeMint’s term until the next election. 


One thing is certain.  The South Carolina 2014 Senate races will be very interesting.

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My fellow South Carolinians are very proud of our man, Jim Demint. He's been a great conservative during his political reign.  I hope Nicki Haley will select someone of equal quality to fill those big shoes....perhaps Trey Gowdy??? (Only then, we'll need to fill Gowdy's position in the House!) 

It seems likely that DeMint and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley have discussed this and have come to an agreement of his replacement prior to his announcement of resignation.

Who do you think that will be???

Yes,  Vern,  probably  so, . . . . 

May I ask (and would appreciate the education) how you folks in SC feel about Mr. Gowdy sponsoring the bill (which passed the House and is now on its way to the Senate) to provide former presidents and their wives lifetime Secret Service protection. . .I get the concern about their safety, but how are we going to pay for this?  It just galls me to think we are going to have to pay for BHO/MO for the rest of their lives. (http://www.startribune.com/politics/national/182192881.html?refer=y)  I thought we were suppose to be trying to cut excessive govt spending, not adding to it.  That said, I have seen Rep. Gowdy in action as a member of the House Oversight Cmte and I do like his no-nonsense/go get em questioning, especially during the F&F/Libya hearings. . .again, would appreciate knowing more about Mr. Gowdy from SC's perspective--thanks!

Well,  yes,  Nancy,  I, TOO,  am  concerned  about  the  way  our  " affluent "  government  just  THROWS  AWAY  so  much  of  OUR  money ;  yet,  compared  to  the  BILLIONS  &  BILLIONS  &  BILLIONS  of  dollars  our  " government "  WASTES,  the  expense  of  putting  Secret - Service  Protection,  even  on  ALL past  presidents,  is  less  than  1%  OF  1%  OF 1%, . . . . and  even  WAY  LESS  than  THAT !

Yes,  THIS,  TOO,  may  be  " waste,"  but,  folks,  if  we are  going  to  RAISE  H _ _ L  to  our  Congressmen,  about  WASTE,  let  us  put our efforts  into  the  REAL,  "  BILLIONS  &  BILLIONS  &  BILLIONS "  of  dollars,  going  to,  say,  nations  who  HATE  us ! . . . . . . GRRRRRRRR, . . . . . . 

Good points. . .thanks David!


I am totally against providing secret service protection for presidents after they are out of office.  Who cares much what they do after they leave office, enough to risk doing them harm?  Most of them are rich enough to provide their own protection.

I'm also against pensions and all other perks for ex-presidents---senators, reps, the whole ball of wax. they come out of office more able to care for themselves financially than those of us who have supported them royally while in office.

  Is their anyone out there willing to take this up as an issue.  It's insane to protect these people, many of whom have done us more damage than help. I guarantee you the congress will never take it up.  Maybe these "left-over servants" can be appealed to, to renounce these unbelievable perks.  It's unnecessary, expecially since  most of them stay alive seemingly forever (most as nuisances, like Carter).

If Gowdy has sponsored such a bill, that alone is disqualifying. It's hair-brained and  a total waste of tax payer money.

I just heard him on Rush and said something that made me wonder. He said Harry Reid was his friend. How can someone bent on destroying America be your friend?

WANNNA SHAKE THINGS UP..... Hey Gov. Nikki Haley....Appoint Sarah Palin to replace DeMint....hee hee hee....that would destroy the Libs.....


Ohhhhhh ... how I'd love that sarah2, but doubt she'd leave Alaska for there. DC, maybe :)

Top 5 People Who Could Replace Resigning GOP Sen. Jim DeMint

Posted on December 6, 2012 at 12:19pm by Mytheos Holt

Following the surprise announcement that Tea Party stalwart Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) is retiring from his post to run the Heritage Foundation, Republicans are faced with an awkward reality — that is, that whatever the merits of DeMint’s choice, it leaves the GOP in the position of defending two Senate seats in the same state, in the same year (2014).

In a year which the GOP has seen – with some justification – as their best chance at taking back the Senate, one more vulnerability is not necessarily a welcome development. This is especially so when you consider that DeMint himself had proven practically bulletproof in previous elections against, in some cases, laughably poor candidates.

And then there is the fact that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham – never a particularly popular officeholder with the party’s conservative base – is also up for reelection the same year, and could face a bruising primary. Given these two facts, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley faces a very difficult choice in trying to find someone who could retain DeMint’s ironclad electability, while also being someone who could avoid a divisive and bruising primary in 2014. Such candidates are rare in the best of circumstances, but several names could easily rise to the top of the pack. Below are the top five picks Haley could make to replace DeMint.

Top 5 People Who Could Replace South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint

Tim Scott (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

1. Rep. Tim Scott

Why? In a year where Republicans are increasingly fretting about their capacity to reach minorities, Tim Scott is a clear aberration. That is, he is the only African American congressman in the GOP. The fact that he survived a bruising primary battle in his first run for Congress against Paul Thurmond, son of infamous Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond, makes him a battle-tested prospect. The South Carolina establishment is already lining up behind him, and most observers view him as the clear favorite.

Why not? He’s been in Congress for a comparatively short time, and the support of the establishment in a state as conservative as South Carolina could prove to be the kiss of death, if Haley wants to avoid a primary.

Top 5 People Who Could Replace South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint

Nikki Haley (Photo Credit: ABC News)

2. Governor Nikki Haley

Why? Haley would also be up for reelection in 2014, is lagging in the polls, and would leave a more than capable hand behind her in the Governor’s mansion in the form of Lieutenant Gov. Glenn McConnell if she decided to become Senator. It would be a useful rise in national profile for the youngest Governor in America, and as another strong minority candidate, she’d be able to offer a high profile face for Republicans within a demographic that they desperately need.

Why not? Haley has given few signs that she wants a job in Washington, and may calculate that a vanity move like this could hurt her, or McConnell himself.

Top 5 People Who Could Replace South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint

Mick Mulvaney (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

3. Rep. Mick Mulvaney

Why? While Scott and Haley are establishment picks, Mulvaney is being talked up by the grassroots — especially fiscal conservatives. Combine this with the fact that he is the first Republican to hold his seat since 1883 and one of the GOP’s “young gun” success stories from 2010, and Haley may calculate that he’s the kind of successor who would keep DeMint’s ardent conservative fans the most happy. Lindsey Graham could also put pressure on Haley to appoint someone who otherwise would prove to be a headache in a primary challenge against him, and Mulvaney fits that bill to a tee.

Why not? He lacks the diversity advantage of Scott and Haley, without any clear experience advantage over Scott. It’s also unclear how much sway the grassroots will have over the Governor.

Top 5 People Who Could Replace South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint

Henry McMaster (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

4. Former South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster

Why? McMaster would be an unusual choice, given his comparative low profile. However, speculation has suggested that Haley might pick him as nothing but a placeholder, with no intention of having him run to hold office for the full remainder of DeMint’s term. This would save the South Carolina GOP the trouble of having to defend two sitting Senators against primary challenges, and would also throw the 2014 race for DeMint’s seat wide open, lessening the chance of a credible challenge to Graham.

Why not? A bruising primary for DeMint’s open seat in 2014 could leave the seat a vulnerable pickup for Democrats, which Haley would presumably want to avoid.

Top 5 People Who Could Replace South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint

Trey Gowdy (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

5. Rep. Trey Gowdy

Why? Gowdy has one feature that would mark him as a clear successor to DeMint: His acid-tongued rebukes of the administration. Like Mulvaney, he is young, though unlike Mulvaney, he’s already achieved some fame on conservative blogs for his outspoken advocacy. This makes him a riskier pick, but also one that would almost certainly keep South Carolina’s conservatives happy. He’s a wild card, and if Haley decides she needs her base, he shouldn’t be ignored.

Why not? A wild card is still a long shot, and Gowdy lacks both Mulvaney’s evidence of statewide electoral appeal and Haley/Scott’s diversity appeal. He’s a less credible threat to Lindsey Graham than someone like Mulvaney as well. This is also still a pick by a state party, and fiery rhetoric is little use.



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