Today, the conservative media reported on an interesting story.  The Department of Defense spent over $100,000 for a seminar.  The topic of the seminar?  Did Jesus also die for the Klingons?


As nutty as that sounds, there is a serious question that seminar raises and it has nothing to do with Klingons.


What is it?


The government is riddled with fraud; waste and spending that can only be described as mind blowingly stupid!


Every year we hear budget cuts discussed.  But here is the dirty truth that even Republicans do not want to acknowledge.  Spending cuts are never cuts.  They are simply reductions in the amount the budget is increased. 


When we hear about a five percent spending cut by the government, what it really means in the increase in spending is being cut.  Actual spending is not cut.  It goes up every year.


Real Americans all across this are facing a grim reality.  The net worth of Americans has fallen to the same level it was in 1969.  The Obama Regime has wiped out over forty years of economic progress in less than four years. 


Real Americans are being forced to slash their personal budgets.  Families that wanted to buy new cars are putting those purchases off.  Families who used to go on vacation every summer are putting those vacations off.


If Real Americans are having to tighten their belts, why isn’t the Federal Government required to do the same?


The Obama Regime wants Americans to pay more in taxes.  They claim they only want the “rich” to pay more.  Howard Dean, the screaming tub of Vermont liberalism told MSNBC that everyone needed to pay more.  Dean let the secret out.  The left does not simply want tax hikes on the so-called “rich.”  They want to soak everyone.


That is what the left really wants.   They want massive tax hikes on the rich, the middle class and anyone who is not a welfare recipient.


Here is a simple idea.


Is it asking the government too much to simply spend one dollar less than it did last year?



I’m not talking about reducing the amount of the spending increase.  I am talking about reducing the total amount the government spends. 


Is it asking too much for the government to make the same kind of sacrifice many real Americans are making?


Senator Tom Coburn is again making waves about waste in government spending.  He does this every few months.  Even liberals will fawn over an attack on government waste.  


The Obama News Network, also known as ABC gave Coburn some great, flattering coverage.  The reporter and Coburn both expressed outrage over examples of wasteful government spending. 


But here is the dirty secret.  That wasteful spending is never eliminated from budget.  Obama’s one time stimulus in 2009 became part of the budget.  That is why we have trillion dollar deficits every year.


Is it asking too much for the government to simply spend one dollar less than it did the year before?


One real dollar.


Is it asking the government to reduce its spending by one single dollar?


As long as the Party of Treason controls any part of the government, the answer is yes.


But this is a good message we conservatives can share.


Tell our government, spend just one dollar less this year than it did last year.


It is not possible, but it is a good message.

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We need to bring the message home and mean what we say. NOT one penny more until Obama is gone, I don't mean million dollar vacations either.

I worked for Aerospace companies for over 30 years.  I reported billions in Waste, Fraud and Abuse in Aerospace to the DOD-IG.  They responded back that they dont care, that Aerospace and DOD-IG are one big family.  I can go into any company working that have contracts with the Federal government and find WFA, any company.  Yet not a person in Congress or the President cares, WFA is accepted and approved, no one who commits Fraud is accountable.  The only people accountable are employees who stand up for the taxpayer, so no to Waste, Fraud and Abuse.  These employees are harassed, abused and terminated, never to work again.  So if you work for companies that work for the government, and your boss orders you to commit fraud and ignore waste, dont report it, you do as you are told.  If you have morals and go the top, reporting WFA, you become the enemy of the corporation, then you are written up for insubordination, then terminated.  The government gives a thumbs for Aerospace retaliation to shut up all employees who questions Waste, fraud and Abuse in the corporation.  So good employees do as they are ordered, shut up and save their jobs.  This is where we are today America in our society.  Those who speak out of billions in WFA are retaliated by those who commit WFA, benefit from WFA with the blessing from the DOD-IG.  We the People accept this, a government that allows and promoted retaliation of good employees to shut this employees up, allow billions of Waste of taxpayers dollars to protect company profits and future contracts that waste taxapayers dollars.  No one wants to protect employees from retaliation, so WFA today continues and no one cares.

Hello brother Ron. 

The rule of law does not matter.  The person in power makes the rules.  The person in power decides which rules to enforce (the ones they like) and the ones they simply ignore.  We the People accept this.  That is why the Consitution is ingored.  When you have 5 morons voting that BO care is constitutional, then you have a break down of the rules.  The Constitution never allowed Congress to force anyone who buy a product or service, then be given a penalty or a tax if they refuse to purpose.  Yet 5 immoral clowns misinterpreted the Constitution.  Why?  Because they can with no accountability or consequences.  That is wrong.  We the People must make sure rules are enforced, period.  When they are not, there needs consequences, like removal off the bench.  Yet nothing ever gets done becuase those in power rule, regardless of the law.  It makes me sick.


Let's keep the pressure on congress and select and elect T.E.A, Party canidates in 2014.  Lets flood the Congress with our people!!!!!!!!!!

How in Heaven do we get the legislature's attention? The Lord will help us and the time is coming.

Million dollar vacations while the rest of us are struggling to pay our own bills. And, there are people homeless.  PLEASE he should have stayed home in OUR HOUSE and enjoyed his lack of Christmas HERE not in a Million dollar home in Hawaii.  When will this end?

Your quote: "As long as the Party of Treason controls any part of the government, the answer is yes."

Which Party of Treason are you referring to, Judson?  The DNC or the traitorous GOP?

I just received a fund-raising request to donate to TPN.  I have been a TPN member for a long time.  When TPN steps out and leads the formation of a third national political party entitled

                NATIONAL TEA PARTY,

I will immediately begin contributing $100 a month to TPN. 

As long as TPN supports the traitorous Republican Party, I will not contribute one red cent!

Can I get a witness?

Phillip Cowan, True Conservative

True Conservative. I have been a diehard Republican for quite sometime....and simply would not believe that the Republicans in Washington were lying to us also. Before that it took me many years as a liberal to realize they were lying to me as well. So in the course of over 30 years I went from liberal believing their lies, to Republican believing their lies to now right where many of us are CONSERVATIVES. IF I were a pessimist at heart I would have thrown my hands in the air and walked away quite recently. I had to pray on this and really ask myself "Is it worth trying to help the OBAMANITES when who they voted for brings us all down? I had to really pray on this since I am very angry at where our country is going. U realize that it will be us that really hold it together when the Obama money tree is picked bare. I decided yes our children's future is worth it. God is commanding us to fight just as hard as our founding fathers. If they could do it, SO CAN WE. SO MR. TRUE CONSERVATIVE I AM IN THIS BOAT WITH U ON THIS.

I am reducing the amount of taxes I am paying this year...to ZERO

Think of it as a low-interest loan.  The actual penalty that the average late payment results in is only about 12% interest per year...prorated.  That means that if you are late by six months, you pay a 6% penalty.  If you owed a thousand dollars, the penalty for dragging your feet 8 months until December 25th, 2013 would be about $80.  If you can afford such a minimal penalty, and want to irritate the crap out of the IRS, Congress and the White House, do this!

Don't file until next Christmas!  Then there will be a flood of returns cluttered up with Christmas mail.  The Post Office will be screwed.  The IRS will have to work over the holidays.  We can sit by the fire and know that our $80 is going to a worthy cause!

Use that $1,000 to pay off some other loan or credit card balance. If your credit card has a 20% rate, then you have made a 12% return on your money.

It's a win-win situation!

Yes Billy you are right. Yet I am suprised because Adolf Hitler did not like black people.

America is in a tight financial situation. So I have copied one story that mad me angry.

Text Size

Cost to Taxpayers: $115,500.87

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released records detailing the government funds expended on First Daughter Malia Obama’s March 2012 Spring Break vacation to Mexico. According to the records, obtained from the U.S. Secret Service as a result of a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on September 20, 2012, the total cost of the trip amounted to $115,500.87 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Secret Service (No. 12-cv-01562)).

The following is a breakdown of the costs as detailed in the documents:

Ground transportation: $23,964.81

Lodging: $21,682.92

Airfare: $47,767.34

“Vouchers”: $21,636.14 (not itemized)

Support Charges: $449.66 (travel for one from Mexico City to Oaxaca, not itemized)

Malia Obama’s spring break trip evoked controversy after the Obama White House reportedly ordered the removal of press reports detailing the trip. On March 19,2012, numerous online press outlets reported that the president’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, was on a Spring Break trip to Mexico accompanied by 25 U.S. Secret Service Agents and as many as 12 of her friends. However, shortly after the press reports surfaced they were quickly removed from the Internet. The trip took place shortly after the Texas Department of Public Safety issued a statement advising students on Spring Break “to avoid Mexico.”

As reported by Politico:

The AFP, the Huffington Post and other websites have scrubbed a report about first daughter Malia Obama’s school trip. On Monday, the AFP reported that Obama’s daughter was on a school trip along with a number of friends and 25 Secret Service agents. The story was picked up by Yahoo, the Huffington Post, and the International Business Times, as well as UK publications like the Daily Mail and the Telegraph and other overseas publications like The Australian. But on Monday night, the story had been removed from those sites.

In an update to this story, Politico published a statement issued by Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady, indicating that the removal of these news stories was “a White House effort:”

“From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest. We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect the privacy and security of these girls,” stated Ms. Schake.

“In these economic times, with huge public debt and high unemployment, spending $115,000 in taxpayer funds on a Spring Break trip to Mexico is inappropriate.  Is this what Americans are being asked to pay higher taxes for?” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch has been active in documenting the cost to taxpayers for the Obamas’ personal trips. For example, Judicial previously obtained records from the United States Air Force and the United States Secret Service detailing Michelle Obama’s February 2012 President’s Day weekend ski vacation to Aspen, Colorado, with her two daughters. The records indicate U.S. Secret Service costs, including accommodations at the Fasching Haus deluxe condominium and the Inn at Aspen, were $48,950.38.

Judicial Watch also obtained documents from the United States Air Force and the United States Secret Service detailing costs associated with Michelle Obama’s controversial August 2010 vacation to Spain. According to a Judicial Watch analysis, the records indicate a total combined cost of at least $467,585.

Judicial Watch also obtained documents detailing costs a June 21-27, 2011, trip taken by Michelle Obama, her family and her staff to South Africa and Botswana. Judicial Watch received mission expense records and passenger manifests for the Africa trip that described costs of $424,142 for the flight and crew alone. Other expenses, such as off-flight food, transportation, security, etc. were not included.

Debra Joe,

If this makes you just angry, I have smoke shooting from my ears and boiling blood from my eyes!

If I object to this insane expenditure, it is no doubt because I am a racist.

Phillip Cowan

True Conservative

cogito ergo sum Conservative!


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