Breaking news out of the Middle East is that Hosni Mubarak will step down, ending his thirty-year reign as Egypt’s president.    Power will be transferred to the Army until a new regime can be put together.


On the surface, this appears to be good news.  The military has strong ties to the American military, which as supplied the bulk of Egyptian military gear.  With the military in charge, the Muslim Brotherhood is not taking over Egypt, for now.


Regrettably, this is a victory for Obama.   Last year, when the Iranian people rose up, he was conspicuously silent.  Not here.  He could not have offered any more support for the Islamists unless he had put up a billboard in downtown Cairo. 


Mubarak was no saint, but he was a force for stability in the region.  The most important question for America is whether the regime that replaces Mubarak will be stable and peaceful or will become radical, like Iran. 


Obama’s money and his support are with the radicals. 


Representatives of the Obama regime have met with the Muslim Brotherhood, which openly calls for war with Israel.  If Egypt becomes an Islamist state, there will be war with Israel.   Hezbollah (read Iran) now controls Lebanon.  Hamas controls Gaza. Jordan, which has wisely sat out most of the conflicts, is now seeing protests in the streets.   All of this bodes ill for Israel. 


While some people are not concerned about Israel, we all should be.  If the Islamists take over, they will launch a war.  The Islamists have openly talked about killing all of the Jews or marching them into the sea.  The Israelis have vowed never again.  The Israelis also have nuclear weapons.   If attacked, Israel will fight back.  If they have the choice between being wiped out or using nukes, they will use them.   This has the possibility of starting the first nuclear war. 


This prospect should alarm everyone.


Apparently it does not alarm Obama. 


Even if such a war does not go nuclear, the damage to the world economy and the American economy cannot be underestimated. 


For the Islamic radicals, today is a great day for them.  With the help of America, an American ally has been deposed.  If history is any indication, the replacement regime will not be nearly as friendly to American interests. 


For Obama, he achieves what he wants.  He hates America.  He wants to see America reduced to a small, second rate economic power and a third rate military power.  He sees the Islamists as an ally in his fight to make America socialist. 


Today is not a great day for America. 



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As an isolationist I would get  completely out of world affairs.  We need to take care of our own people and forget about the Globalist vison of the financial elitists, world bankers, and corporatists. We are treated to a daily dose of this Globalist vision New World Order propaganda by the mainstream media that they control. This type of world policy propaganda only helps them not you and I.

I want to see a return to an America that adheres to strict constitutional law. I don't want to see our hard earned tax dollars being used for the benefit of anyone besides the people who pay these taxes.  Thirty billion of US foreign aid goes down the toilet every year and you and I are paying for this. Let the rest of the world run their own affairs and use our tax dollars for the benefit of the American people.  Globalism is just hastening our eventual economic collapse.

Ballistic Missiles and intercontential bombers make isolationism a thing of the past.  Our first priority in any thing our government does must be the protection of the American people.

I agree that the first priority of our government is to protect our borders and our county but financing Socialist Countries, those that are run by Military Juntas (as Egypt now is), & installing puppet dictators is not in our best interest. Take ALL our foreign aid money and use it to finance development of an advanced Star Wars program that will put a missle shield all around the USA.  Problem solved.

As for isolationism; On this one I must respectfully disagree with you. The financial elite, world bankers and corporatists are all for New World order Globalism,so you know that isolationism has to be good for the American people. I don't want anyone benefiting from the American taxpayer except my fellow Americans. 

 If some people believe that some totalitarian or Socialist country abroad is entited to help from the USA, let them set up a private charity and allow like minded people to voluntarily donate their money.  

I agree with you, Dahl!

This is not a good issue to take an isolationist stance. 


What happens in the middle east has world-wide repercussions. We HAVE to support Israel no matter what, and any other Middle Eastern country who supports democracy lest that region be overtaken by nuclear-trigger-happy radical Muslims.


Our domestic problems will pale compared to what will happen if a nuclear war emerges.

Can enough proof of financial aid be dug up to provide a case for Obama's impeachment and that of treason?

I just read about this on FOX news.  Obama is behind this, as the article states, Mubarak was in the process of transferring power to his Vice President at a rapid pace, and elections would have followed within 60 days.  Now that the military has taken control, there aren't any rules they have to follow, and there is no telling how long they will hold power, or who they will give that power to.  America's leaders weren't satisfied with the progress Egypt was making and "forced" the Egyptians to accept this change of leadership.  America is in the business of setting up dictatorships all around the world.  Can't people see that Obama, or the minions behind him, are leading this Jihad movement. They are advancing Islamic extremism? Elections won't stop them.  Pray that God will! http://www.worthynews.com/top/foxnews-com-world-2011-02-10-egyptian...

I believe that you are right on... Prayer and Fasting must commence for our Great Nation...

Prayer & Fasting is the key... Repentance is a must.   Until the abortion is abolished, this nation is cursed.   

We must obviously, continue to support Israel, no matter what this current administration is doing... Prepare your family for hard times...  Christians will have to go through some stuff, but we'll be protected if, we draw nigh to Him, as we'll need to be sensitive to His Voice.   If you live in a metropolitan area... have an exit strategy & a meeting point for your family.  Use your God given Wisdom....

Who would ever think that here in America we would have to prepare for basic survival...  It's time for 1776 to repeat itself..... But are we willing to pay the price?  Most of those brave men that founded this country lost everything...

Yes, Steve.  I agree with you.  A lot of us are not guilty of abortion, but we need to abolish this horrible murder of the unborn.  3000 a day!!!!!!

We wil do what we can, but I think we need to be ready for the Hurricane that is on the horizon.

The prepared will be ythe heros of our country.  There are a lot of sleeping people that are not prepared. 

they will be the rabbits of the gangs and illegals and the...dare I say... the Muslims who want to kill Americans.

We will survive and they will be purged from our country.  they want to kill us.

Isreal will survive..  they are highly intelligent and have been very wise with our support.  I have heard that they have "suitcases" strategically placed that will go off with a phone call.  they will be the last one standing in the Middle East.

Have courage people,  they will try to starve us by cutting of our oil supply.  Be prepared...

OMG! What can we the people do too help Israel? I seriously am Afraid for them! They loved America and we are spitting in their faces! We need too make sure first that Israel understands that we are not for this in anyway shape or form. Then we need too let Egypt know that if they TRY ANYTHING WE WILL COME FOR THEM! (right after we that loser, panty wast of life Obama OUT of office. I hear that Bachmann is now in for 2012! that was just announced as well BTW.) We the people need too take too the Streets (NO TROLLS I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ACTING LIKE YOU ALL AND BEING VIOLENT.) We need too let Obama know that we are not going too stand for his B.S. of protecting the extreamists!

I am sorry but I am scared too death to be honest. I am afraid for the people of Israel and I am VERY Afraid for the USA! I pray that Israel understands that Obama DOSEN'T Represent the American People AT ALL!


I am suprised at the Morons on the left like Joy Behar who are still sticking up for the man who HATES the Jewish people! What a crock! Maybe we need too let Israel know that their own is pulling for Obama! Let's see how the react then! Good God...this is really BAD!


Judson: You are 100% right on..AGAIN! This is a bad day for America!


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