Obama and the Party of  Treason have their revenge planned for us.  It will be their revenge for voting them out of office or their revenge for Americans voting them back into office.


What is it?


It is the greatest tax increase, if not in history, at least in recent history.  Some are calling it “taxageddon” and it will be a weapon of mass destruction to the economy. 


From the Daily Caller:


It will be up to Washington to save the country from what the Washington Post has dubbed “Taxmageddon” — the looming tax increase set to hit Americans on Jan. 1.

Curtis Dubay, a senior analyst in Tax Policy at the Heritage Foundation, has chronicled the taxes set to hit if Congress and the administration do not make adjustments.

According to Dubay, Americans will see a $494 billion tax increase at the beginning of 2013.

“[The tax increase] is hitting because of expiring tax policies and the beginning of five taxes in Obamacare,” Dubay told The Daily Caller.

Dubay’s study of the looming $494 billion tax increase highlights the policies set to expire. These include the Bush tax cuts, the payroll tax cut, the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) patch, the tax cuts in the 2009 stimulus, tax extenders, the estate tax adjustment, and 100 percent business investment expensing.

Additionally, Durbay points out, that five of the eighteen tax increases in Obamacare will begin next year.

“Seventy percent of the tax hike falls directly on middle and low income families,” Dubay said. “That might surprise some people because you’ve heard for the last 12 years that the Bush tax cuts were just tax cuts for the rich, which is simply not true.”

“Sixty percent of the tax cuts in the Bush tax cuts are direct cuts for middle and low income families,” he explained. “The payroll tax cut is a middle and low income family tax cut, and the AMT patch, the whole purpose of it is to prevent a tax hike on middle and low income families. So when you add it all up 70 percent of that [nearly] $500 billion figure is a direct tax increase on middle and low income families.”

Dubay added that the increases are just a part of the cost set to result if Congress and the administration do not deal with the coming changes.



Does anyone really believe Congress, Obama or even Romney is going to cut our taxes?  The only way this is going to happen is if we have a conservative congress and at least Romney in the Oval Office with the hopes that he will not veto tax cuts.


If Obama is reelected, so he is a lame duck, he will not care.  He will veto tax cuts because he believes not only are we not paying enough in taxes but that America is too wealthy and our economy needs to be taken down.


This is coming. 


Either we act now to stop it or see a weapon of economic mass destruction unleashed on the American people.

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Thanks Ron.

people believe obummer because they're like sheep being led to slaughter - most of them have no idea what's goiing on - they just listen to his fancy rhetoric not knowing that he can't open his mouth without lying - he wouldn't know the truth if it hit him right between the eyes

Buffet Rule would not pay for 3 GSA parties/year

Prez bam is wanting to take us back before thje modern era via the "Dredd Scott ObamaCare Deciscion" he so direly wants SCOTUS to Uphold! Do you Know a Spanish Buddie of obozo just baught the company that makes voting machines in many, many states and will handle overseas voting via the internet! this company  reviews all votes before being returned to the states with no records for verifiing vote! hold onto your shorts because you will lose them! if you can read this over your "throne" the votes will be tallied in "Spain" by his Socialist Buddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This cannot be alloowed to stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walter,  26 states will be counted in Spain by SOE which used to be SPYKL.  Yes, they will know how the results are coming in soon enough to  make "adjustments" to favor whomever they wish (Obummer????)

Do you suppose he has enough plans and plants in all the right places, to be assured of a win?  And say to Russian Medvedev to pass along to Vladimir Putin that he will have more flexibility ONCE HE HAS OVERCOME THE LAST HURDLE IN HIS ROLE AS AMERICA'S LAST ELECTED PRESIDENT!

You bet your flag lapel pin he does!!!!

You are totally right Ron. My jaw hit the floor when I read that. The sad thing, this has been blow up way out of sight. No excuse for this.

Ron your right about a race war its brewing, but i tthink you could probbly take about 8 to 12 million from the amount you stated 35 million  because those people are not going too side with  anybody. there not going too  scarfice everything that they worked. Can you imagine all the sports figures football, Baseball, Basketball, and  high paying jobs. I doubt if they will get  together with  those people, and risk eveything. Its our fault because we been sleeping 40 to 50 yrs and nott sticking togething liked we used too do, and now we are paying the priced we must start sticking again and start cleaned house in DC  .And never  repeat this again

Amen, Rev. Ronald R. Sorrells!!! (lol) 

Seriously, all those executive orders Obie has signed into being are there to cover our latest "revolution" against him and his "bastarded American minions".

Are we playing right into his hand?  Probably.

Do we have any other choices"  Yes - getting someone besides Sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate his eligibility.  MSM has kept such a tight lid on Sheriff Joe that most Americans have never heard of him or his investigation and that it is the perfect legitimate investigation by a duly elected Law Enforcement Officer - with more standing than any political appointee - such as Eric Holder.

If they did go back to Africa they would never get away with half of what they do here, All that would do is get them clipped behind the ear.

God has said, the sins of the father are NOT the sins of the son. Whites owe no black man anything and no black man is entitled to reparation from sins of the past. And considering their violent and racism today, with whites still out weighing minorities by the hundreds of millions, a race war will not be in their favor. So they can stop crying and grow the hell up because my God tells me I owe you nothing.

When the Obama family can spend millions upon millions of dollars on lavish vacations and various departments can spend $16.00 for a $.70 piece of food and hold lavish conferences in Las Vegas at outlandish prices, I say the government had way too much money as it is.  Taxes should be cut by 75% across the board for everyone!    A Tax Increase is just plain robbery...nothing more!

It is my believe do one thing at a time - get rid of Eric Holder, we can if enough people will call, email, twitter, use the Social Medias the way Obama's Administration does.  Without Holder, he'll be severly crippled - than Napolitano should be next.  We can do this friends, but doing nothing isn't really an option anymore.


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