Obama and the Party of  Treason have their revenge planned for us.  It will be their revenge for voting them out of office or their revenge for Americans voting them back into office.


What is it?


It is the greatest tax increase, if not in history, at least in recent history.  Some are calling it “taxageddon” and it will be a weapon of mass destruction to the economy. 


From the Daily Caller:


It will be up to Washington to save the country from what the Washington Post has dubbed “Taxmageddon” — the looming tax increase set to hit Americans on Jan. 1.

Curtis Dubay, a senior analyst in Tax Policy at the Heritage Foundation, has chronicled the taxes set to hit if Congress and the administration do not make adjustments.

According to Dubay, Americans will see a $494 billion tax increase at the beginning of 2013.

“[The tax increase] is hitting because of expiring tax policies and the beginning of five taxes in Obamacare,” Dubay told The Daily Caller.

Dubay’s study of the looming $494 billion tax increase highlights the policies set to expire. These include the Bush tax cuts, the payroll tax cut, the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) patch, the tax cuts in the 2009 stimulus, tax extenders, the estate tax adjustment, and 100 percent business investment expensing.

Additionally, Durbay points out, that five of the eighteen tax increases in Obamacare will begin next year.

“Seventy percent of the tax hike falls directly on middle and low income families,” Dubay said. “That might surprise some people because you’ve heard for the last 12 years that the Bush tax cuts were just tax cuts for the rich, which is simply not true.”

“Sixty percent of the tax cuts in the Bush tax cuts are direct cuts for middle and low income families,” he explained. “The payroll tax cut is a middle and low income family tax cut, and the AMT patch, the whole purpose of it is to prevent a tax hike on middle and low income families. So when you add it all up 70 percent of that [nearly] $500 billion figure is a direct tax increase on middle and low income families.”

Dubay added that the increases are just a part of the cost set to result if Congress and the administration do not deal with the coming changes.



Does anyone really believe Congress, Obama or even Romney is going to cut our taxes?  The only way this is going to happen is if we have a conservative congress and at least Romney in the Oval Office with the hopes that he will not veto tax cuts.


If Obama is reelected, so he is a lame duck, he will not care.  He will veto tax cuts because he believes not only are we not paying enough in taxes but that America is too wealthy and our economy needs to be taken down.


This is coming. 


Either we act now to stop it or see a weapon of economic mass destruction unleashed on the American people.

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How can so many Americans be drunk on obama kool-aid?Transparency remember?Wake up people.If you do not Love America,feel free to leave.Transparency right?

this is white people's way of repenting for past racism.

Thank you Ron.

   I agree with you 1000%.This has gone way to far.The people who make their living on race hate are

having their way.Who will draw the line?Where will it stop?

   This nation is dying and we let it happen.We have a militant group placing a bounty on some one who has not had do process.Judson you are an Atourney.Please explain?Im having trouble with this.

Want to know what is funny about this?? The blacks captured other black, they chained them up, they put them in boats they sailed them over here and then the blacks sold the blacks they caught chained, sailed over here and sold were victims of blacks.

Now I never owned anyone, I never had a slave and will not be shaken down by anyone thinking they deserve something from me due to what happened to others.

If you want to know where the race war actually is look at the community organizer in the White House, then you look at sharpton farracan and shaken down jackson as well as the black panthers, they are the ones that need racism to exist so they can stay in power.

And lets not forget that the people that are kept down or that continue to accept the racist leaders are the same people that are those leaders base, they count on them staying pissed off about the slave trade to continue to keep them in power and vote for them.

the only place racism exists is in the democratic party where they use it every 2 years.


While we have grown to great heights of passive, think the only option to save us is conflict

I'm damned sick & tired of PC, antiChristian, liberal bullshit & would welcome a "cleansing"


Be careful what you wish for........

Check out the latest of many Executive orders signed and put into place to control us in our "revolutionary endeavor". 

We have an uphill battle - not an impossible one.  But I'm 63, granny of 8 and own my own .380 for the first time in my life I'm ready....

I'm a Granny also, 4 kids, and  a pistol and a shotgun. I have a concealed carry permit, and while I prefer not to hurt anyone, but if fighting breaks out, I will worry about my daughters and their spouses and kids. If he runs, He will not be able to return.

You are So STUPID, Lets see if you have enough Intelligence to play another game, This card game is getting old.

Is the race card game you and all the other uneducated people know how to play??????????????

Your being used by your own race.Barack, Rev. Wright, Al Sharpton ,Jesse Jackson .They are all making money OFF of Stupid people to keep them  hipped up.

Is that a black thing????????


Dorris:  I take offense at your cavalier attitude toward someone you know nothing about.  We don't need to call people names and make assumptions like the people of Great Britain towards us over 200 years ago. 

First, an education does not make one SMART.

Second,  race does not convey one's ability to learn and contribute to the society.

Third, I've found that those who are less smart and less flexible are those who are quick to call names and use race bating to answer political queries and problems.

I guess that just about covers what I think about you - however, you Ms. Dorris owe Richard an apology and I'll be standing by to see if you are woman enough to admit when you are wrong and take the high road to Constitutionalism.

Richard.....when are the blacks going to repent for selling other blacks that they captured in wars and raids, to the slave traders??  The white man didn't start slavery so try another game.

Richard, my people came here in 1693 and were kicked around for most of 200 years.  You don't hear about it because WE GOT OVER IT AND GOT ON WITH LIFE!  Being Scots-Irish in America during that time was worse than being a scurvy dog!

We've all got our stories.  But somehow, Black Folks seem  to have the most time and money and energy to continue the hatred - while the rest of us have been trying to make a living scratching around in the Appalachian Mtns - all the while REFUSING TO TAKE A DIME FROM UNCLE SAM!

Grow up  and Grow out of this "Me" phase and become one of  "US" or get out of this country.  America stands by the numbers of brothers and sisters standing together of all colors creeds and backgrounds.  Stand with us or we shall surely all fall alone.......


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