There is something out there that could destroy Obama’s reelection chances.  It is not the unemployment figures, which are constantly cooked by the Regime anyway.   It is not Obama himself, though he is quite capable of tanking his reelection efforts.


What is it?




Now that the unemployment rate is marching downward, the GOP might have to find another economic woe to harangue President Obama about. If they look to their local gas pump, they could be in luck.

Thanks to tensions in the Middle East and refinery closures stateside, experts are projecting gasoline prices to jump 60 cents by Memorial Day. That's on top of an 11-cent spike over the past four weeks on the already sky-high gas prices Americans saw in January, the highest on record.

Experts say prices could even jump to $5 per gallon in cities such as New York and Chicago, and that pain at the pump could translate into some pain at the polls for Obama.

Some GOP contenders have already keyed into the issue of gas prices and how acutely consumers feel upticks in fuel costs. When she was still campaigning for the GOP nomination, Michele Bachmann promised to bring back $2-a-gallon gasoline. That might sound crazy when looking at average gas prices today, which currently hover around $3.48, but take a trip down memory lane and prices weren't far away from the $2 mark.


High gas prices are a huge concern for the Obama regime.  Not only will they hit every American in the pocketbook, they will also cause ripple effects through the economy that will mean more unemployment.


On New Year’s Day, I put gas in my car.  It was $3.13 a gallon.  Today I filled my car.  The same station was selling gas at $3.49 a gallon.  That is a 36 cent increase in a month.  Put another way, that is about 135% inflation for a year.


When gas prices hit $5 a gallon, which some experts are predicting, Americans will scream bloody murder.


Newt Gingrich mentioned a solution in one of the debates.  He said we should crash the world oil price.  He mentioned this in regard to Iran and denying them the bomb but crashing the price of oil would have dramatic and immediate effects at home. 


In 2008, gas hit $4.50 a gallon in August of that year.  George W. Bush signed an executive order lifting the ban on off shore drilling in America.  It was only symbolic but it had the effect.  Five months later, gas was $1.60 a gallon.


Of course, Obama’s first act as President was to reinstate the ban and look where we are.


We need to be asking every candidate why we are not drilling and refining our massive resources and why we do not have gas at $1.60 a gallon or lower.


Do you want lower gas prices again so you can spend money on other things?  You won’t get it from Obama.  

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BH Obama has no positives to be re-elected on.

No he doesn't Debrajoe, but he's desperately trying to find or manufacture one.

Obama Freezes Iran Assets in U.S.

Maybe he thinks we are dumb enough to believe he is going to be tough on Islamic terrorists.


MY GOD, THESE BANK ACCOUNTS SHOULD HAVE BEEN FROZEN TWO YEARS AGO!!  Ovommitt is just killin time for Iran to attack Israel. He's  not going to stop it.

Jerold, do you suppose anyone will check and see if there is any money in those accounts, or if Ovommit waited until the Iranians had withdrawn huge sums of money?

or maybe he thinks we dont know that he IS an islamic terrorist.

You're right, Deb.  But unfortunately, there are tons upon tons  and carloads upon carloads of total ignorance out there in the hinterlands, so most unfortunately, he still can't be counted out yet.

obama's claim on the oval office

lots and lots of money

the poor who depend on handouts

Muslims who give him 80% approval rating

and probably most of his cash pot

First, real unemployment numbers are not going down and most people know the government cooks those numbers. Second, I think the price of energy is more likely to hurt politicians than even unemployment. Here in Wyoming, gas is about $ 2.90/gal but last week I was in California where is was $ 3.90/gal. There is so much oil and natural gas here in the USA that we could be rid of Middle Eastern oil very quickly. Lower energy costs would help the entire economy and lower unemployment. Third, the Republican candidates need to unite and attack this administration's strange obsession with energy system that do not work. Even Romney should be able to articulate this issue.

@Michael "MOST PEOPLE KNOW THE GOV COOKS THOSE NUMBERS"         NO THEY DON'T   his lies resinate with more ppl than you know.

In 2011 what was the number one export out of the United States?

......GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL!!! http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/energy/story/2011-12-31/un...


In a first, gas and other fuels are top U.S. export

We need to stop exporting gasoline and fuel oil. It needs to stay here so we can have lower energy prices.


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