You can always tell someone’s priorities by what they do and what they forget about doing.    The same is true with the Obama regime.  What they remember and what they forget says a lot about them.


What does Obama forget and what does he remember?


It is Sunday morning in America.  Millions of American are getting up and will be leaving for church soon.  Millions of Americans, indeed the overwhelming majority of Americans, identify themselves as Christian.  This includes the whole range of Christendom from Catholic and Orthodox, to Lutheran and Methodist, to Baptist, Evangelical and Pentecostal.  


Tens of millions of Americans practice the Christian faith.  Even more culturally identify themselves as Christian, even if they only attend services once or twice a year. 


Half a world away, Muslims are celebrating the Hajj.  It is one of the major festivals of Islam. 


And of course, Barack Obama had to release a statement supporting and acknowledging this.   The statement was not geared towards American Muslims, but to Muslims worldwide. 


The White House statement said:


"Michelle and I extend our greetings for a happy Eid al-Adha to Muslims worldwide and congratulate those performing Hajj. Thousands of Muslim Americans are among those who have joined one of the world’s largest and most diverse gatherings in making the pilgrimage to Mecca and nearby sites.


"As Muslims celebrate this Eid, they will also commemorate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son by distributing food to those less fortunate around the world. They join the United States and the international community in relief efforts to assist those struggling to survive in the Horn of Africa and those recovering from the devastating earthquake in Turkey.


"The Eid and Hajj rituals are a reminder of the shared roots of the world’s Abrahamic faiths and the powerful role that faith plays in motivating communities to serve and stand with those in need. On behalf of the American people, we extend our best wishes during this Hajj season. Eid Mubarak and Hajj Mabrour."


The White House is expected to be politically correct these days, so such a statement coming out might be in the same tradition as a White House statement or proclamation about Easter.


Er, what White House statement about Easter?


That’s right, in 2011; the White House issued no statement about Easter.  In 2010, the White House issued an Easter statement that referred to not only Christianity but almost every other religion.  The White House has attempted to be inclusive when it mentioned Easter in 2010, but no such attempt has been made to mention Christianity or any other religion when it acknowledges Islamic holidays.


Obama never fails to honor Muslim holidays but snubs Christian holidays. 


Christians are not the only ones who are disturbed by Obama.  In 2010, Obama asked Rabbis to honor the Holy Days of Yom Kippur by asking them to use their “moral authority” to stand up for the “rights” of Muslims. 


Of course, in celebrating Islam, Obama conveniently forgets the Islamic teachings on death to the Jews and death to the infidels.


The obvious question people ask when this subject is brought up is, “Is Obama a Muslim?”


I don’t think so.


Obama is a Marxist and as such, if he truthfully answered the question, he is probably an atheist.  However, there is no dispute that he was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia and certainly carries that cultural experience with him.


What is beyond dispute is that Obama hates America.  He hates everything that America stands for.  He hates the goodness of America.  He hates the prosperity of America.  He hates the freedom of America.  


What Obama wants to see is a centrally planned economy, much like the old Soviet Union.  He wants to see individual rights subordinated to the state.  He wants a system that has failed every time it has been tried and where it has been tried, the only results have been poverty, tyranny and frequently mass murder.


Obama certainly believes in the old adage, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  Islam is the enemy of America.  It is the enemy of Christianity and Judaism.   For Obama, it is a convenient ally to help him achieve his goals.


By honoring Islamic holidays and ignoring Christian holidays, Obama is sending us a message. 


The good news is we will have the opportunity to send him a message in less than a year.

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I think they are in the situation they are in because they turned away from God.

People are different and react different, some are won with sugar and others are won with fear.

Sexuality is a choice. People are not made gay by God, they are made gay by Satan as he wants there souls in hell with him as he knows he can not win against God. God gave you the gift of making your own decisions, right or wrong deep down inside the gays know what they are doing is wrong but they can decide not to do it anymore and God will heal them.
How do we get the voting public to connect the dots??
Maybe the conservative media needs to start pushing the truth instead of dancing around issues, like he is not a natural born citizen and this make him ineligible to hold office. There is a big coverup of this and most are afraid to even touch this one.
Nothing new about Obama.
osama-obama is a true muslim, he proves it everyday by taking the side of islam against Christianity and Judism. He supports the building of mosgues where the rebuilding of an existing Christian Church destroyed by his muslim brothers on 911 is denied.He is on record telling Isreal to continue to give into the demands of muslim terrorists. He was raised a muslim and if the SS could speak the truth he carries a muslim prayer rug with him. Does anyone know if any of his SS detail is muslim?

Will he eat a BLT???

He does celebrate Halloween though. Oh, right that's not a religious day but actually pagan holiday. I did read where he has attended church 4 or 5 times since becoming POTUS. Again, big deal.

Actually, I'm surprise that Obama doesn't highlight at least some Christian holidays!


He would seem to have at least some popular allies within the Christian holidays.


And, how better to teach future generations to of the advantages of Socialism?


What do you think?

If it quacks like a duck.......  Put all the facts together, this man's alligience is not to America, is not to Christian-based theology..  Radical Islam is here, BHO is rolling out the red carpet.  Barrack Hussein Obama has an agenda, not a message, and he is carrying it out. 


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