To Vet or Not to Vet

Aw Shucks – who really cares






Rahm Emanuel & Obama love

Man’s Country

Lockers  Single Rooms  Double Rooms  Fantasy Rooms   Live Stripper Shows 

Deluxe Rooms  Computer Rooms  Glory Holes   Lifetime Memeberships                                                         

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Gotta love it. I see you even located his Birth Certificate!

Thanks Vern - I don't have the software to do these right and Judson doesn't ever post them; can't really blame him they're pretty unprofessional!  Anyway, I did post it on Red State, CBC and they put it online immediately, several other big sites picked it up, so it's getting a little esposure.  When you get time read the one I posted this AM Republicans Gone Missin'  want to hear your comments. I imagine people would think I'm somewhat harsh on the Old Republican Establishment.  Have a good one.  Marcia


Why Is Obama’s “Body-Man” Reggie Love Leaving?

I thought Reggie was kicked out a long time ago - Elizabeth I'll have to check on that one.  One of his trainers got in hot water after Obama was inaugurated, but can't remember who. 

Reggie was kicked out (decided to go back to school)  in December.   Royce Latham will confirm it.



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