The difference between freedom and tyranny is the rule of law.  In dictatorships, the leaders follow the laws they want to and ignore the ones they do not.


We are now seeing this with the Obama Regime as they continue to ignore laws they do not like.


From the ABA Journal:


Since the executive branch announced a new policy last year under which only so-called priority offenders against immigration law would be pursued for deportation, practitioners say there has been more prosecutorial discretion shown on a case-by-case basis.

But the number of suspended cases could now escalate as the feds close immigration courts in four cities for an undetermined period to focus on reviewing to see which prosecutions can be dropped, the Seattle Times reports.

The four cities are Detroit; New Orleans; Orlando, Fla.; and Seattle. Immigration judges there will be reassigned to other courts to help deal with the cases of detainees.

The Bay Area News Group reports that immigration courts in three more cities—New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles—will be fully or partially closed in May, June and July, respectively, as cases there are also reviewed for potential suspension.

Attorney Shannon Underwood tells the Seattle Times that local practitioners were told by chief counsel Rafael Sánchez of Immigration and Customs Enforcement at a recent meeting that ICE attorneys in the region have been reviewing and closing about 17 percent of their cases. That is apparently a higher percentage than in other regions.

In pilot programs in Baltimore and Denver, some 1,600 out of 11,682 cases were suspended, the newspaper reports.


In 2006 and 2010, our elected Representatives voted against Amnesty.  That is not good enough for the Obama Regime, which wants to impose a policy regardless of the law, the Constitution, the Congress or the will of the people.


Allegedly the Obama Regime wants to deport only violent offenders.  What about those who commit other crimes like Identity theft?  Ask the victims of Identity Theft how they feel.  What about the Americans who lose jobs to the illegals? 


Are they really even getting rid of the illegals?


No, apparently not.


From the United States House of Representatives:


ICE Intentionally Releases Alleged Child Rapist

Washington, D.C. – After a recent press report, the House Judiciary Committee has learned that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last September deliberately released a suspected child rapist who is now on the loose.  Although Amado Espinosa-Ramirez was charged with 42 counts of predatory sexual acts, including sexual endangerment of a family member under 13, ICE issued a statement claiming he was released on an ankle bracelet pending a hearing before an immigration judge because he had “no prior criminal convictions, no prior immigration violations, and is the parent of a U.S. citizen child.” But Espinosa-Ramirez failed to appear for a hearing in federal immigration court and has been a fugitive ever since. 

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) released the statement below.

Chairman Smith: “It’s insulting to Americans that ICE deliberately released a criminal immigrant suspected of multiple counts of child rape back onto our streets. This reckless decision is ultimately a failure of the Obama administration’s lax immigration policies. And it shows that this Administration is willing to put illegal and criminal immigrants ahead of the safety of our children. 

“Obama administration officials have made clear that it is not their priority to deport and detain all illegal and criminal immigrants.  The Administration has issued new deportation guidelines that could allow potentially millions of illegal immigrants remain in the U.S. without a vote of Congress.  And the President’s budget slashes funding for detention space and instead funds programs that release illegal and criminal immigrants into our communities.  

“This Administration cannot be trusted when it comes to full enforcement of our immigration laws.  That’s why the House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the Department of Homeland Security last November for a list of illegal and criminal immigrants intentionally released by ICE.  As part of the Committee’s oversight responsibility, this data will be cross-checked to see if those released have gone on to commit more crimes. We must ensure this Administration enforces all immigration laws and puts the interests of Americans first.”   

Background:  On November 4, 2011, the Immigration Subcommittee issued a subpoena to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for a list of illegal and criminal immigrants that have been brought to the attention of ICE but have not been detained or placed in removal proceedings by the agency.  This information was originally requested by Chairman Smith in August 2011. 

Specifically, the Subcommittee requested names, fingerprint identification numbers, and alien registration numbers of aliens encountered but not taken into custody or processed for removal by ICE.  Four months after the original request, DHS produced documents to the House Judiciary Committee that are compliant with the Immigration Subcommittee’s subpoena. 

The information will be cross-checked to see if illegal and criminal immigrants intentionally released by ICE have gone on to commit more crimes.  This data will be used to inform Congress on the problem of criminal immigrants and their effect on public safety.



Obama believes he is above the law.   Remember when the Defense of Marriage Act was challenged.  Obama just decided he was not going to defend the law in court.  He hoped this would allow a de facto repeal of a law he did not like.  Fortunately, the Congress voted to appropriate money to defend the law.


Obama ignores the Constitution, ignores the laws and the will of the people.  This is too much.  Call your Congressman and Senators today and demand they do something about Obama and his Department of Homeland Security not enforcing our laws and demand something be done about this today.




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The difference between freedom and tyranny is the rule of law.

I disagree. The difference is the people's willingness to make a stand.


Until Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigation is front page we can kiss justice and Law good bye.

This is not obozo's fault.  It is the fault of congress for letting the thieves and thugs ignore out laws.  It is time for some rope and tar and feathers.  Impeach the butchers of freedom.

For easy access to your lawmakers, as well as more info on this subject, go to:Numbers USA

The solution to this entire problem is a bill currently in Congress and sponsored by Rep. Lamar Smith called E-Verify. It requires certain employers (it should be all employers) to electronically verify an employment applicant's eligibility to work and provides substantial fines for employers who fail to do so. The system to do so already exists.

The results of this law, if passed, would be seen immediately. There would be a mass exodus of illegal immigrants out of the U.S., all headed home, wherever that is.

Please check out the link to Numbers USA, above, if you want to influence the current illegal immigrant/jobs situations.

Talk about arrogance/super-ceding the law/judicial activism--the above discussion has it all--and whats more, so do his comments made today about the Supreme Court (re: Obamacare)--talk about trying to intimidate/being arrogant/lying!!!

Obama said it would be "unprecedented, extraordinary step" for a majority of the nine Justices to overturn a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically-elected Congress. Rejecting the law would be an example of "judicial activism," which conservatives like to complain about, he noted, where "an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law."


This problem, once again, adds importance to Nov's election.  We must get our people out to vote.

But some of us won't be able to get to the polls, for whatever reason.  We have to recognize that fact beforehand.


I don't know the grounds for requesting an absentee ballot in states other than PA.  In PA you call the county elections office and tell them you can't get to the polls because you will be out of the area--medical reasons--or whatever else comes to mind.  I never heard of anyone being refused a request for an absentee ballot.

Because things happen, the voter should copy their ballot after voting for record purposes.  That's because the precinct workers enter the absentee votes into the machines after the regular voting is done.  The local Republican Party workers can check later and see if all the votes entered were Democratic, then look at the photo copies of the Rep voters and go see a Judge.

The absentee ballot is hardly ever used, other than the Armed Forces, and we all know the horror stories about that.  But the stories are no ground to not try.

We can make a difference if the word is passed widely to concentrate on absentee ballots.  Enough elections are yet to be held to gain an experience factor.

Peter Sowatskey  amazon.com/kindle/greenergreen

In Florida, the absentee ballot is granted with no questions asked. You need not offer a reason. I don't remember the last time my mother actually went to her polling place.

Unless we manage to vote this president out of office, we will all soon be "subjects" not citizens !!!
Make sure you get to the polls in nov.

     What will it take for US to get this anti American brought to justice?  I have totally given up on our elected so called representative to take this destroyer of the country to prove he is a American citizen.  We all know he isn't but ware is the way to get him to before the people and strip him out of our presidency and into prison?  Nothing ever gets done just evidence and no results.  We are surrounded by the enemy and that includes republicans too that are to inept to make a stand.....

Maybe a real march on DC?

Think of this if Obama made illegals legal then he would be legal.......

I called and just got the run around.


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