Barack Obama is often presented with the choice of supporting America and Americans or working against America.  Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which side Obama will fall on.


Now, the Obama regime is striking out against an American hero.


From USA Today:


The Justice Department has been investigating allegations of civil rights violations and racial profiling involving the Maricapo County Sheriff's Office for more than three years.

The announcement could mark the end to a probe that has served as a backdrop as Arpaio pursued his controversial attempts at immigration enforcement through crime sweeps and worksite raids, the newspaper says.

The sweeps have in the past led to dozens of sheriff's deputies descending on heavily Latino neighborhoods looking for minor infractions as a way to launch into immigration screenings.

The scope of the sweeps has broadened, however, since federal immigration officials in 2009 took away Arpaio's authority to perform street-level enforcement as part of a federal program.

Arpaio and his administrators have consistently denied that his immigration-enforcement measures target Latino residents.

Both of those immigration-enforcement tactics have generated broad public support along with claims of racial profiling, The Republic reports.


The Obama regime is now using this as a pretext to eliminate all federal support and cooperation with the Maricapo County Sheriff’s Office. 


The message could not be clearer. 


The Obama Regime does not want our immigration laws enforced.


While the Obama regime is dealing with the fall out from the Fast and Furious, instead of cleaning up the Justice Department and working to undo the damage from the gunrunning operation, the Obama regime instead wants to go after an American Sheriff who is doing his duty and enforcing the law.


If Obama is reelected, the border with Mexico will effectively disappear.  There will be no immigration enforcement.


Even now, immigration arrests are plummeting. 


From the Washington Post:


Arrests of illegal migrants trying to cross the southern U.S. border have plummeted to levels not seen since the early 1970s, according to tallies released by the Department of Homeland Security last week, a historic shift that could reshape the debate over immigration reform.

The Border Patrol apprehended 327,577 illegal crossers along the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2011, which ended Sept. 30, numbers not seen since Richard Nixon was president, and a precipitous drop from the peak in 2000, when 1.6 million unauthorized migrants were caught. More than 90 percent of the migrants apprehended on the southwest border are Mexican.

The number of illegal migrants arrested at the border has been dropping over the past few years but appears to be down by more than 25 percent this year.


In 2013, we must have a new President and we will need a new Secretary for Homeland Security. 

I think there is a good Sheriff in Arizona who would be an excellent choice.


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Obama has failed to carry out his oath of office in regard to protecting our borders and enforcing our immogration laws and should therefore be impeached.

I agree, let's do it! But it never happens..................

Your two examples are only the tip of the iceberg. But I know you knew that.

I would love to see the little street pimp impeached. But think about it, the process starts in the House and is finalized in the democrat-Reid controlled Senate. Let US focus our efforts on taking the Senate and running O'Bambi's lying butt out of office.

In Liberty,  David

Boy, would I love to see Arpaio replace Big Sissy Napolitano.  We need to support Arpaio because Obama/Holder/Perez are trying to silence him as Arpaio's investigative posse is investigating background matters concerning Obama in an effort to keep him off the ballot here in Arizona for 2012.

Wonderful point! I love everything Sheriff Arpiao stands for; he is truly an American hero! He would be wonderful as head of Homeland Security!

What a relief it would be to see him in that role.

The Citizens for a Better Government is trying to get Sheriff Joe Arpaio to resign.  It was supposed to meet with the Maricopa County Commissioners this week to force him out of office if he will not resign.   Sheriff Joe Arpaio has organized a posse to investigate Obama to find proof Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and Obama's name should not be on any 2012 election ballots.

The Sheriff is not a Tea Party member but is a Tea Party supporter and needs to know we are here to support him.

You can send Joe a message of appreciation by going to the website below to send Sheriff Joe a note of encouragement:.   It will only take a few minutes of your time.




So now we find that Obama is trying to criminalize Arpiao. With this regime you walk counter to their will you automatically become an enemy of the state.

We are going to have to really find some common ground and stand together. They have to love our shotgun approach to politics. We must get our act together and back a solid Conservative that is willing to fight tooth and nail for this great country. I don't know about you, but I am sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. The GOP (elitist) are sabotaging this election by pushing their 'moderate' candidate and they seem to think there is no way we can defeat Obama and if we follow them like a bunch of lemmings; they are probably right. Frankly, I don't want anyone who has run against Conservative values! 

I watched the debate last night and was impressed with both Perry and Bachman.....I would love to see them as a team. However, whoever moves to the forefront of the Conservatives will have my vote. And the sooner, the better! Newt still makes me nervous and I am hard pressed to think of him as one of us.

God and Country!

    Why should Obama stop his agression against Americans.He openly comits treason by refusing to secure our sothern

border with Mexico and nothing is done.Obama and his intire admin must be above the law.They continue to trash our

Constitution and nothing is done.

    In 2010 we thought we made progress by winning back congress.What a crock of sh*t.

Time to pick Obama up and take him home, permanently. KENYA.

I was thinking Guantanamo Bay Detention Center as I believe he is a deceiving muslim usurper.

This president's policies are resulting in what our enemies would wish for us.  Why is this president against America?


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