Just when you thought this debt ceiling deal could not get any worse, it is getting worse. 


From the Weekly Standard:


The debt ceiling deal will pass the Senate early this afternoon. No suspense there. But the vote will be worth watching for another reason: Three Republican Senate sources tell TWS that senators who vote against the deal will be ineligible to serve on the so-called “supercommittee” for deficit reduction that the legislation creates.

While there’s certain logic to such a policy, it could be self-defeating. Excluding those who vote against the debt deal will ensure that some of the most fiscally conservative members of the Senate Republican caucus, including most of its freshmen, will be reading about the committee’s activities in the newspaper rather than guiding its decisions. Among those who have already declared their opposition to the deal: libertarian-leaning senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul; Jim DeMint, the aggressive fiscal hawk from South Carolina; conservative reformers Ron Johnson from Wisconsin and Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania; the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, Jeff Sessions; and Florida’s Marco Rubio, already one of the highest-profile conservatives in Congress.

More worrisome for conservatives, however, is that private whip counts in the Senate found that some 20 Republicans expressed support for the proposals that came out of the Gang of Six. And while many of the components of that plan have merit as individual policy proposals, the package involves compromises on taxes anathema to most conservatives. Picking a Gang of Six member – or supporter – would further antagonize conservatives skeptical of the debt ceiling deal.




Yesterday, chief Eunuch of the Senate Mitch McConnell said there was only a “small possibility” the super committee would agree to a tax and that he and John Boehner would only be appointing tough conservatives to this committee.


The sell out continues.  If the strong fiscal conservatives are not appointed, what does that leave?  RINOs. 


Get ready.  We are going to see an implosion later this year.  Our economy is going to be shot and Obama, Pelosi and Reid have not only convinced the leadership of the GOP to commit political suicide, they are thanking the Democrats for the privilege of screwing up.


This is going to be a lot worse before it gets better.


If it gets better.

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2012 doesn't mean much if the economy implodes and there are food riots and such.
I'll bet stocks in weapons and ammunition manufacturers are way up...anyone know about that?

I beleive that more guns were purchased since WWII by private citizens since Obama got elected than at any other time. I also belive more Attourneys have sued the Federal Government than at any other time. See a Trend here?

It is really pretty sad when more Dems voted no on the increase from Ohio than Reps did.  Turner and Jordan are the only ones (not counting Dems) who said no.  There is something seriously wrong with this.  I guess it is time to tell them they weren't sent to DC to compromise with liberals, they were sent to fight them to the end.



Jordan is getting "booted." He didn't get his As_ in line behind Boehner so the the DeWines will cut his district.  That's how they pay back true conservatives.


See how you're congressman voted on the "Debt Deal"(and keep this article for future reference)


Sorry, no list yet on how the Senate voted!

My congresswoman was a yes. There are at least two tea parties that will be working to get her out.


I guess she though she could slip this one by us.

Mine did too and it is very unlike her, what state are you from?


Ohio. Jean Schmidt, Rep.
What is the choice... The United States bankrupt? I think its responsible given the rest of the bill.
Can anyone believe Bawney Franks and Chollie Rangel voted no , well they did.
It's staged; all smoke and mirrors.


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