We all love scary movies.  Almost everyone loves a good scare.  The joy of scary movies is that we may be frightened at the movie, but at least at the end we can walk out of the theater unharmed.


As Americans go to the polls, perhaps we should take a look at the scary movie that would be a second Obama term. 


How bad will it be?


It is almost a certainty we would look back to the good old days where we only had 8% unemployment.  With new taxes and overwhelming regulation, business would be choked.   With continued printing of money, with so-called “Quantitative easing,” inflation will rear its head. 


With Obamacare fully implemented, Americans will start seeing shortages of doctors.  Wait times and health care rationing will make their appearances before the end of Obama’s second term. 


The American dream of owning your own home will be nothing but a fantasy for millions of Americans.   Between Obama’s uncontrolled spending and the ballooning costs of Obamacare, our deficit will be significantly over $20 trillion.  Not only will more money be spent on lavish welfare benefits and Obamacare, insolvent blue states, such as California and Illinois will be bailed out at a cost of trillions.    All of that money will be borrowed.


At that level, despite the best efforts of the Fed, America will no longer be able to borrow money at the historically low interest rates America has in the past.  Interest rates in America will skyrocket.  This will consume even more of the federal budget, just to service the debt.


The skyrocketing interest rates will make it impossible for all but the very rich or well connected to get reasonable mortgages.  It will also destroy much of the ability of businesses to borrow to buy equipment and grow.


As Obama rolls into his second term, his EPA will fulfill Obama’s promise not only to bankrupt any new coal-fired power plants but will bankrupt the existing ones.  Unemployment will skyrocket in coal producing areas.  Without the coal fired plants, power costs will skyrocket for Americans. 


Skyrocketing energy prices will devastate an already weak economy.  For many Americans, especially in hot areas, such as the South, air-conditioning will become a luxury.    In many areas, energy will become so expensive that the only option will be some form of rationing, such as rolling blackouts. 


While Americans swelter in the summer heat, those Americans still lucky enough to have a job, will dream of the days when they could take vacations.  They will look back longingly at the days of George W. Bush when gas was $1.80 a gallon or even the days of the first Obama term, where on election day 2012, gas was only $3.29 a gallon.   Gas prices will soar to $7 or $8 a gallon and most of that will be imported.


As Barack Obama leaves office at the end of his second term, the new President will be the first president elected to the post-superpower era of America.


Because of pressures on the budget and Obama’s priorities, the military will be a hollow shell of what it once was.  The Navy will be unable to project power into both the Atlantic and Pacific at the same time.  Many nations will now have Air Forces and Armies larger than America’s military and for the first time since World War II, some of these militaries will be better equipped.


America will also be the first superpower to unilaterally disarm itself of nuclear weapons, opening the door to aggression from even second-rate powers.


This is Obama’s America if he gets a second term.


Fortunately this nightmare can be avoided.  We can walk out of this theater, only scared of what the future might have been. 


But first, we must vote Obama out of office.


Any other outcome truly is a nightmare.


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Today, we are at the precipice and in danger of losing the freedoms we have come to take for granted. We must remove the current occupier from our Whitehouse.

Never in our history has there been an individual bent on fundamentally changing our entire government & way of life.

Failing to vote the encumbent out of office will mean America will become a 3rd. world country & no longer the shining city on the hill.

The fact that this election is even remotely close, that there are those who are still so foolish and blind - that is my nightmare.  What has happened to my countrymen?

It seems to be a simple case of ignorance to me.  Most have no clue what the underlying principles were that led to the establishment of this country and it's subsequent success.  Instead, they focus on their cellphones, reality television, and how to get the next big ticket item and put it on someone else's tab (perhaps another new kid, a free education, or more free healthcare?).  It is scary when you talk to young people and the only thing they know about owebummer is that he is relatively young and black (well, at least 6% anyway), and that's why they're voting for him.  It's part of being hip, cool, and unwhite.

It's the older ones that scare me JC.  Ignorance among the young is to be expected - they lack experience.   Once you've become a fully fledged adult then it's pure intellectual laziness.  I have little patience for self-imposed ignorance and even less for those who insist on putting their ignorance on public display.   We live in an age where information of all sorts is readily available - you must choose to avail yourself of it.  

Sadly, they aren't going to choose to avail themselves of it anytime soon because that would require some degree of effort.  All of this nonsense, which is basically funded by borrowing the country into astronomical debt and/or stealing it from other programs, will not stop until the funding mechanism is stopped, and of course at that time it will be the "evil, greedy" conservatives' fault.  After running out of other people's money, they had to find another way to do it.  Borrow!

The "adult" liberals you speak of simply live in fantasyland.  They can never cite one instance of a big government philanthropy program that has succeeded, but they will steadfastly argue that this is the way to fix all such social problems.  Although some of them might actually work and be successful, they still have an amazing ability to convince themselves that the rest of us are all entitled to all sorts of stuff provided by some undefined group of rich, greedy, mostly white men.  They are hopeless, so stay far, far away from them!

LOL!  When my grandson was born, I held him in my arms and welcomed another little male into the world.  Yet another thieving, greedy, self-absorbed white male who will have everything handed to him on a silver platter his entire life!  Should have seen the look that elicited from my son!  :)   

From your post, i see you have  done no research on the man.  how sad.

Ah, Carolyn?  It was a joke.  Lost your sense of humor have you?

Needless to point out, that was her one and only post on the site.  But what's really scary is that you were joking about your grandson, and her response says you have done no research on the man, which means she thinks you were referring to either Romney or owebummer.

Do you think our public education system has struck again?

This can be blamed squarely on the media's refusal to report any of this. Without TPN and conservative talk shows, how would any of us know this stuff?

How right you are Kristin! We wouldn't know the truth if not for the great conservative leaders and this wonderful informative web-site. I won't even watch the tv for election results for the first time in my life. I will listen to Moody christian radio for my information. 

The media is a shame to the country and will lead you straight into ignorance brainwashing you at every chance they get just like the educational system we now see.

Good idea - and somehow we have to regain objectivity in our schools - from elementary through University.


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