Newt Gingrich has a new strategy.  The question is should everyone get behind this strategy?


From the Washington Examiner:


With losses in Alabama and Mississippi, Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign has changed.  In the past, the campaign was about winning, or trying to win, or at least claiming to be trying to win.  Now, it's about keeping Mitt Romney from winning.


Gingrich no longer says he can capture the 1,144 delegates required to wrap up the Republican nomination.  Instead, he now speaks frankly about a new plan: Keep Romney from getting to 1,144 by the end of the GOP primary season in June, and then start what Gingrich calls a "conversation" about who should be the Republican nominee.  That conversation, the plan goes, would lead to a brokered GOP convention at which Gingrich would emerge as the eventual nominee.


"Our goal first is to keep Romney well below 1,000," Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said an hour before Gingrich addressed a small crowd of disappointed supporters gathered at the Wynfrey Hotel.  "It doesn't have to be 1,000, or 1,050 -- it has to be below 1,100."  If Gingrich succeeds, Hammond continued, "This will be the first time in our party in modern politics that we're going to go to the convention floor."


On election eve, after a long day of campaigning, Gingrich relaxed on a couch at the Wynfrey and vowed to keep challenging Romney through the summer -- long after the primaries have ended.  If he can keep the former Massachusetts governor from hitting the 1,144 delegate mark, Gingrich said, "Then on the 26th of June, there's a real conversation.  We haven't seen in our lifetime a situation where you actually had a political process beyond who wins the primaries."  As he has several times in recent days, Gingrich brought up the case of Leonard Wood, the Army general who ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1920.


We must stop Mitt Romney from becoming the nominee.  He is the most liberal Republican to be seriously considered for the Republican nomination in the last at least 50 years.


Romney, if he is the nominee, will destroy the Republican Party.   He will simply manage our decline.  He will not work for a conservative agenda.   He will not make major spending cuts, nor will he cut taxes or repeal Obamacare.


We need to look at a different candidate at the convention.  It is imperative that we have a conservative candidate who can beat Obama in the fall.   That candidate is not Mitt Romney.   Mitt Romney has been running for President since he announced he was not running for reelection in Massachusetts.   Even after seven years, Romney cannot convince Republicans he is the candidate.  That is because he is a liberal, not a conservative and Republicans know this.


We need to start looking for a conservative candidate who can break the deadlock at the convention.  It could be Gingrich or it could be someone else.  But one thing is certain, Romney is not the candidate the GOP needs or wants.

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The GOP has done a very crummy job. I hope they see that they are not the power, but the American people and the Republican people are.

Is my post off topic????? I don't know about any one else out there but I keep wondering what would happen IF Obama were totally out of the picture, which he should be because he is a fraud and Congress needs to wake up and charge him for all his actions against the Constitution and We the People.  CBS is actually talking about it!

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 I have been a Constitutional Conservative activist since Obama was "elected" through I think it was by a "liberal political conspiracy," because there was and is plenty of evidence that Obama was not eligible according to our Constitution. He is not a natural born American citizen. (Father a British citizen born in Kenya, stepfather gave "Barry" Indonesian citizenship, and plenty of evidence (both in America and in Kenya) that he was born in Kenya.  I was also an Investigative Reporter for >30 years.  If you don't believe me, because you would rather believe the MSM, then do what I did.  I wrote off the liberal MSM long ago since their goal is to hide the truth, as I think they are part of the conspiracy.  Go to a foreign website to see an article written by a very bright college student and writer.  See and read entirely the article on  http://english.pravda.ru//opinion/columnists/07-03-2012/120708_ariz... for how they were able to hide the truth.

I also favor Newt Gingrich for President, but I will vote for Santorum, though I think Newt can debate Obama (if we haven't Impeached him for Treason by then) under the table, whereas so far Santorum hasn't proven his debate skills to me.  I would hate to have to vote for a liberal flip-flopper like Romney, so I absolutely favor Newt's strategy to prevent Romney from reaching the nomination number. 

It may not even have to go until June, if Gingrich, Santorum, and Ron Paul can get together to make a deal, such as Paul promoting his delegates to vote for Newt, Santorum agreeing to become VP to get more experience, and Paul becoming the Secretary of the Treasury, so he can get rid of the FED.  Then the President can fill his cabinet with other conservatives, like Sarah Palin, Michelle, West, Caine, Peters, Rubio and Ryan. 

In the meantime, Newt can continue to use his experience to throw out good ideas for the future, such as his $2.50 per gallon of gas by using American energy and the Canadian pipeline, standing by Israel, reviling ObamaCare and Obama's Green giveaways, as well as the rest of Obama's damage so far (just in case Obama isn't impeached and they aren't automatically cancelled).

I watched most of the election Tuesday night (you notice Romney didn't even attend), but I don't think we have to let the current politicians broker the Convention if the other three candidates can make a deal.


Billy,  I agree whole heartedly!  I have been writing to my Governor, Mary Falen and also to my Senator.  To date have not heard nary a word.  I asked both, why isn't anyone trying to get Obama out before he has a chance to completely destroy the USA.  I posted this earlier but since I am not a regular at posting things, perhaps people didn't notice.  BUT, it is interesting that of all the media it is CBS that has taken this on.  Where is Fox????

Is my post off topic????? I don't know about any one else out there but I keep wondering what would happen IF Obama were totally out of the picture, which he should be because he is a fraud and Congress needs to wake up and charge him for all his actions against the Constitution and We the People.  CBS is actually talking about it!

A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997

Romney is not a conservative - he is as liberal as they come.  THAT is the problem from start to finish.  Judson, I commend you for leading this here fight and to all the naysayers I want to ask - ARE YOU AWAKE????

Cannot beleive that America continues to shoot itself in the dang foot over what?  Morals??  That is what I heard from most who never voted for Gingrich.  They decided to be his moral judge instead of letting their God do that.  Gingrich was the one who could sink Obama.  Gingrich was the one both the left and the establishment Repulicans were most afraid of because Gingrich would have done what was right for America instead of what was right for any one party.  He did it when he was speaker of the house.  Even forced Clinton to meet him halfway enacting things that helped the everyday American instead of hadicapping them.

Instead of doing their own research into what exactly happened with those so called 'ethics violations' Americans bought the lies.  None of those charges ever amounted to anything.  Bogus crap hell bent on taking a good American down for doing what is never to be allowed in your political arena.  Getting something done for the sake of the people and not the parties.

I commend you Judson and have to ask where does all this go now?  It would seem the elites have almost won this unless this goes to a conference and someone can pull a rabbit out of a hat.  The fix was in.  Santorum will not beat Obama and I doubt very much that Romney will either.  Once again America is screwed.

Newt has a three pronged strategy:

Prong 1) Defeat Obama and thereby return America to a course back to its constitutional integrity.

Prong 2) Prevent Mitt Romney (Obama Lite) from carrying on the very kind of government we so despise in the Obama administration.  Mitt is indeed a Liberal and would be hard pressed to unseat Obama under the best of circumstances and if elected, he will preside over a continuing growth of big government and do so while lying about what he is doing.  Obama Lite.

Prong 3) Insure a conservative voice in the White House.  Santorum, for all his weakness as a man of limited vision, is a good man with his priorities in line with constitutional government and Christian cultural ideals.  He is a man of considerably less intellectual depth than Newt.  In a convention faced with choosing the next candidate, it is not beyond belief that Newt would be recognized as the most qualified.  It might well be that the question would be which of the two, Santorum or Gingrich would be presidential candidate and which would sign on a VP candidate.  Either way the "big ideas" and "big solutions" that Newt can popularize from a seat at or near the head of the executive branch would get an airing.  

Newt is the intellectual hero of this contest.  He has shown an ability to inspire and to bring differing political philosophies into compromise agreement.  Under the Clinton presidency, Newt managed to bring the Republican party to power and showed an ability to use that power for conservative goals.  Newt knows that the Presidency is not the Imperial throne.  He understands the importance of speaking true things and planting ideas in the heads of leaders and of followers.  He is wisely working toward the goal of saving America.

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Impressive alliterative words, however, "Egregious" should be in the adverbial form as egregiously
or be separated from the adjective errant, which it modifies, by a comma.

I'll take bets that Gingrich is not the party nominee. I like Newt but the man is dreaming. If there is anyone who can stop Romney its Rick Santorum, a mild conservative, but far better than Romney. 

But Dennis, Newt's dreaming makes sense and he would accomplish his dreams, whereas the 2 frontrunners don't have a dream, just business as usual. We need dreams to get this country back. The country has become disconnected in the last 3 years. I'm for a brokered convention. With the Grace of God and positive attitudes we will achieve.

Newt's strategy should be to drop out.

if he freakin drops out then maybe we can have a conservative win, Santorum would most likely be in the lead right now if Newt was out...I lost a lot of respect for Judson and a lot of members of the TPN because a lot of you Newt supporters are just as bad and as selfish as the Liberals are if not worse.

If Santorum was in Newt's shoes everyone here would be telling Santorum to drop out for the sake of our country, but here Judson and others are supporting Newt to stay until the end just for a hopes of a brokered convention which there is no way we will get a nominee more conservative than Santorum.

I'm so convinced there is some type of payoff going on even in the Tea Party...I used to trust this site but no more, actually i won't be surprissed if my reply doesn't go through after i press reply because i'm not pro Newt, the last time i was pro Santorum on one of Judson's posts my reply didn't go through. as a matter of fact i noticed only pro Newt messages went through and to prove my point i wrote GO NEWT, and sure enough that was posted. That's exactly what i would expect on Liberal sites, Judson just showed his true colors and i don't trust his posts anymore.

GET'EM RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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