Newt Gingrich has a new strategy.  The question is should everyone get behind this strategy?


From the Washington Examiner:


With losses in Alabama and Mississippi, Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign has changed.  In the past, the campaign was about winning, or trying to win, or at least claiming to be trying to win.  Now, it's about keeping Mitt Romney from winning.


Gingrich no longer says he can capture the 1,144 delegates required to wrap up the Republican nomination.  Instead, he now speaks frankly about a new plan: Keep Romney from getting to 1,144 by the end of the GOP primary season in June, and then start what Gingrich calls a "conversation" about who should be the Republican nominee.  That conversation, the plan goes, would lead to a brokered GOP convention at which Gingrich would emerge as the eventual nominee.


"Our goal first is to keep Romney well below 1,000," Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said an hour before Gingrich addressed a small crowd of disappointed supporters gathered at the Wynfrey Hotel.  "It doesn't have to be 1,000, or 1,050 -- it has to be below 1,100."  If Gingrich succeeds, Hammond continued, "This will be the first time in our party in modern politics that we're going to go to the convention floor."


On election eve, after a long day of campaigning, Gingrich relaxed on a couch at the Wynfrey and vowed to keep challenging Romney through the summer -- long after the primaries have ended.  If he can keep the former Massachusetts governor from hitting the 1,144 delegate mark, Gingrich said, "Then on the 26th of June, there's a real conversation.  We haven't seen in our lifetime a situation where you actually had a political process beyond who wins the primaries."  As he has several times in recent days, Gingrich brought up the case of Leonard Wood, the Army general who ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1920.


We must stop Mitt Romney from becoming the nominee.  He is the most liberal Republican to be seriously considered for the Republican nomination in the last at least 50 years.


Romney, if he is the nominee, will destroy the Republican Party.   He will simply manage our decline.  He will not work for a conservative agenda.   He will not make major spending cuts, nor will he cut taxes or repeal Obamacare.


We need to look at a different candidate at the convention.  It is imperative that we have a conservative candidate who can beat Obama in the fall.   That candidate is not Mitt Romney.   Mitt Romney has been running for President since he announced he was not running for reelection in Massachusetts.   Even after seven years, Romney cannot convince Republicans he is the candidate.  That is because he is a liberal, not a conservative and Republicans know this.


We need to start looking for a conservative candidate who can break the deadlock at the convention.  It could be Gingrich or it could be someone else.  But one thing is certain, Romney is not the candidate the GOP needs or wants.

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Another day, another lame excuse by Newt to vote for him. It's ever-changing, haha on this week's cover up for Newt's pride keeping him in the race and not getting out and quit "splitting the conversative vote" as Newt himself called for when he was leading.

The ground swell for a Palin / West ticket emerging from a Tea Party tsunami at a brokered convention is growing.

I say, BRING IT!

Cast your Poll Vote Here.

You are right. There is a growing demand for a true leader. Someone that does not have to keep apologizing for flip-floping, sitting on a bench with Nancy Pelosi, all the "team player" votes of the past. There is a swelling demand for someone that has a consistent vision for America, and a consistent record of achievement that corroborates that vision.

When Sarah Palin puts her name forward in service to her country you will hear a major explosion. From my favorite line from the movie Secretariat "You 'bout to see sumthin you ain't never seen..... before!!!!!" just before Secretariat went on to win the Triple Crown my more that 30 lengths.

You are going to see the principled people in this country ready to defend the constitution.


Mr., or Ms. Livery,

You seriously underestimate the numbers and passion of the Tea Party to your detriment there on the Left.

At this point anyone can beat Obe!  We all just need to calm down and the majority of voters will not vote for him!  He can steal  the election, of course.  Hopefully there are too many Americans to vote against him to counter balance all fraud, and he does not declare martial law.

No, anyone can't beat Obama. That is the false narrative of complacency. Just calm down and let it happen, right? You even contradict yourself with your 3rd sentence about stealing the election. Just trusting that voters will majically show up to prevent that does not "make" it happen. We need some people with "fire in the belly" ready to fight for the preservation of our country. Our country is in desperate need of


A serious problem with Romney is that he only cares about one thing besides his faith and his family: protecting the wealthy. This is why he's won some of the very close primaries.

In every primary where they did exit polling, most people making at least $100K voted for Romney and most people making under $100K voted for someone else. Normally winning the "wealthy vote" wouldn't make that much of a difference, but the wealthy have been voting at a much higher rate than in previous primary seasons, and that's been enough to tip the balance.

There can be only one reason why this is happening: they see someone just like them and like it. They see someone who  will set policy to protect them above all others.

I am not against capitalism and I'm not trying to demonize wealthy people, but far too many of them put their economic goals ahead of their moral values or the good of the country as a whole. Romney's tax proposals lower taxes on the wealthy, raise them on everyone else, and will create huge deficits for years to come. What does that tell you?

Romney isn't liberal or conservative. He would have to have core beliefs to be either of them. His core belief is to protect people like him and nothing else and no one else matters.

A 'brokered convention" might lead to Palin jumping in. My personal belief is that she has been so badly damaged from her run with Mc Cain that both Independents and Moderates will NOT vote for her. As to Allen West, I don't believe he is interested, at this point in time, in seeking 'higher office". I can't say I'd blame him, either!  We don't want, or need, another Bush, as in Jeb Bush. I do think Newt should ask Rand Paul to run with him. Your thoughts?

She picked herself up from that mess quite nicely and could've and should've gone on to finish her term as governor of Alaska and then on to 2012 race for presidency.

However, when she quit Alaska she lost a lot of standing and people behind her.

Then her reality shows did not help to booster her image. The reality damaged Palin's image just as all that go into reality TV have been damaged.  Yea she probably came out with more $$, but people's mindset of her as a political asset was screwed up.

I do feel that with the slate that we had running, Palin did have a chance if she had started campaigning in the very beginning and ran  with the rest of the packs.

If she tries and takes the slate at the convention, she will destroy any chance that our country has of defeating Obama.


You obviously did not watch the CPAC Conference.  Sarah Palin was the top dog at that convention & inspired everyone there & those who watched on TV.  She is more popular than any other Republican, but didn't want to run again because she was tired of dodging the S*** that was thrown at her.  Plus, she has been a wonderful asset to other candidates by endorsing them, so she feels she is still contributing to Conservatism.

So does that mean two years ago Glenn Beck and the year before Rush LImabugh should have been nominated for president? Both of them brought the house down, as well.

I watch every year. I like Sarah, but that is not a reason to elect her, because an audience liked her.

Let the process play out and Newt, Rick and Ron will come to a solution at the conference. We'll pray it's a good one.


Colonel West has passionately stated "I will not stand idly by while my country saunters down the road to perdition."

That sounds like a commitment to me.


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