Newt Gingrich has a new strategy.  The question is should everyone get behind this strategy?


From the Washington Examiner:


With losses in Alabama and Mississippi, Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign has changed.  In the past, the campaign was about winning, or trying to win, or at least claiming to be trying to win.  Now, it's about keeping Mitt Romney from winning.


Gingrich no longer says he can capture the 1,144 delegates required to wrap up the Republican nomination.  Instead, he now speaks frankly about a new plan: Keep Romney from getting to 1,144 by the end of the GOP primary season in June, and then start what Gingrich calls a "conversation" about who should be the Republican nominee.  That conversation, the plan goes, would lead to a brokered GOP convention at which Gingrich would emerge as the eventual nominee.


"Our goal first is to keep Romney well below 1,000," Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said an hour before Gingrich addressed a small crowd of disappointed supporters gathered at the Wynfrey Hotel.  "It doesn't have to be 1,000, or 1,050 -- it has to be below 1,100."  If Gingrich succeeds, Hammond continued, "This will be the first time in our party in modern politics that we're going to go to the convention floor."


On election eve, after a long day of campaigning, Gingrich relaxed on a couch at the Wynfrey and vowed to keep challenging Romney through the summer -- long after the primaries have ended.  If he can keep the former Massachusetts governor from hitting the 1,144 delegate mark, Gingrich said, "Then on the 26th of June, there's a real conversation.  We haven't seen in our lifetime a situation where you actually had a political process beyond who wins the primaries."  As he has several times in recent days, Gingrich brought up the case of Leonard Wood, the Army general who ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1920.


We must stop Mitt Romney from becoming the nominee.  He is the most liberal Republican to be seriously considered for the Republican nomination in the last at least 50 years.


Romney, if he is the nominee, will destroy the Republican Party.   He will simply manage our decline.  He will not work for a conservative agenda.   He will not make major spending cuts, nor will he cut taxes or repeal Obamacare.


We need to look at a different candidate at the convention.  It is imperative that we have a conservative candidate who can beat Obama in the fall.   That candidate is not Mitt Romney.   Mitt Romney has been running for President since he announced he was not running for reelection in Massachusetts.   Even after seven years, Romney cannot convince Republicans he is the candidate.  That is because he is a liberal, not a conservative and Republicans know this.


We need to start looking for a conservative candidate who can break the deadlock at the convention.  It could be Gingrich or it could be someone else.  But one thing is certain, Romney is not the candidate the GOP needs or wants.

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Abraham.........I  pray you are correct in your summation.

What do you think the liberals will say when it is there turn to stand before God. They wont get to argue there purpose, I would say they are going to have the biggest shock that could possible be experienced. 

The first thing that needs to be done by the Tea Party.

They need to call Prince Preibus and the RNC on the carpet and let them know that we, THE  TEA PARTY, "WILL NOT" back a GOP Establishment Candidate. Be firm and stand firm.

The RNC wants business as usual.

The second thing if the first doesn't work.

We should get a petition started supporting 1 Candidate at the convention. With 1 million + signatures I think they would have to listen to us. A million can be achieved if everyone who signs it, would send it on to their entire e-mail list. They say an e-mail can reach all the computer users in the US in 3 days.     Food for thought!!!!!!!!!!!

My choice is Newt Gingrich, second is Rick Santorum.

NOTE: When I get correspondence from the RNC asking for a donation, I send it back Inscribed with, "We won't vote for your GOP Establishment Candidate". If enough people do this and the above, we may have some say in the election.

God Bless America

Semper Fi and Anchors Away to all you Marines and Sailors out there. Army and Air Force too.

We have just begun the fight. The battle can be won.


I would said such a petition, but only if the one at the top of the slate is the one that truly deserves the nomination.

By that I mean the one with the most or 2nd most votes...I am not for Romney...

But do not feel throwing in someone who was not in the primary, or didn't even muster 30% of the delegates with work.

The primary is the people's voice...If you throw in someone not on the slate and untested thus far, that will most likely give Obama another 4 years.

The one on the slate needs to be someone that has been not riding such a up and down roller coaster in the primary.....

So right now I feel that it should end up being between Romney or Santorum...Hopefully Santorum

If Nuke is so concerned about keeping Mitt from the earning the delegates needed to win the nomination, why don't he (and ron paul for that matter) back out and endorse Santorum, I think Nuke is more establishment than he wants us to believe.


I must say, Judson, you have been on the spot with lots of issues in this election cycle. You were the very first person who endorsed Newt as well as thinking of a brokered convention to stop Romney in his track.

I must compliment you on your vision and understanding of this process. Thanks for your voice. We sorely need a man like you to be the voice of reason. Thanks!

It would be great to have Newt as President and hire Sarah Palin and give her the keys to Washington DC and let her roam free rooting out the Fraud.

A brokered convention is the last thing the GOP establishment wants because it will take control from their addicted hands.

Therefore, it should be the first  thing the Tea Party wants, because it will give us a voice where the GOP wants us silent.

Enter your voice in the poll for the Dream Team.

Why is Bobby Jindal name on the list? He is not a Natural Born Citizen.

Thank you Mr. Angle,

Governor Jindal's name has been replaced by Rep. Paul Ryan on the Dream Team. Poll.

I couldn't disagree with you more.  The Establishment in both parties care more about their careers and future perks than they care about Americans.  They want to pick the winners so they can control their actions.  I personally think we should find the websites that list all the votes of every politician in office to see if they are voting for the people, or for the people who helped get them elected (lobbyists).  Then we should recall every one of those who are not working for us, and elect someone who will.  And I mean all the way back to our states and counties.

Real soon and if the Socialism communist get their way, the dictator will be the power.

I just have to believe that the American people will not let that happen.


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