Yesterday, though he was not getting much news coverage, Newt nailed it again.


Speaking to a group of Tea Party leaders in Delaware, Newt unloaded on the Republican Party.


Newt said:


“The Republican Party is a managerial party that doesn’t like to fight, doesn’t like to read books,” he said. “This is why the Tea Party was so horrifying. Tea Partiers were actually learning about the Declaration of Independence. They wanted to talk about the Federalist Papers. It was weird. They could be golfing.”


Watching Newt work is sort of like watching a summer evening baseball game.  Newt swings and the ball sails over the fence. 


In 1976, at the Republican Convention, Ronald Reagan gave his speech in support of Gerald Ford after he lost the nomination.  After that speech, many at the Republican looked at each other and said, ‘we have nominated the wrong guy.’  Four years later Reagan proved them right. 


Newt is right about the Republican Party.  Mitt Romney is the quintessential manager type and that is not what we need, though it is what we are going to get.   Romney does not want to fight and he thinks he can manage his way to the Oval Office.   While his strategy of outspending his opponents worked in the primaries, it is not going to work in the general election because his best case scenario is that he has parity with Obama’s spending and the more realistic scenario is that he will be outspend.


Romney does not like to get his hands dirty and he is going to fight one of the dirtiest campaigners in the history of America. 


Newt continues to fight on even though he probably knows he cannot win. 


Good for Newt. 


Technically Romney has not locked up the nomination.  He does not have the 1144 delegates that he needs.   Newt’s odds of winning the nomination right now are probably only slightly lower than his chances of winning the lottery. 


That does not mean Newt should not fight.  Newt should fight.  People should contribute to Newt and vote for Newt.


Why fight for a guy who has no chance of winning?


We need to send the Republicans a message.


Romney is the anti-Reagan.  Not only are his positions almost the polar opposite of what Reagan stood for but in 1980, when Reagan ran, he was the sole conservative against a field of moderates.  They divided the vote.  Reagan won.


This year, Romney was the liberal running against a field of good conservatives.  The conservatives split the base and Romney was able to be the last man standing. 


The establishment wing of the Republican Party has been trying to destroy the Reagan wing of the party since 1988.   We cannot let the Republican Party become the Party of Romney instead of the Party of Reagan. 


Newt gives us the chance to send the GOP a message.  I hope Newt wins a number of the remaining primaries.   I wish this one on one fight had developed while Newt still had a chance at the nomination. 


Had this fight developed in January, we would be looking at Newt cruising to the nomination and we could expect “morning in America.”


Newt is the guy who could have been the next Reagan. 


And later this year, as we watch this campaign evolve and Republicans compare Gingrich to Romney, many of them are going to be saying, ‘we have nominated the wrong guy.’

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A Time For Choosing - 1964

Newt is no Reagan, but I hope he can force a Brokered Convention.

I am voting for Newt in our PA Primary on April 24th.  I'm also voting for Sam Rohrer for US Senate!

Right with you Beth. I just got my voters reg. I don't know about your area, but out here in Bushkill we have a new thing where you HAVE To prove that you are an American citizen and this BTW was a big thing with the Hispanics, they drove that for our little town. They are sick of the illegals making them look bad. :) They are also Voting for Newt. They feel that he would be the best one for the Boarder control. WELL DUH! lol. ;) I just hope that the rest of our overly large state will do the same. :)

Yes, Katie, PA, just voted to have voter ID cards, thank the good Lord!!!

Katie, I have been saying the same thing about Hispanics! Why would legal immigrants be in favor of illegal immigrants after legals spent the time & money necessary to legally come here? The "Dream Act" would have no chance if only legal immigrants were voting on it.

I have been donating right along, not much, like in $25 amounts.  Yesterday I increased that amount by 4.  Still backing Newt!

Thank you Judson, this is more realistic.  I still voting for the vision. NEWT. Vision is what has became since the beginning the motor of this Country, with out vision we will not have poor became rich, entrepreneurs, the first men in the moon, the technology we share today and so many more things... Newt is the vision of the future, and I like that vision.

God Bless.


Truer words have never been said


Funny, Nancy Reagan , & her son both indorsed only one person... One person only "Newt", & not nobody else....  If Ronald Reagan were still amoungst us, "Newt" would be the next "Reagan" for the"White House" 2012..... Wake Up "America"...  Thanks, Judson...!!!!!!

New is NOT the right guy. Neither is Romney...

Agreed. Everyone discounts Ron Paul but he is the ONLY Conservative in the group. They are afraid of him because he actually wants to change how the Government does Business. 


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