Newt Gingrich has been sued.  The law suit was filed yesterday.  Could this be a scandal that will hurt his presidential chances or is this just more political theater?


The suit is reported on TMZ.COM.


A Florida man has filed a lawsuit against Newt Gingrich and his security team -- claiming he was roughed up outside the Florida Republican Presidential Primary earlier this week ... because he was carrying a sign supporting another candidate. 

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in U.S. District court in Florida, Edward Dillard claims he was just minding his own business on January 31 when Newt and his wife came strolling up to the polling place. Dillard claims he was standing outside of a canopy which had been set up with a microphone stand, when Newt and Callista came right up to him and shook his hand. 

Dillard claims Newt then noticed his Ron Paul t-shirt and "immediately turned his back" to him and went on to greet other people. That's when Dillard claims several of Gingrich's security team came up to him and tred to "intimidate him into moving from the spot."

Dillard -- who says he was wearing open-toed sandals -- then claims one of the agents "lifted his heeled shoe over Dillard's right foot and dug the back of it into his skin, twisting it side-to-side like he was stomping out a cigarette, causing a fracture to Dillard's right foot."


The fact that the guy is a Ron Paul supporter says a lot.  Ron Paul’s supporters are very aggressive about getting up close to other candidates and getting into TV shots.


There is a much simpler explanation, other than a Ron Paul supporter trying to damage Newt Gingrich.   If you have ever been inside the security bubble these candidates are in, you will understand this.  Their security is very protective because unfortunately there are idiots out there who will do dangerous things. 


If you are not a member of the campaign, the security team will let you in for a moment, to shake the candidates hand or have a photo take and then they will literally push you out.


This lawsuit smells to high heaven and the fact it was immediately reported on TMZ makes it even more suspicious.


Hopefully it and the guy who filed it will go away soon.

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Here's another interesting article. " He decided to run home, slip into his "Ron Paul Rocks America" T-shirt, grab a "Ron Paul 2012" sign from his garage, and return to give his candidate some representation outside the precinct after he cast his vote."

There's little doubt that he wanted to stand in the background, holding his PaulBot sign in a visible spot within camera range.

Open toed shoes are definitely not a good idea in such a crowded area

. Why, surely nobody would think this was a purposeful act! Perhaps his own wife stepped on his toes! But it's make good press. Anybody check the RP websites yet? I'm sure that they are livid! Why, he had his rights stepped upon!

What a joke!! Does it ever stop??? I mean really people. This is the worst election cycle I have ever witnessed. So damn petty are people. Ugh!!

This guy is an activist nut, the security contractor is insured, and this a bunch of BS.

How about Sharon Angle?

(Maybe next time she can send Harry out to pasture.)

She's going to help count the votes!

Right On.

Don't blame Sharon Angle.... This so called Tea Party are the one's that backed her.... 

I think we must also keep open the possibility that this wasn't even a Paul supporter. This literally smacks of tactics the Progressives love to use. they will infiltrate, posing as a supporter of a certain candidate and cause unrest whenever and where ever they can. Perhaps this guy was a Paul supporter, I don't know, but having seen enough of these dirty trick tactics from progressives, I wouldn't be surprised if it were the latter.

"Pauliban or Progressive?" Who cares?

He had no business there with his RP Paul sign, "zipping back and forth inches from Gingrich's head."

In this case he was representing Paul, in normal Palultard fashion.

Sounds like this idiot, doesn't it?You know you're a Ron Paul supporter if....

.....when taking the kids to ballet, you map out your route based on the best visibility for your Ron Paul car magnet.  - DailyPaul

Information from the book: (Red Army) by Aaron Klein. 2/4/12 I discovered there are 83 so called progressives in congress. They are members of the CPC (Congressional Progressive Caucus). To unmask this group they should be referred to as CPC (Communist Party Caucus). How far will the communist party go to destroy a candidate they see as their biggest threat. Newt was their biggest threat when he was speaker of the house and over 70 ethics violation were filed against him by David Bonior a CPC member. Do we really want to make the communist party unhappy and elect Newt, you bet we do. 

Kenneth, I'm with you on this hiding in the woodlot nonsense.

Get permission, if necessary, fromAaron Klein and then list them on these pages.

Does Klein list the insider trading people also?  They should have the public light shined on them.

We have slid back to a time of kings and lords and barons.  They had no insight into the common man, until the common man chopped their heads off.  It will be sufficent today to simply remove them from power.

Peter Sowatskey

Well, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are neck and neck for 2nd place in Nevada today. So maybe this fiasco will be a dud.

Ron Paul has lost before he started to run for President.

Without a video or a witness, he has no case.

Whenever I have seen Newt he was surrounded with security.  Sometimes people need to get out of the way and take responsibilty for themselves. 


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