Does anyone remember their history?  Certain there are a lot of people who would prefer that we forget our history.   Mitt Romney and the establishment would certainly prefer us to. 


What is it they would like us to forget?


In 1978, a Republican from Georgia was elected to the House of Representatives.  His name was Newt Gingrich.   When Newt went to Washington in 1979, Jimmy Carter was President.   The Democrats held a 2/3 majority in the House of Representatives.  There were times the Democrats did not even both to tell Republicans about meetings or votes. 


The Republican leadership at the time was just fine with this.  After all, as soon as the work day was over, they could all get together, have drinks, go to parties and talk about how well they all got along. 


There were a few people who had problems with this.  One of them was Newt Gingrich. 


The Republican leadership did not care about advancing a conervative agenda.  In fact, they did not care that the Democrats were advancing a liberal agenda.  They did not really care what the Democrats were doing to America.


Newt said, we can be a majority in Congress and he started the Conservative Opportunity Society with the expressed purpose of making Republican a majority in the House of Representatives. 


What was the response of the Republican leadership?  They told the new freshman class to stay away from Gingrich.


Gingrich kept pushing and by 1994, there was the Contract with America and on election night 1994, the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 38 years.


Much of this is known.  But what is not talked about very often is the rest of the story. 


Gingrich came in and pushed a conservative agenda.  This agenda did not go over well with much of the Republican establishment.  In the summer of 1997, House Republicans led by John Boehner tried to launch a coup against Gingrich.   Only at the last minute did Dick Armey decide the idea was not that good and backed, thus stopping the coup.


Gingrich eventually resigned as Speaker and from Congress. 


Pushing Gingrich out was the revenge of the establishment and since then, there has been no conservative agenda advanced through congress.   We ended up with Denny Hastert as Speaker and then, surprise, John Boehner. 


Hastert did nothing as Speaker and Boehner has been carrying the water for the big government Republicans.  Under Boehner not only has spending and borrowing gone up, there has been no major effort to advance a conservative agenda.


When we start talking about who is and is not a conservative in the race for President, let’s remember the only one who has ever advanced a conservative agenda through Congress and the man the establishment felt like they had to rise against to stop.

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Romney will rewrite history when he gets rid of obama.

     As you may have heard, President Obama announced that he has rejected the Keystone XL pipeline project, which is expected to create thousands of jobs across the country.

In case anyone has failed to notice, Obama gave George Soros several million in Taxpayer money to go drill oil off shore of Brazil, while putting a halt to any oil drilling on our own shores. George Soros is also connected to the Brazilian aviation company that is building the airplane that Obama wants as the A-29 for the US instead of the Hawker-Beechcraft airplane, built here in the US. George Soros is also the major financer of many of the anti American Moonbots running around the nation. With the taxpayer funds sent to Soros, the blocking of the Keystone pipeline, and the purchasing of the Brazilian fighter plane, its a sure bet that Soros, already one of the wealthiest men in the world, will be very much wealthier.  I am sure that Soros will probably give Obama a nice big pile of money, in an unnumbered checking account, offshore, when Obama leaves the White House.

Harold, I have a suggestion for you. 


I have no objections to the use of "ZERO" as you use it but I think I have a better word: "CIPHER".


Check all of the definitions below.  I think they all fit the situation of having a not-president living in the White House.  I think they make it obvious why I think "CIPHER" could be the more appropriate word:


Cipher - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cipher- Similarto Cipher - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

a : zero 1a b : one that has no weight, worth, or influence : nonentity. 2. a : a   method of transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning

Think again, Ken Keith, there will be no such reward from Soros when Obama leaves the White House as he will be of no use to Soros and his ilk, they will drop him like the proverbial hot potato.  There will be no demand for speeches from him, no best selling books, no statues, no future presidents seeking his advice, and he won't be welcome in any of the world's nations, Islamic or otherwise, he will fade into obscurity in months, not years.   American history and politics will see him as an embarrassment, an incongruous moment in the life of the nation, a common street hustler inexplicably risen to the presidency, speaking of streets, they won't even be named for him, who would want to live or have a business on Obama Boulevard?  And keep in mind there will always be another Soros, i.e., men like him, that will buy men like Obama to push their personal agenda.  


Thank you,   Thank you,  I know what you say is true because I have heard Obama say he is getting the A-29 to replace the Hawker (made here in the states).   He is blocking the pipeline so  Tell me please when will the American people open up their eyes and see what this man is doing to our wonderful country.  Please keep spreading the word.  I believe George Soros is the devil in disguise. 

If the pipeline being turned down, loosing the American people about 150,000 jobs, if I remember right, and the A-29 being rebuilt going to Brazil instead of an American company that wanted the job (having to do with Soros) isn’t bad enough,


On Friday while everyone was focused on the Carolina Debate news, and the Saturday primary, by executive order Mr. O passed amnesty to all the illegals. Ice instructed to back off. This had been voted no by congress twice, the dream act.




This one Fox. The two women completely miss the fact that the way Obama did this is the point. They go into if and why there should be amnesty.  They seem blind to the fact that he over rides congress like a dictator to do what he wants. There is much more than these two links about this.



This is old news, but makes me just as sick. 80,000 muslims were allowed to come into this country in 2011 because Obama authorized it! This is just unbelievable.


We better vote the anti-American out, because that is the only way to take him down. I even have my doubts about us being able to do that.


Connie you are so right...   Further more I truly believe Obama is a muslin.  He said it in one of his books I read and also said it on an interview before he was elected, said he thought McCain would bring that out that he is a muslin.  So yes you are right  all he is doing is helping foreign countries and destroying ours.  Please pray that he will not be elected..  I never thought I would say this in my lifetime.  I would vote for anyone to get rid of Obama.  

Me too: I would vote for anyone to get rid of Obama - even Mitt Romney!

Our Core Values:

1. Taxed Enough Already

2. Constitutionally limited government

3. Fiscal responsibility

4. Free market principles

In November of 2010 we placed one foot, of our four legged attack on Washington, firmly on the ground. We stopped the Tax frenzy that Obama and Liberals so cherish. Our 62 members of the House TEA Party Caucus and 4 members of the Senate Caucus have been stalwarts for our movement. They have become the bogeyman for all the Democrats, Liberals and Progressives trying to destroy our Constitution and Republic.

We need to support them and nominate and elect more into the House and Senate. Finally we need a TRUE conservative in our White House. Our movement is dependent on all four of our Core Values being advanced. Exit polls in the South Carolina Primary show a very tight race with a significant shift towards Newt's side.

Let's hope our influence can help Newt bring the people of South Carolina a victory and some momentum for Florida, Nevada, Maine and further.

The establishment GOBP (Good Ole Boy Party) needs to be dismantled. Boehner needs to be removed and replaced with a strong, confident Conservative who will lead the House in the right direction. When we retake the Senate anybody but McConnell must be the Majority Leader. With Newt in the White House we can begin to rebuild our great Republic from the nearly century long abuses of Liberalism and Progressivism.



Thanks. I look forward to Boehner being gone for good.

Amen Debrajoe!!


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