“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace and goodwill toward men.” 

            Luke 2:14


Christmas is here again.  Tonight and tomorrow, Americans will gather and share presents.  Christmas traditions of various types will be shared. 


As we share our presents, gather as families, go to Christmas services, we all have our wishes for Christmas.   Our kids want toys.  Adults want other things.


I have my list of Christmas wishes.


For Christmas, I want peace.  Peace is not the freakish “kumbya” moment liberals always envision.  It is not simply the absence of conflict.  There is an absence of conflict in North Korea but I don’t think anyone thinks there is peace there.


In order for there to be peace, there must be freedom and liberty. 


Freedom means a lot of things.  Freedom means we are citizens not subjects.  Citizens own the government and the government is accountable to the citizens.  Subjects are owned by the government and the government can do whatever it wants.


Freedom means the opportunity to take chances.    Sometimes those chances are ill advised.   Sometimes choices are downright stupid.  Freedom means you have the right to be wrong and you have the right to make a mistake.


Peace cannot exist without the equality of men.  For the politically correct, men is a generic term that includes both men and women.


Equality is not the equality of outcome but simply the chance for each man to do what they want to do.


True equality only exists in the context of freedom and liberty.  Equality only exists in the field of opportunity.  When men try to enforce equality as an outcome, freedom and liberty die and peace fades to the darkness of tyranny.


Peace means that ideologies and beliefs recognize the fundamental rights of men to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


My Christmas wish to everyone is that there be prosperity for all. 


Peace and freedom bring something else.  It brings prosperity.    As we go into this Holy Season, around the world, people are starving. 




It is not just drought and crop failures that lead to starvation.


It is the lack of freedom and liberty.


Do you see starvation in any of the nations that have at least some degree of freedom and liberty?


No, you do not.


It is not because the Western Powers have screwed the third world.  It is because freedom and liberty are almost unknown in the third world.  When you do not have freedom and liberty, you do not have a free market.  Without a free market, real prosperity for the people is impossible.  The ruling elites may be wealthy but the population lives in poverty.   They are the subjects of the state, not citizens.


2000 years ago, Jesus Christ was born in a manger in Bethlehem.   He preached a message of salvation and redemption.   His followers went on to found the greatest civilizations the world has ever known.


My Christmas wish is that his message of peace, freedom, salvation and redemption is shared in all parts of the world and everyone enjoys the benefits of freedom and liberty the Christian mindset produced in Western Europe and America.    With freedom and liberty comes peace and goodwill.


As Tiny Tim said, “God bless us all.  Each and every one!”


A Merry Christmas to all.  Glory to God in the highest and on Earth, peace and goodwill to men!


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Merry Christmas Judson!


Merry Christmas every one.

Thank you for this, Judson! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and thank you for all that you do! You are a gift to all of us, all year round!

And, Happy Birthday, L-rd Jesus! He whom the Son sets free is free indeed! (John 8:36)  : )

Divine peace!  Christ is born!  Merry Christmas to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ!  Thank you Judson for all you do!


Blessings to you all!

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace, the Author of Freedom; please have a Blessed Christmas!

My Christmas prayer was for God to forgive us and restore this great country to what it once was.  That would be the greatest "worldly" gift that I think we could have.  God has already given us the greatest spiritual gift in His son, Jesus. 

Everyone have a very Merry and blessed Christmas!!! 

Merry Christmas Judson and fellow patriots.

I suspect God wants the U.S.A. to "have a discussion" about the reason(s) for the current flip / flop happening where the Government is imposing itself on us, in the name of being the replacement for Charity and Religion.  I suspect a lot of people are having really hard times and a lot of other people are simply living off of the government in exchange for their (assumed and likely) promise for votes {For Democrats}.  I'm sure there is going to be a need for people to realize the absurdity of all the society "wars" going on now: between races, sexes, economic incomes, left and right, democrats and republicans, tea party and republicans, gays and straights, religious and atheists, citizens and illegals, rich and poor, highly taxed and barely taxed at all, old and young, male and female, pro life and pro death, pro drug abuse and anti drug abuse, pro guns and anti guns, ETC.

This is the time for all these things to get shaken out.  As we shake these things out, most of us want a return to the Constitution and away from Tierney or the Master Minds running the country into the ground.  Most of us want a return to a respectful society with a lot more Faith in God demonstrated and accepted universally.  God probably wants us to navigate through it all, and it's becoming fairly urgent to do so. 

I suspect if we Pray and maintain Faith, all will be well, if we try to remain patient. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Judson, Thank you for your Christmas message.  It is uplifting and brings great messages of encouragement, hope and strength.  Wishing you a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Years.  God Bless.

Merry Christmas, I'm an optomistic cynic... and have a Happy New Year. Frankly I don't see things changing much. In fact I just got laid off last week. Oh well. Life in America is great. It's much better than losing your job in any other country.



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