Perhaps this blog should be called the Audacity of Hypocrisy.  As it now seems more and more likely that Mitt Romney will be the nominee, the Obama campaign has demanded Mitt Romney release 23 years of tax returns. 


Can we say this is the ultimate in hypocrisy?


Mitt Romney should release those records.  Just not yet. 


What he should do every day is stand up and say, in his best Reagan voice, “Mr. Obama show us your records.”


Indeed, a conservative (which Romney is not) standing up demanding, “Mr. Obama show us your records,” is much like Reagan standing up against the evil empire in 1987, saying, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”


If Obama wants Romney’s records, he needs to release his records first.    Romney’s blue blood would probably freeze before he dared embarrass himself by asking these questions, but he should.


Romney’s first demand should the birth certificate.  The real birth certificate.  That is the one that is in Hawaii or Kenya or in Fargo, North Dakota.  Whereever it is, give it to us.  Not that photoshopped fraud, show the real thing.


Next, let’s see Obama’s school records.  Let’s start with Obama’s records at Occidental College.  We can put to rest the rumor that Obama went to school as a foreign student on a scholarship reserved for foreign students.  Perhaps more interesting would be Obama’s grades. 


Next Obama needs to release his school records from Columbia and Harvard, including all of the admissions records.  Obama was by his own admission not a good student.  How the hell does someone who is not a good student get into two of the most prestigious Universities in America?


Those records that Obama has never released would be very interesting.


The next records Obama should release are his attorney discipline records.   Not only should we see his attorney disciplinary records but we should see them for Michelle Obama’s as well. Both of them went to Harvard and passed their bar exams.  Yet after four year, Michelle Obama’s license was “surrendered.”  Why?  Lawyers who work hard to go through law school and pass the bar do not simply surrender their licenses.


Obama promised that his regime would be the most transparent in history.  It has been just the opposite. 


Now his campaign is making demands of Romney that Romney release his records.


If Romney were a real leader not a dilettante, he would take this and shove it down Obama’s throat.   This is the kind of issue that Romney could take and even force the drive-by media to pick it up and run a negative story about Obama.


The media has mocked everyone who has asked questions about Obama.  Unfortunately Romney still believes the media will still be nice to him, so he won’t want to do anything to offend the media.  Therefore Romney will not ask the questions he needs to.  He will not ask the questions that a lot of Americans want to have answered.


Perhaps Romney should spend a few minutes talking to John McCain.  Ask him what the media did to him as soon as the Republican Convention was over.


Romney is a terrible choice for President.  Unfortunately if it is a choice between him and Obama there is no choice.


Perhaps the Romney campaign and the Republicans will grow up and play hardball. 


The Obama campaign certainly will. 

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This is exactly why Romney can't win!!!  Understanding Romney is not rocket science!  He's all gab (as long as there;s

plenty of money around) and no spine or real sense of dealing with not only a political adversary, but with an enemy of the country. How EASY it should be to make a come-back to such an obvious affrontery made by a Traitor and Imposter!

Instead of tearing down his Rep.competitors, he should have been shaking down The Thief in Chief. Look how much fodder

he has to work with. Perhaps that failure to go "fisti-cuffs" is because what should be a "high contrast" between himself

and the incumbent - isn't!

Judson, can you not ask Romney these questions yourself? Can you not suggest that he take the stand for fairness and have Obama show us his records? If nothing else it will shut up the Obama camp from asking for any more of his opponets records.

It's important to understand that Obama cannot be impeached, because he is an illegal president.   See article below:


Impeachment Not Done for Illegal President

Someone some research to see if anything at all applies to POTUS being ineligible after being elected, and here's what a high school civics book says:


"...the Constitution does not use the impeachment process for ousting presidents or vice presidents who have obtained their office without being qualified for it.  Instead, the Speaker of the House steps up to lead the executive branch while investigation and conviction is rendered using a joint Congress (by an unnamed source which must be found in the Congress), because it will be a process started by those who have perfect "standing" - the people of the United States of America."


Not impeachment but an investigation by the people.  An impeachment would tend to validate an otherwise illegal usurpation of the office of POTUS.  Plus, all the illegal actions could then be rendered null and void with the effect as if BHO had never been there.


Elizabeth; I have posted on the legal remedy of QUO WARRANTO in response to your posts in the "Eligibility" Discussion where you state, as here -- "It's important to understand that Obama cannot be impeached, because he is an illegal president." Have you ever troubled to read Ms. Kidd's article?

The conundrum of removing Obama/Soetoro from office

The legally correct procedure is  a Ouo Warranto challenge in the District of Columbia designed to deal - legally w/ USURPERS in office. see: http://www.devvy.com/new_site/obama-conundrum-051111.html

EXCERPT: Obama/Soetoro should have been removed from office by a federal Quo Warranto action. While you may disagree with me, I concur with Leo that is the only constitutional legal method to remove Barry. That statute was written specifically to deal with this problem:

§ 16-3501. Persons against whom issued; civil action.

A quo warranto may be issued from the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in the name of the United States against a person who within the District of Columbia usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises, a franchise conferred by the United States or a public office of the United States, civil or military. The proceedings shall be deemed a civil action.

For any opposed to him, his policies, the laws he has signed, his Czars and his Supreme Court appointees; this is the INSTANT Quick Fix!!!! - BOOM, Slam Dunk and GONE.

The dilemma is why Republican's, sworn to uphold and defend our Republic, are afraid to force the issue and by their timidity become complicit in the TREASON being perpetrated upon us.



Charley I suggested this 2 months ago. Everyone ignored me. But you are right.

The next question is how to force Congress to do it.

Any ideas?




Who is Ms. Kidd?

I would like to read her article.


She is a columnist of long standing w/ a publication named NewsWithViews and I entered a link [in blue] that will take you directly to the referenced article:

The conundrum of removing Obama/Soetoro from office



Thank you for the URL.

Regarding ""It's important to understand that Obama cannot be impeached, because he is an illegal president."  Have you ever troubled to read Ms. Kidd's article?

What I wrote about Obama not being impeached was a partial clip someone sent me.   I did not know its source -- and I had never heard of a Ms. Kidd -- or a website for 'devvy.com/new.'   Please excuse my ignorance.

Now how can we use this information to flush out the treasonous Congress?


Get Newt to initiate the Quo WARRANTO action :O}}} Any citizen can file one.

Be better if the House of Reps innitiated inquiry into all the defects of OBummer history but based in Sheriff Joe's findings of forgery as the starting point.


I thought the article below would result in much discussion today.   Has anyone here heard about WND's petition and all the phone calls made to Congress demanding that Congress investigate Obama?


Congress flooded with calls to probe Obama
Thousands demanding answers about president's eligibility


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