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The Obama campaign and the Party of Treason continue to demand Mitt Romney release his tax records so they can pull them apart and continue to distort facts and lie about Romney.


Obama has released almost none of his records.  There is one record that everyone should be demanding that Obama release.   What is it and why is it so important?


There are a lot of records that Americans should want to see from Barack Obama.  To start with, there are his records from Occidental College so that the allegation that Obama attended that school on a scholarship reserved for foreign students can be resolved.   Another record that Americans should be demanding Obama release are his records from Columbia and Harvard.


How does someone who is a self-admitted poor student, get into two of the most prestigious schools in America?  Obama was admitted to Harvard law.  Generally you need to have almost a perfect 4.0 to even have a shot at Harvard.  Anyone want to bet Obama’s GPA was nowhere near that?


So how did he get in?


The important records that everyone should demand Obama release are his medical records.  George Bush, John McCain, even John Kerry and Bill Clinton released voluminous medical records.


What did Obama release in 2008?  It was a one page statement from a doctor saying he was in good physical condition.


That was it.


Why is this so important?


Obama by his own admission was a very heavy marijuana user in his youth.  He has also admitted to using cocaine, though he denies using drugs such as heroin.  He also says he was a significant drinker.


Why is this important?


Because these are all symptoms of addiction.



A man named Larry Sinclair claims that in 1999 he and Barack Obama had sex and then smoked crack cocaine.  This is 1999, nine years before Obama would run for President. 


Crack cocaine is very addictive.   It is very destructive.  Addiction specialist will tell you that a crack addiction is very tough to break.


Is Obama an addict?  Was he an addict in the past?


These are all legitimate questions to ask about a man who has his hands on the nuclear trigger.


Why is Obama hiding these records and why isn’t the drive by media asking these questions.   Why aren’t Republicans demanding the answers to these questions, instead of telling Mitt Romney he needs to play into Obama’s hands by releasing more tax returns?


While Obama promised his administration would be the most transparent in history; that was simply another Obama lie. 


Every time Obama demands that Mitt Romney release more tax returns, the Romney campaign needs to turn around and ask when Obama is going to release his medical records, his college records and his attorney discipline records. 


The Romney campaign may have finally learned that they are not going to get anywhere by playing nice.  They have an opponent that wants to go down into the gutter for a fight and believes in winning at all costs. 


Romney may have finally learned not to play their game.


Let’s hope so.


Meanwhile, every Republican should quit telling Mitt Romney to release more records, giving Obama more ammunition to lie about him and start demanding that Obama release his records.


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I do think Glenn is afraid or is in on the good cop bad cop game.

My friend,

 People have wanted to see this for a long time...its almost like this..when ; an 24, 2001 – The President John FKennedy Assassination Records Collection Act... the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the verdict and ordered a new trial. .....HSCA's unpublished records were sealed for 50 years, until 2029.

We are going up against The System.....where all information is Classified....

do you my friend see now into a system, that even now after 50 years We The People are not entitled to view...

 There is not one thing that the Republicans can do in Office over this if they will not even share a truth, even over kennedy...

  The only way to know is from within...

Kennedy was Murdered over 50 Years another 17 years maybe...Please...

I thought they'd sealed the records for 50 years back when Kennedy assassinated.  Now they're adding another 50 onto that?


Our Government (All Sides) have dealt in "deceitfulness" with one another and "We The People", for so long, that most have forgotten the "Truth" if they ever knew it !

This is the most " anxiety provoking thing about trying to support anyone anywhere in this Government.

Until, We The People decide to make "Truth" the Most Important of All Human dialogue, we will continue to "drift into the darkness".

The Founders "knew" that "Theis Constitutional Republic was established "For Moral & Religious People".  "Totally inadequate for anyother".  John Adams

I agree with this Adams statement 100% !

Semper Fi,

Apparently, those that " seek " the POTUS......has no " Standard" By Which All are required to submit or be disqualified.

All other Government Officials have standard " clearance requirements " and if they do not submit...they are disqualified !

This " Cat and Mouse " Game Is mind- boggling !


I think Congress should demand to see Obama's records, but shucks, Congress can't even get Department of Justice records. A valid birth certicate, school transcripts, or medical records might normally be required by anyone else for employment, to purchase health insurance, get a passport, or qualify for a security clearance. Obama probably could not qualify as a door greeter at a department store, cashier at a bank, or as a security guard. Here he is now the president of the United States. He never served a day in the military but he can make decisions affecting the lives of half a million troops. He has admitted to illegal drug abuse but he has authority to have a nuclear missle launched. Maybe the presidency was the only job he could get without having to pass a background investigation. I do not think a lot of democrats  seem to care who is president as long as he qualifies as a good marxist revolutionary and comrade. All those records are not necessary to be made public for that.

Alexander Hamilton was the Founder that suggested the clause of "Natural Born Citizen" be included as a absolute requirement for President due to his duty as "Commander in Chief (CINC) of All United States Military Forces. He said there should be no "conflict" with the CINC's total loyalty as the Head of USA Forces !  This was a "Security" Issue then and still is today.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. has already exhibited a "conflict of loyalties" due to Junior's sensitivity to Senior's Hatred & Contempt for Great Britain due to their "Colonization of Kenya" the same way they "Colonized Our 13 Colonies in North America prior to Our Independcence from Great Britain.

Obama, Jr. went so far as "Refusing the Bust of Churchill presented to The United States of America as a symbol of Our Many years of alliance with Great Britain (Official) due to Obama's (Personal) resentment for Great Britain (which was a carryover from Obama, Sr. lifetime resistence to Great Britain).

These are the facts of events of the Obama administration (2009-2012).

Semper Fi,


Romney should say he'll release more tax returns when Obama releases his academic records, especially those pertaining to his undergraduate education.  Dollars to donuts he attended as a foreign student (from Indonesia) and may have gotten a scholarship for that reason.




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