The Obama campaign and the Party of Treason continue to demand Mitt Romney release his tax records so they can pull them apart and continue to distort facts and lie about Romney.


Obama has released almost none of his records.  There is one record that everyone should be demanding that Obama release.   What is it and why is it so important?


There are a lot of records that Americans should want to see from Barack Obama.  To start with, there are his records from Occidental College so that the allegation that Obama attended that school on a scholarship reserved for foreign students can be resolved.   Another record that Americans should be demanding Obama release are his records from Columbia and Harvard.


How does someone who is a self-admitted poor student, get into two of the most prestigious schools in America?  Obama was admitted to Harvard law.  Generally you need to have almost a perfect 4.0 to even have a shot at Harvard.  Anyone want to bet Obama’s GPA was nowhere near that?


So how did he get in?


The important records that everyone should demand Obama release are his medical records.  George Bush, John McCain, even John Kerry and Bill Clinton released voluminous medical records.


What did Obama release in 2008?  It was a one page statement from a doctor saying he was in good physical condition.


That was it.


Why is this so important?


Obama by his own admission was a very heavy marijuana user in his youth.  He has also admitted to using cocaine, though he denies using drugs such as heroin.  He also says he was a significant drinker.


Why is this important?


Because these are all symptoms of addiction.



A man named Larry Sinclair claims that in 1999 he and Barack Obama had sex and then smoked crack cocaine.  This is 1999, nine years before Obama would run for President. 


Crack cocaine is very addictive.   It is very destructive.  Addiction specialist will tell you that a crack addiction is very tough to break.


Is Obama an addict?  Was he an addict in the past?


These are all legitimate questions to ask about a man who has his hands on the nuclear trigger.


Why is Obama hiding these records and why isn’t the drive by media asking these questions.   Why aren’t Republicans demanding the answers to these questions, instead of telling Mitt Romney he needs to play into Obama’s hands by releasing more tax returns?


While Obama promised his administration would be the most transparent in history; that was simply another Obama lie. 


Every time Obama demands that Mitt Romney release more tax returns, the Romney campaign needs to turn around and ask when Obama is going to release his medical records, his college records and his attorney discipline records. 


The Romney campaign may have finally learned that they are not going to get anywhere by playing nice.  They have an opponent that wants to go down into the gutter for a fight and believes in winning at all costs. 


Romney may have finally learned not to play their game.


Let’s hope so.


Meanwhile, every Republican should quit telling Mitt Romney to release more records, giving Obama more ammunition to lie about him and start demanding that Obama release his records.


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Maybe they are playing the good cop/bad cop game with us.

These are just my opinion. . .

1-pressuring BHO to account for anything--his personal info/his professional records/his presidential record--makes them racist (there, I said it--we all know that's what they'll claim)

2-the GOP are cowards because they are pandering to moderates/minorities--don't want to upset anyone so they can get re-elected. 

3-IMO--could probably name on one (maybe 2) hand(s) the number of actual "conservatives" there are in Congress who are willing to stick to their morals/principles and not going to waiver just to get re-elected.  The majority of politicos only care about one thing--themselves! 

The Republiucans need to stop acting like they are trying to lose this election. They sit there being defensive when the Obama smear machine goes to work and demands Mitt Romneys tax returns for the last 12 years. Yet the Republicans never demand that Obama release any of his records or even  a college transcript.. If and when B . Hussain releases his college records you can bet that they will be forged. The deck is stacked folks.

Obama should be expelled from office, kicked out of office, pulled out of office, what ever!

Yep along with most of his actions.

Romney's tax records are bound to be lengthy and complex--ripe for mining information and presenting it out of context.  If, however, Mr. Romney were to submit himself to a security clearance process whereby he might be demonstrated to be adjudged to be worthy of trust and then make the results of his security clearance known, the message to Mr. Obama would be clear.  When the social security number used by Mr. Obama was made public, I submitted it to e-verify.  It was flagged for an unspecified irregularity.  Mr. Obama serves as President and yet it would be a violation of the law for me to hire him to mow my lawn.  Somehow the Obama record and/or lack thereof needs to be publicized.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio has uncovered information that makes a compelling case to believe the Obama birth document and selective service registration form are forged.  How can you persuade your congressman to take on a process of evaluating that information?  Mine knows that the president's record is a sham but is afraid to touch an investigation.  Seems our number one problem in government is an epidemic of cowardice among out elected and appointed officials.  If the economy and not patriotism is not the principle issue for at least a few, we are lost.

I completely agree with you.  However, I seriously doubt anything of substance will be revealed.  Yesterday, I clicked on a link provided by one of your responders that began to show a video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's news conference on Obama's birth certificate.  It began playing but after opening remarks was stopped and a statement appeared that the video could not be shown.  Why? No explanation was given and there was nowhere to go to find out what happened.  Coincidence? I think not! Welcome to 1984!

One is not cured of substance abuse.  Once a person becomes addicted, he or she can only manage the problem.  12 Step programs are successful when, and only when the addict is willing to admit to a problem and do the work necessary to recover.  Recovery is not a one shot deal.  In addition, over any considerable period, the disease becomes worse, never better.

Right  on  Judson....and I still  can't  figure out the people that  are soposedly  supporting  him....why  aren't  they asking the  exact  same  questions....

No  Romney  should  NOT  play   THEIR  game...I   don't  believe in  to many politicians,  but in Romney's  case,  as  a  Man of  God...I  certainly would  give him  the  edge....    

No Teaparty member here will ever be happy until we hire a person with ethics and the fortitude to stand up to this mobster government like Elliot Ness did with the gangsters of his time. We need someone to cripple this evil game that perpetually travels from generation to generation, sucking the life out of our country and it's law abiding citizens for personal gain.   Why don't we groom our own candidate,  why are we helping the Republicans when in reality they are a puppet for the Democrats?  Our country does not have a royal family and we don't want one,  remember 1776 4th of July?  If a man works hard and amasses a fortune,  that man needs to keep his fortune to spend on his hearts desire,  but if a man amasses his fortune on the backs of his fellow citizens oppressing the poor,  elderly and disabled for personal gain,  that joker needs to be thumped with his ill gotten silver spoon and thrown in jail!.   Who will stand up?  Who will enforce the laws of our land?  Definitely not Democrats and certainly not Republican's. The Tea party needs to move to the next level.

somebody send me a link to the most likely place to ask his criminal empire these illuminating questions

Some great comments.  I hope Mitt is taking notes.  Take a look at all great football coaches.  They keep the defenses up

and on offense attack the apponets weakest links.  Attack his lies, czars,  Eric Holder,  Cabinet appointees, his record, Excutive orders, biggest tax increase in history, God this list of failuers could go on forever.  Mitt take off the gloves. 

Put on the brass knuckels.  Quit being a sissyboy.


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