Mitt Romney can be described as many things.  Perhaps the best description of Romney is to call him the anti-Reagan.    Calling him the anti-Reagan is accurate in more ways than one.


How so?


Romney, if nominated, will be the most liberal Republican ever nominated to be the Republican candidate for President.   But his strategy has been the opposite of Ronald Reagan’s.


In 1980, Ronald Reagan was the lone conservative running against a field of establishment hacks.    The moderate field was crowded and while Reagan was clearly favored because of his strong primary run in 1976, the moderate vote was split several ways.  By the time George H.W. Bush became the last man standing against Reagan, it was too late.


Ronald Reagan fundamentally changed the Republican Party.  He put conservatives in charge of the party and even today; if you want to be a Republican you must at least claim to be conservative.    While Romney was as far to the left as Obama when he was governor of Massachusetts, given the way he talks you would think he channeled Reagan every night he was governor. 


This year, Romney has been the anti Reagan.  He was the lone establishment “moderate” in the field.  No, Jon Huntsman does not count.   He faced a field of real conservatives, not just faux conservatives like him.  There was Bachmann and Cain and there still is Gingrich, Perry and for the most part, Santorum.


The conservative vote remains split.   Romney still has trouble getting more than a quarter of the vote.  Unfortunately the conservative vote remains split, while Romney simply pursues the “last man standing” strategy.  


Some conservative candidates are staying in the race, even past the point where they can have any hope of winning.  Some of Rick Perry’s supporters are now even accusing Rick Santorum of staying in the race to be the stalking horse for Romney


The damage done by a Romney nomination cannot be understated.  If Romney wins the nomination or even the Presidency, the Reagan revolution will be officially dead and gone.   If Romney wins, conservatives will have no control of the party and America will officially have two left of center parties instead of a liberal party and a conservative party. 


If Romney wins, based on what he did as governor of Massachusetts, we would get eighty to ninety percent of what we would get in a second Obama term.    If the Supreme Court does not kill Obamacare, Romney will not.  He might tinker with it a little but Obamacare will remain.  When he was governor of Massachusetts, he promised he would not raise taxes yet raised them repeatedly.  Often those tax hikes were on businesses. 


Romney is a disaster.  As a candidate, he is very much the anti-Reagan.   While Reagan was affable and genuine, Romney is so stiff that he makes Al Gore look like the life of the party.   Where Reagan was a natural politician, Romney is a disaster.  He lost to Ted Kennedy in a Republican blow out year.  He did not run for a second term as Massachusetts governor because he would have lost.  Four years ago, he lost to John McCain.


Ronald Reagan was a Democrat for much of his life before he left the party.  He famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Party left me.  For us conservatives, we may be reaching that point where we look at a Romney Republican Party and say; this is no longer the Party of Reagan. 


In 2008, the Republican Establishment gave us John McCain. Now, in 2012, they are trying to shove Mitt Romney down our collective throat. It would appear that the Republican Party is now leaving us.


If that happens, it may be time for us to leave them.

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It is time we leave the Republican party and start our own party right after the 2012 elections are over, if it is not too late.

Debrajoe...The following is a comment I posted a minute ago on Judson's other site regarding his post,"The Death of the Conservative Movement":

IF Romney is the nominee and IF he is elected and IF your prediction as to the Republican Party (liberals in all positions of power) comes to pass, then I say it will be time for all true conservatives to band together to start a REAL CONSERVATIVE PARTY. Why not? The Republican Party has been Democrat-lite for years. Its death may not be a bad thing. Call the new party the Tea Party or the Constitution Party or whatever you like as long as it is genuinely conservative. All this assumes that we have a country left.
That being said:

Yes, this is so true. Personally, I think the Tea Party should literally start their own party, "Tea Party". I am losing all respect for the Republican party. Although, I will vote for Newt. He is the only one that can beat Obama in a debate. He will put him to shame and he is better than anyone of them that is running. All the the tea partiers should get together and start their own party and put this country back to where it was. If only it were that easy, right.

After seeing what happened in Iowa and New Hampshire I'm starting to fear the American people still do not get it. The media, (including Fox News) are still pushing the liberal, RINO agenda by supporting the candidate who best fits that profile. Folks, the people not the media must speak because this will probably be the last chance to get it right. I urge each and every one of you to read Newt's book "To Save America". You will learn in the first 35 pages (though you won't stop there) why we all should be strongly considering supporting him as President. You will learn for yourself he is probably the most conservative of all, understands the problems facing this country and has good common sense salutions for them. Before the primaries reach the point-of-no-return, I urge those of you in SC and FL especially, to read it today and then get everyone you know to do the same. This is not the time to be conned again by the liberal media.

Enjoy your words now but remember if and when Romney is the nominee, you will have to eat those words.  The ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT.......Attack the radical in the White House and stop attacking Republicans. 

No. I won't be eating those words. I will not support a liberal.

In the general election, if Romney is the nominee, the difference is that between a liberal and a radical socialist/communist. Which would YOU rather have as POTUS?


Love your words Judson


You got that right, no matter who gets the nomination.  That's true Reagan talk.

Enjoy watching Obama win if he's the nominee then.  I don't plan to.

My first choice is Newt--second is obammy!

who is a real conservative that is runing, that is a strong speaker that is showing himself now NO ONE


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