We are constantly being given the bum’s rush on Mitt Romney.  The media tells us he is the “inevitable” Republican nominee.  We are also told he is the most “electable” Republican against Obama.


Is that true?  Find out below.


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No it is not.  Mitt has a huge Tea Party problem.


The Tea Party is not going to support him and without Tea Party support, he has no chance.


In 2010, the GOP came back from the political endangered species list thanks to the Tea Party.  In 2008, the GOP had their heads handed to them and Democrats gloated that the GOP had been reduced to a permanent minority in American politics. 


But for the Tea Party, they would have been right.


Now, the same people that gave us John McCain in 2008 want to give us Mitt Romney in 2012.   The problem is, he is not electable.


Recent polls on Tea Party Nation show the problem that Mitt Romney has.  


In August, Tea Party Nation featured a poll that asked the simple question.  “If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee, will you vote for him?”  45% said no.


This week, we just finished another poll.  The question was asked, “If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee, what will you do in the General Election?”


12% said they would enthusiastically vote for Romney.

52% said they would hold their noses and vote for Romney.

23% said they would vote for a third party candidate.

12% said they would not vote for President.


Over one third of Tea Party activists in this latest poll would not pull the lever for Romney.  This is huge.  Without the conservative GOP base behind him, no candidate has a chance against Obama.  This is true of Mitt Romney. 


John McCain lost 2008 because the base that had come out for George W. Bush in 2004 stayed home.    The media is pushing Mitt Romney for a couple of reasons.  First, he is the candidate that Barack Obama can do the best against.  Why?  Because the GOP/Conservative base will not be energized with Mitt Romney as the candidate.  Second, for them, the worst-case scenario is that a Republican gets elected.


If Romney is the Republican who gets elected in 2012, then they can breath a sigh of relief.  He will be Obama-lite.  He will be almost like a second Obama term.  Obamacare will not be repealed.  Romney will simply work to manage big government and we will see no changes.


When the media starts talking about Romney’s electability, we need to remember what the agenda is.  And their agenda is not to have a conservative in the White House in 2013.



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Sorry if this is off the subject, but it needs to said from time to time:

Let's all get in the habit of sending in at least one membership invitation a day. It doesn't have to be to a friend. It doesn't even have to be to someone you know!  I've used an email harvesting application to gather email addresses from hundreds of sites. I've probably invited several thousand by now to join TPN.

Come on!  It's easy!

Yes I said that I wouldn't vote for Romney if he was to win the nomination and people started replying to me that I needed to suck it up and hold my nose and vote for him if he was the one that got elected, because they said he was better than Obama. I replied and said how was he better than Obama?, Romney practically wrote Obama care. And has defended Romney Care in every debate so far. Of course before the debates began he kept flip flopping. It wasn't until Rick Perry called Romney out on his flip flopping is when Romneys team told Romney to hold his ground and just say it worked for his state and just because it worked in Ma.didn't mean it was good for every state and that every state should have the right to make it's own decision about if they should have that kind of healthcare system implemented in there state or not. Not the governments. AND THERE LIES THE HYPOCRISY. Romney would be the president to not try and make the mistake like Obama did in trying to force it down America's throat all at once. He would be the sneaky president and try and implement it in certain liberal states at first and then if it gains enough traction, THEN try and push full implementation. Plus Newt called Romney out on the fact that Romney Care wasn't saving MA. money but has actually has been saved thanks in part to Obama covering the cost to the hospitals that were actually going broke due to Romney Care. I tell you if Perry or any of the other candidates would just look into the figures and use those figures in one of the debates against Romney then I bet you Romneys so called fixed poll numbers would take dramatic fall for the worst. But you won't see that truth been brought out into the debates because the GOP has already predetermined who they want as there RINO nomination for 2012. And they expect us to go along with it. I tell you if Romney wins the nomination and Trump enters the race as an independent, I will vote for Trump. Sorry but I will not put another Obama in the office and I certainly will not have another McCain look alike embarrass us in 2012.

The majority of Tea Party followers have still not made up their minds from all reports Judson.  Apparently one of the Palin supporters (broke my heart she is not running) phoned that radio fellow in Florida and asked him to ask her to please tell them soon who to vote for.  WHAT?  Not what Palin was about at all.  She would be wanting everyone to do their own homework and figure it out for themselves.


Hope she does not step up until the rep has been decided and then throws her support behind whoever that is.  Gingrich is holding and actually starting to come up.  Myself I would like to see a Cain/Gingrich or visa versa ticket because I think they would smoke Obie.


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