Michele Bachmann is a lightning rod for controversy.  But there is an interesting point to all of it.  Controversy always swirls around her when she is standing up for the truth.


What is she doing now that is causing controversy and why is she right?


Michele Bachmann called for an investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists who are influencing American policy.  


Unfortunately some Republicans, the drive by media and Islamist sympathizers have changed the story to where it is not about the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization, but to a story about Huma Abedin. 


Who is she? 


She is Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff. 


For those wanting to change the story, turning it into a story about Huma Abedin is perfect.  It is hard to call her an Islamist.  She is married to Anthony Weiner, the former New York Congressman, who is Jewish and she has never made any known public statement about Islam. 


This controversy began in June with Congressman Bachmann and four other members of Congress sent letters to the Inspectors General for Homeland asking about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and why certain Islamist groups were being allowed to influence American policy.


Huma Abedin’s name was mentioned in one of the letters in passing.  Each of the five letters requested information.  None of the information concerned Huma Abedin.  What was mentioned was that Huma Abedin’s father was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood as is her brother.  Her mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood. 


Those are facts.


The media and the moron wing of the Republican Party immediately jumped on this as an attack on Huma Abedin.  The Chief Idiot of the Republican Party John McCain jumped into the action saying, "These attacks have no logic, no basis and no merit, and they need to stop."


Is John McCain really that stupid or is he just putting on a special election year show?


There was no attack on Huma Abedin.  The Islamists, the left and fools like McCain want to spin the story that way.  Here is the letter Michele Bachmann and four other Members of Congress wrote.  You be the judge.


As soon as the letters were mailed to the Inspectors General, Keith Ellison the Congressman for CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood immediately tried to silence the investigation. 


Under Ellison caliphate, even questions are not allowed.


Bachmann destroyed Ellison with a 16 page footnoted letter.  You can read it here.


The issue here is not Huma Abedin.  The issue here is the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and the Islamist groups that are influencing our government. 


The Obama Regime releases report after report that names potential terrorists as Tea Party supporters, those who oppose the Obama Regime and those who advocate closing the borders and stopping illegal immigration.


Yet they will not even use the word Islam when they describe terrorism. 


The fact is Islam is our enemy.  Islam is a theocracy.  It is not consistent with a Western Democracy.  Islam demands its adherents overthrow a non-Islamic government and replace it with an Islamic government.


This has been the story of Islam wherever it has gained power for the last fifteen hundred years. 


During the Cold War, Communists and Soviet sympathizers were not allowed into sensitive positions in government, except of course during Democrat administrations.   When we have Islamist groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood that want to replace our Democracy with a theocracy and this is their avowed goal, what the hell are we doing letting them anywhere near the door?


John McCain needs to sit down and shut up.  Perhaps he should buy a clue about a subject before he starts talking about it.


The Islamist threat to America and to freedom is real.  The question is are we going to deal with it before we are attacked again?

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Wisdom and truth are being buried while lies and distortions are being exhalted!

May god humble the lies & distortion & exalt the wisdom & truth!

Well  maybe  this is  the  truth  coming  out....the old  school of  republicans  have,  as  we  have  suspected,  been part of  the  takeover.....it  is  still  called  socialism....TRUTH   VS    LIES.......the  truth  will/is  coming out...


Pray  we  prevail....

you dont even know what socialism is.

a-men McCain turns my stomach every time i hear the traitor talk. bachman has always been on track from the start on all the issues. what a shame she is not our candidate for she would put a stop to creeping sharia.

Why is there the defense and promotion of Islam?

Michelle Bachmann for VP!  John McCain for Retiree.

In 2010 when John McCain retained his senate seat, I felt we would rue that day.

Michelle is a true warrior and if she brought to light there is a reason behind it.  I supported her for president (over RINO's choice) Mitt Romney.  She's not perfect ( who is) but she stands with patriots against those who support CLAIR and the muslim brotherhood who is running in and out of our White House.


She was my first choice also. She is an exemplary example of a patriot in the service of her country.





Glad to see their are still a few of us using the brains God gave us.

You'd have to fight off all the "Paulbots" though.

That is for sure!



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