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Does Mitt Romney really want to win the Presidency? He keeps showing up for Debate Club when this is Fight Club.   The first rule of fight club is not that you do not talk about fight club.  The first rule of fight club is that you win.


Does Mitt Romney really want to win?


Who knows?


But if Romney wants to win, he had better get on message quickly.  He had better learn messaging. 


Here is messaging for Mitt.  I hope he is taking notes.


First, Barack Obama is not a nice guy.   Quit saying that.  No anti-American Marxist is a nice guy.   You say he is a nice guy and he says you are an uptight jerk, born with a silver spoon in your mouth and you want to see Americans fired, starved and have all of their rights stripped away.




If you start with the premise that he is a nice guy, you lose.  The drive by media and Madison Avenue are working overtime to help Obama win the popularity contest.  You won’t. 


But then again, you don’t need to.


Tip O’Neil said, “All politics is local,” and you do not get any more local than the individual American and his or her economic situation.


Quit saying that we are in economic recovery.  We are not.  This is the Great Obama Depression.  Make him own the economy.


You are not offering us a conservative alternative.  Your message is that you can manage the nation better.  First, your message sucks.  But if that is going to be your message, then you must make him own the Great Obama Depression.

That should be your talking point.  Every time you start talking about the economy, that should be your tagline.  If the economy is recovering, even slowly, what the hell are you offering us?


Right now, this is the Great Obama Depression.  If we calculated unemployment today, the way we did back in the first great depression, unemployment would be 17%.  One out of every two college graduates cannot even find a job.  The last time the Republicans controlled the government, 90% of college graduates found a job


This is not hard.  It only takes a little discipline and the willingness to fight.  Your big problem is that you have a serious case of “Member of the club syndrome.” 


You treat Obama and the other Democrats as “members of the club.”  The club is of course, the governing class.   John McCain made that mistake, as did Bob Dole before him.   He will not show you the same courtesy so why do you?


This is Fight Club not Debate Club.  You have to be willing to throw some punches and take a few hits.  You may get a bloody nose and get some blood on your freshly laundered white shirt. 


So what?  How badly do you want it?



John Kerry’s messaging in 2004 was, “We can do better.”  Actually he could not do better but that is about as uninspiring a message as you can get. 


Since you are not going to offer us a Reagan alterative to liberalism, at least do your messaging correctly so you have a chance. 


Republicans are amazingly bad on messaging and even by Republican standards your messaging is abysmal. 


In 1976, Ronald Reagan began mocking Gerald Ford on Détente.   What had been a foreign policy triumph for Ford turned into such an albatross around his neck that Ford gave orders that his campaign not mention the word Détente.  


This is simple.  Four words:  The Great Obama Depression. 


If this is your message and you stay on it, people will vote their pocket books.  All you have to do is ask them, “Are you better off now, after almost 6 years of Democrat control of the Congress or were you better off when Republicans controlled government?  Are you better off now after four years of Obama or were you better off when the Republicans controlled the government.”


This is winning messaging.  It is simple. 


This is messaging for Mitt.  The question for Mitt is, “Do you want to win?”





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Mittens is an idiot. There is no way that he can be as intellegent as you are Judson. He has no idea what he is doing and he is a liberal. So he has NOTHING going in his favor. How did he win again? Why didn't Newt win? What is wrong with our Country that MITTENS became the winner here? Beyond me.


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