Memo to the Republican Party: You are about to nominate an idiot.



What else can you say about the Republicans?  The chief criteria for nominating someone seems to be can we pick the guy most likely to lose in November? 


Last Thursday, John Roberts had managed to do what no one else could do.  He had gotten the Tea Party and conservatives behind Mitt Romney. 


Now, Romney has managed to blow it.


How is Romney managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?


Romney, though his surrogate Eric Ferhnstrom, the same guy who uttered the famous etch a sketch line in the primaries, came out and said Obama is right.  The Obamacare tax is not a tax. 


Famed pollster Scott Rasmussen said that conservative anger over Obamacare was hitting the stratosphere.    What does Romney do?  He sends out his surrogate who announces that Romney agrees with Obama.




Today in the National Journal, Josh Kraushaar was even more explicit about the Romney campaign.  He said the Romney campaign was declaring a cease-fire on an issue that is potent to the Republican base.


Earth to Republican Party:  You are about to nominate an idiot.


Obamacare is a tax.  While John Roberts did not do the right thing and sold us out, he did do something.  By declaring it a tax, he put it right into the Republicans’ wheelhouse. 


Conservatives are not going to sit idly by this time.  We have had it.  The RINO wing of the Party shoved Romney down our throats.  We were going to line up behind him, especially after the Supreme Court ruling on the Obamacare tax and what does Romney do?


He commits ritual political suicide. 


It is painfully obvious that Romney will not repeal Obamacare.   It is painfully obvious Romney is a liberal.  Eric Fuhrnstrom all but announced that back when he made his famous etch a sketch comment. 


There is still time to stop this insanity. 


We have not worked so hard to simply put a guy into that office who is going to change the name of Obamacare, make a few minor, cosmetic changes and then try to put lipstick on that pig and sell it to us.


If the Republican Party goes ahead and nominates Mitt Romney, it is committing political suicide. 


The Tea Party is ready to walk.


In a piece in Breitbart.com, Joel Pollack said those very words.


Pollack told Romney to quit if he was not going to go all in to repeal Obamacare.  Romney will not quit.  His ego is too big.  It is up to the delegates to save the Republican Party. 


It is time for a revolt. 


I have said I would go to the polling place with a large and cold bottle of Pepto-Bismol, a stomach distress bag and pull the lever for Romney, praying I don’t vomit all over the voting machine. 


Last Thursday, I was even considering getting a Romney sticker because of the Supreme Court decision.


Now, if this is how Romney is going to act, I’m not even sure I will vote for him.  What is the difference between him and Obama?  If the Obamacare tax survives, we will see an economic collapse like none of us have ever seen.


The Obamacare tax is the issue that unites conservatives.  If Romney is going to blow this issue off, he is an idiot.  This tells us what he will do as President. 


We had better get to work saving the Senate and the House, because no matter who wins the election this fall, we have lost.


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Now is not the time to quit. Now is the time to make a real stand.

So do I, Joe.  I quit.

 That makes 3 of us Joe & Laura . Tired of being treated like a fool ..

I went to the links, and found no sold supporting information, MSMBC and the other sites are a Democrats forum.......I will check with Fax New and CNN but I have to make some call, but I also did a web search and only 4 postings about this..

I went to the links, and found no sold supporting information, MSMBC and the other sites are a Democrats forum.......I will check with Fax New and CNN but I have to make some call, but I also did a web search and only 4 postings about this..

How many times have I said that Romney is just Obama "lite"?  For all the dust that has been raised, we the conservatives have lost the chance to put a conservative in the White House, could have been Bachman, Newt, or even Paul.  Our last chance will be the convention in Florida, and I'm not holding my breath.  The RNC has forgotten it's roots, it's core, it's membership. It is all about keeping the status quo and growing power.

remember, the delegates were smart enough to sue the RNC to become unbound, as none of them will vote for another AKA.

Title says it all.

Put your time and money into true conservatives running for congress. 

I hope Obama loses, but the presidential election is just not the place for conservative time and effort this year.

Would that be enough to stop Obama from running a muck? Seriously, is there a real chance to control enough of the House and Senate to put a conservative leader in both with a big enough majority to stop Obama? He is not going to follow the law and will have to be removed. So unless there is a real possibility to take the House and Senate leadership, then we need presidency, even if (excuse me while I puke my guts out) Romney is the nominee.

I got a Romney sticker and put it on my car but today I took it back off. 

Romney is only running for President for the ego of it.  He is just like O-zero.  He is another 0-zero for that matter.

I think we have to focus on the Senate and the House.

Or maybe I'll do as I had been planning and just move to Costa Rica.

What the HELL.   It's just America, right......

I am not so sure that it is clear the Romney will not repeat Oblundercare, but I do agree that while I was willing to vote for him because of no other choice I wished for a better candidate.  But where are they????  Certainly there are much better ways that Romney could have answered but he didn't.  NO MATTER WHAT WE MUST STAND TOGETHER AND NOT BE DIVIDED.  Get behind Romney but make sure he understands what we expect in no uncertain terms.  


We must get a hold of the Republican party and stop their shenanigans or we will lose that part in total.  The Progressives will not give up and see the weakness and they will devour them as well.  We must work together.


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