In light of a tragedy like the shooting at Newton yesterday, the immediate reaction of conservatives is to mourn and offer our sympathies and prayers for the victims.  The immediate reaction of liberals is to politicize the issue.


When we are engaged in a war for our freedom, we cannot allow the left simply dominate the narrative while we act as decent human beings.


There is one simple truth here.  Guns were not responsible for what happened yesterday.  Liberals were.




The school at Newton like schools everywhere was declared “gun free” zones. 


Why don’t we just put up a big sign here that says, “DEFENESLESS TARGETS IN THIS BUILDING!”


The left has succeeded in pushing gun control and the end result has been perfectly predictable.  Everywhere gun control is imposed, violent crime rises.  Washington DC has some of the most draconian gun control laws around.  It is also racked with violent crime.  Ditto Nanny State Queen Michael Bloomberg’s hellhole called New York City.  Citizens are defenseless but criminals didn’t get the memo.  They sill have guns.


Every time there is one of these shootings, it has one common factor.   It happens in a gun free zone.   Newton was one of those places.   There were no guns in the schools.   Anyone remember the old joke about bringing a knife to a gunfight?  The people in that school did not even have knives.


Literature tells teachers that if they are confronted with a shooter in a school, they are to throw books at the shooter.   Somehow bringing a book to a gunfight seems even less bright than bringing a knife to a gunfight.  In Israel, their teachers have guns and are taught to fight back.  When was the last time there was a mass shooting at one of their schools?


When the gunman attacked the theater in Aurora Colorado, he was attacking in a city that had gun control laws and the theater had proudly banned guns on the premises. 


Why didn’t they just put up a sign on the marquee that announced we have a bunch of unarmed, defenseless people here?


When the shooter went on a rampage at Virginia Tech in 2007, again it was a gun free zone.   One of the professors at Virginia Tech is credited with saving the lives of his students by blocking a door.  He was killed because he had no way of fighting back.


These shooters may be crazy but they do not choose gun clubs, shooting ranges or police departments.  




Because they realize their rampage would end quickly and fatally if they went to an area where there was an armed citizenry. 


The left loves to throw up claims about what would happen if someone fought back.   They like to worry about someone hit by friendly fire.   Let’s see, there is a maniac with a gun and the left is worried that someone defending themselves might miss?


The real issue here is not the straw man the liberals like to throw up.  It is a concept they do not like to deal with called deterrence.


Instead of announcing that schools are gun free zones, we should not only have trained and armed teachers, we should announce it.


Every school should have a sign that says, “We have armed, trained people on campus.  If you try to harm anyone in this school, we will respond with deadly force.”


Liberals react in horror to this concept.  Of course they react in horror to any idea that has a grain of common sense or that works. 


As the wars in the Middle East have been winding down, there has been a push to get veterans to become teachers.  These men and women have firearms training.   Other teachers and administrators can be trained.


The idea here is simple.


It is not for them to have a shoot out in the hallways of the school.   It is to create a deterrent force. 


Every one of these crazy shooters has been sane enough to look for a soft target.  They looked for a place where there would be no one who could fight back against an armed attacker.


If they believe there are people with guns who know how to use them at the schools, it will deter other wannabe mass murderers from doing the same thing.


The idea of gun control has failed time and time again.  Why the hell do we keep listening to these same morons who have been wrong every time in the past.


We should never have another school shooting like we had yesterday.


It is time to arm teachers and let it be known that if you attack a school, someone will be shooting back.


That alone should stop any repeats.

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It is my belief that this is linked to Tuscon, Aurora and oregon and is designed to promote gun control by the devil Obama. Look at the shooters. Now I also believe that there will be more shootings equally bad to prove to the Americans that we need gun control. Don't fall for it.

I am waiting to see if the shooter was a member of any liberal group, etc.

schools should have armed guards, and armed personal.

guns should be made that can only be used by the owner. the technology is available for this. 

cities have at least a million guns in the hands of criminals. 

we cannot allow the govt. to make guns illegal for law abiding citizens. 

the only issue I have with your response is: any technology that one man devises, another man devises a way around it. It would make it more difficult for criminals to use 'owner-specific' weapons; it would not make it impossible. The real problem here is the lack of taught, and family-enforced, morality in this country, and the radical idea of personal responsibility and personal preparedness. I am NOT a sheeple, and I don't think you are either. Keep the faith.

The biggest failure in this country is to pray after the fact but not allow any faith in before a cricis'


I urge all of us to remember that it was one (1) man that murdered those people, and 320,000,000 in this country did not (more actually). As for liberals? Never waste a crisis, right?

The ideas expressed here make way to much sense to ever be adopted in our PC society. Since guns are the problem, it's obvious that more guns would just cause more problems. Ask any Liberal and that's what they will tell you.

When you take God away you allow the Devil to roam free and that's what we saw yesterday. No God no Gun...criminals gain Guts. The Devil walked into a school, where God and Guns are ban knowing that he could survive doing this and when he needed to go back to he77 he shot himself. Now his followers aka liberals are demanding that NO one be allowed a gun or God so that they may finish what the Devil is asking them to finish.


STUPENDOUS!!!!!!!  What clarity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent answer.

There have been guns in this nation since it's construction and maybe instead of outlawing them, we should be asking why this society is now producing those that do these things.  This isn't just a once in a decade whacko thing, it's becoming so common place that although each of these things still reach us to the soul, they are no longer unthinkable. We need to understand what is missing in these folks lives that they see this as the only thing to do. Guns aren't what ails this society. 

Personally, I believe it's the depletion of structure within the family and community, the lack of belonging and accountability that have a lot to do with this derangement. The lack of right and wrong, the lack of God in these folks lives.  When we raise our children to believe that they are nothing but mammals  that right and wrong is relative, that you have rights that you don't have to earn, that your parents aren't all that equipped and there is no higher power to pray to.....


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