If you want to see the poster child for the failure of American liberalism, look no further than Detroit. 


Motor city was once a hub of the American economy.  It was a poster child for American economic dominance.  Today, it is a ghost town.  In the last decade, a quarter of the population has left.  Parts of the city are simply uninhabited.  Wild life is moving back into quarters of the city where people have fled.   One of the hottest tickets in Detroit, perhaps the only hot ticket, is something called Urban Exploring.   This is where intrepid souls venture into the wreckage that used to be Detroit in its heyday.  These buildings they go into include the old train station, old schools and hospitals. 


The Democrat Mayor of what is left of Detroit and the Republican Governor of Michigan are currently in a fight.  Detroit has an economy that makes the Greek economy look like it was run by Dave Ramsey. 


Mayor Dave Bing does not want the State to take over Detroit.  The Republican Governor of Michigan Rich Snyder wants to do that because Detroit has been so badly managed.  


Since the 1960’s Detroit has had its hand out for every Federal Government handout that has come down the pike.  The result has been the total destruction of what was once one of the most prosperous cities in America.


By fighting the Governor on the take over, Mayor Bing wants to perpetuate the failure that has been Detroit for the last fifty years.   Detroit has not had a Republican Mayor in 51 years.  One Democrat after another has raided the city coffers and bankrupted the city.


Unfortunately, Governor Snyder wants to perpetuate failure too. 


It is time to admit the truth.


Detroit is dead.  Let’s pull the plug on Detroit and let it die. 


Michigan needs to revoke the charter for the City of Detroit and let it pass into history, with other dead cities, like Pompeii.  Similar to Pompeii, Detroit has been buried by an avalanche of progressive volcanic ash.


As Detroit dies, we need to be warned that it is but the canary in the mineshaft. 

Every city has the same problems Detroit has.  Perhaps not to the same degree but every city does. 


Every major city relies of federal grants and other tax dollar bailouts to keep the city afloat.  Liberal Democrats, who keep promising greater benefits to the core constituencies that keep them in power, run every one of these major American cities. 


Many cities have already driven away a significant portion of their tax base by constantly increasing the taxes the city imposes.   


One of the ways we can cut Federal Spending is by cutting these block grants and other transfers to the cities.  Cities need to be able to run on their own tax revenues and not have bailouts from the government.


The problem with bailouts is that they never work.  All they do is mask the problem and allow the politicians who caused the problems to escape the responsibility of fixing them.


It is time we the people started saying no to the incompetent city hall politicians who believe the city treasury exists only to serve their reelection needs.  It is time we stop feeding failure.  


Let Detroit die. 


Something will replace it.  Something better.  Something that will work and will not cost the taxpayers millions or even billions of dollars.


Let Detroit stand as a warning for everything that is wrong with liberalism.


Let Detroit’s epitaph be, “Created by the free market.  Destroyed by liberals.”

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Perhaps a monument to the UAW for all they have done for the workers. Here lies a city created by Henry Ford and destroyed by tolerance.

Detroit Assassins: UAW, AFofL, CIO, SEIU. More retirees drawing obscene pensions than there are building cars. The non-working feeding at the public trough is the bane of American cities!

Excellent analysis.  You and I face the same fate as Detroit now that we allow American factories to move to slave nations.  You and I can quickly be replaced by the new slavemasters and watch all the industry leave our neighborhoods in the dust.  

I live in Detroit and feel that to save you we must become aware of stopping the purchase of foreign goods and organize strike lines around Foreign goods retailers. [not long, just one day concentrated crowds too make the point every week to end slave goods trading.] That's all the car dealers, all the 10 cent retailers too.

When a town does not have a factory base, the entire nation is poorer for loss of goods and tax revenue.  Your and my taxes go down when Detroit redevelops.

i love your article Justin.  Keep on enlightening us.

Force them to stay here and go bankrupt hardly sounds like the answer, unless you favor centralized control.

How about eliminating the regulations and punishing taxes so they can compete in the world market?  We could expand our manufacturing and create jobs.

You must remember the men worked hard and saved the money in their pensions.  Don't  be jealous of savers.  Keep saving and you too can have an obscene pension like them.

And when the ponzi scheme crashes, don't ask me to pay for it. They made their bed when they signed the contracts. They need to live with poor life choices like I have to live with them.

If the pensions were earned, and not the result of unions being rewarded by their corrupt politician buddies, we won't be jealous.  We have no way of knowing which ones worked hard, but we know all of them didn't.

For every Detroit, there's a Newark, for every Newark, there's a Compton, for every Compton, there's a Saint Louis, etc.,

etc., etc.

The list is long - and growing.

Flint, the one-time heart of GM, is being bulldozed in bits and pieces.

Detroit should be a warning sign for Wisconsin,

If Democrats are able to take back the Governorship there, expect a wholesale destruction of the private sector industry there, and a similar decline of this once prosperous state.

I have all the confidence in the world the unions in Wisconsin can re-create the "Miracle" of Detroit in Wisconsin

100% agree

My parents grew up there and moved to Alabama the year before I was born. That was certainly a "strange land" for those Yankees to venture into, but thank God they did, or I would not be the person I am today. It is utter destruction in what used to be a thriving and wonderful place, according to my parents.


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