48 hours from now, the voting will begin for the 2012 election.  We will be voting for the President, control of the Senate and will determine the margin by which the Republicans control the House.


We are already seeing a lot of LDS and will see a lot more before it is over.

What is LDS and why is it a threat to you?


LDS is liberal derangement syndrome. 


While it is fun to laugh at liberals, this one is very serious. 


Liberalism is a mental illness.  I’m not the first one to come up with that idea.  Michael Savage had a best seller by that name.  Unfortunately for real Americans liberals live in this world of delusion.


In the days of the old Soviet Union, there was a concept that bound artists called “Socialist Reality.”   Artists could not portray things as they were, only as they should be. 


Liberals live in this alternative reality that we can call liberal reality.   In their imaginary world, things are never as they are, only as they should be.


In their imaginary world, Barack Obama is the greatest leader ever.  In their imaginary world, the stimulus has worked.  In their imaginary world, the only people who dare oppose Obama or liberalism are racists and evil corporatists.


In their imaginary world, Obama is cruising on to victory.  The Democrats are going to keep the Senate and somehow, Nancy Pelosi is going to end up as Speaker of the House again.


The problem liberals have is that the real world is now intruding on their imaginary world. 


Liberals are not handling this well.   It simply cannot be true that Obama is only drawing crowds of two thousand while Romney is drawing crowds of thirty thousand.   It simply cannot be true that Obama is not only not picking up any new states this time around, but Romney is now competitive on some very blue states, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  It cannot be true that the only way Obama is coming up ahead on polls is for the polls to massively oversample Democrats.


Liberals, to quote the famous Jack Nicholson line from A Few Good Men, “can’t handle the truth!”


Unfortunately, this lack of ability to handle reality is now showing itself up as anger.  Liberals have been harassing conservatives online regularly, but in the last couple of days, that harassment has gone to new levels.  On twitter, there are too many threats to assassinate Mitt Romney if he wins for the Secret Service to keep up with.


Now the latest is the liberals are threatening to riot if Romney wins. 


Romney is going to win.  He will win decisively. 


The Republicans are going to take the Senate as well.  The American people will speak, but do you expect the left to simply accept the results and say the people have spoken?


No.  That isn’t going to happen.


Liberal Derangement Syndrome will go off the charts in the next few days.  It will be like nothing we have seen so far.  For conservatives, our mission is not over.   Electing Mitt Romney and a Republican Senate is not enough. 


The Obama Propaganda Media will be working overtime to begin spinning Romney’s administration as a failure and Obama’s regime was really more successful that we realized.  They will work hard to claim Romney won with dirty tricks.  As the left goes off the rails, they will ignore everything liberals suffering from LDS do.


We have social media.  We now have a conservative media with WND, Breitbart and others.  We can bypass the Obama Propaganda Media.


LDS will be in full force for the next few months.  We need to use the tools we have to highlight LDS in all of its horror. 



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You may want to change the name of this, and come up with some other acronym to describe the wingnut liberals. LDS means Latter Day Saints( Mormons ars LDS), and President Romney may not appreciate your humor. Just saying. :-)

I realized that.  But there was no other way I could think of to describe liberal derangement syndrome.

Perhaps we could consider LIAR, for liberals' imaginary & alternative reality!

I like that, "LIAR". It matches them perfectly!

I too agree, LIAR fits perfectly.

Good one. 

LIAR is great, but I probably would not have read the article if that had been used! I read it becuse of the Mormon connection of LDS! Of course it could have in no way influenced my Tea Party vote!

OK, I like it!!

 ... but libs toss out the accusation "Liar!" whenever they're at a loss for a coherent retort.  Therefore, for them "LIAR" stands for Lazy Inability to Articulate a Rebuttal.

We saw the worst, as far as visibility & readability,  "Romney is a liar" limp sign on the exit leaving Cincinnati on 1-71 yesterday!!!  Actually, the liar is the artist.

Yesterday, a friend on Facebook posted that "Romney can't even tell what the truth is."  I thought it was interesting that my friend couldn't bring himself to accuse Romney of being a liar.  But that label, liar, just doesn't stick on him, does it?  None of the negative campaigning against Romney has worked very well.

The Tea Party is lampooned, but its behavior in public is beyond reproach.  Let us continue to be above reproach, and the mud they sling will wash away eventually.

Judson, There are other acronyms. Try TLM, The Liberal Mind.

Read the book, "The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness," Lyle Rossitor, MD.  A scholarly work!

There are two members of the Church of The Latter Day Saints, LDS Church, that are and will continue to change our country and the world for the better, namely, Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney.

Please drop the "LDS" moniker for the mentally ill, liberal mind!

How about LLDS - Lying Liberal Derangement Syndrome or  TLDS - The Liberal Derangement Syndrome because Liberal Derangement Syndrome fits very well?  You can have your acronym which makes someone look twice but isn't insulting.


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