While the Sandy Hook school shooting has diverted the nation’s attention, John Boehner and Barack Obama have been negotiating about the fiscal cliff.  Perhaps we should correctly say that John Boehner has been surrendering again. 


John Boehner surrendering is nothing new.  Surrender is in his character.  Surrender is his creed.  He is a man who believes nothing and does not have the courage to fight for anything.


What does Boehner’s surrender mean for America?


The left wing media is all excited about the possibility of Republican surrender on tax increases.  They are now praising the man who is undoubtedly the worst Speaker of the House of Representatives in the history of the Republic. 


What they are not telling the American people is that the new deal means more spending, more debt and it means America is that much closer to economic collapse.


The deal includes tax increases on people making more than $400,000.  It also includes a new two-year increase in the debt ceiling.  The actual “revenue” to be generated is smaller than what Obama wants. It would create $1.2 billion in revenue and would allegedly cut the deficit by $2.4 trillion over ten years.


If you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Tennessee to sell you.


Every dime of the new revenue is going to new spending.    Two years from now, we will have a national debt approaching or over $18 trillion.   You know what the funny thing about borrowed money is?  


You have to pay it back.


How the hell are we going to pay back what we currently owe?


Where is this new spending going to go?  To a new A123 battery company?  Will this money go to a new company that can take a quarter of a billion dollars in taxpayer money, go bankrupt and see its high tech assets sold to the Chinese for pennies on the dollar?   Will millions of dollars of this new revenue go to fundraisers for Obama so they can open a luxury car dealership in the Ukraine?     Will tens of millions of dollars go to Mexico so the Regime can show illegal aliens how to get welfare benefits when they come to America?    Will hundreds of millions go to Brazil to help that nation develop it’s off shore energy reserves while we refuse to do the same here?


Will hundreds of billions of dollars continue to be spent on programs that are wasteful, duplicative or are simply so riddled with fraud that they are a complete failure.


Or will the Senate still spend money so Tom Coburn can produce his waste book every year, complaining about government waste, yet doing nothing about it?


John Boehner belongs on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  He has the same fiscal restraint those ladies do when they are dropped of on Rodeo Drive with a couple of brand new credit cards.


And whey they cannot get what they want, they cry too!


Right now the Republican leadership reminds me of that old joke about a drunk arguing about his bar bill on the Titanic.  They want the spending and the national debt to increase at a pace only slightly less that what Obama wants.  In the end, the result will be the same.


The Republican leadership in the House has been nothing short of a disaster.  They have failed every time there has been a confrontation with the White House.  The debt ceiling is raised.  Spending goes up and now taxes go up.  Obama will be doing his version of an end zone dance.  Not only does he get what he wants, he breaks the back of the Party that is allegedly the opposition. 


It is time for Conservatives to make a decision.  Do we stay or do we go?


The Republican establishment gave us the worst, most liberal Presidential nominee in the history of the Republican Party this year.   The Republican Party is currently working on the Fleischer report, the so-called “autopsy” of the campaign.  The Fleischer report, named after Republican insider Ari Fleischer, will simply white wash the real reasons Romney’s campaign failed.


The Republican Party will do nothing about the culture of crony consultants who drain the party and do nothing to elect conservatives.  The Republican Party will continue to ignore conservatives and push establishment RINOs, such as their next great hope, Jeb Bush.


And now the GOP will not say a word while its de facto leader, John Boehner breaks his no new taxes pledge and leads the party off of a cliff.


It is time for the Party of Liberty. 


John Boehner and the House leadership are selling out America, the Republican Party and the conservative principles they claim they believe in but are too frequently just sound bite fodder. 


Every four years, conservatives are fed up with the Republican Party’s sell out of conservative values.  We swear we are going to do something and yet four years later, we are there dutifully supporting the GOP and its not so conservative nominees. 


If the GOP does not repudiate John Boehner, depose him as Speaker and start standing up for conservative values, it is time for us to drop the GOP and seek a new conservative Party of Liberty.


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If you so called Republicans DON"T stop picking Turn Coat IDIOTS that your putting in office to represent the party , then WHAT ARE YOU EXPCETING?????

There are People out there that can buy and sell BOEHNER for BRAINS.

WHO better than LT>COL>ALLEN WEST?? For one.


We aren't choosing these people, they are being chosen by the RINO establishment that unfortunately has more power in DC than we do. We have been throwing ourselves against that wall trying to knock it down for years and gotten nothing for it but disdain. These people were handed an historic victory in 2010 courtesy the Tea Party. What did they begin to do shortly after? Vilify the Tea Party. They are criminally insane and need to be removed from their entrenched positions of power. We have been trying to do that, but it is not easy, requiring an army of activists to give them an unbroken, relentless protest. What are you doing, Doris?

I am not a republican.

Boehner MUST GO. the Turncoat of the House, Surrenderer and chief MUST GO. Allen West isn't even a Congressman anymore (after January) I don't know about Cantor but I don't have much faith in him.

Is there a plan in place on starting another party or at least rebelling against the Republican Party?  We keep saying this but see no plan?   I've been letting it known that I will not be a useful idiot of the R's anymore.  I'm checking out the Constitution Party & a newer group at americanlegacyparty.org. 

I have called and written to my Representative to clearly let him know that CryBaby Boehner must go, without question or hesitation. I have made it clear to him that if he supports Boehner, I will no longer support him. We must all do the same with our Reps. If they think they can't get away with supporting him, they won't. I will be watching carefully how he votes on January 3rd. He dang well better not vote for Boehner.

I hope you have more luck with your Representative than I've had with mine, Bill Posey of District 15 in Florida.  I've sent him three polite emails requesting that he vote against Boehner but Posey has yet to even answer one of the emails.  Even a response of, "Go to blazes, I'm a RINO and proud of it" would be better than no answer.  I guess he thinks I'll forget about it by the 2014 election. 

Donald, what I got back from him, in an email and also in a letter, was a sort of general-purpose letter about the Fiscal Cliff and the budget. He is not normally like that. He normally gets right back to you with a response that is very specific to your concern. He did not do that this time, and I have my suspicions. We shall see. If he caves, he will soon find out what happens to Republican candidates when their base chooses not to vote them back into office. I have made my stance known to him. I will be watching January 3rd.

Say, wasn't Posey the one who authored the legislation about how each candidate for Pres and VP would have to submit official documentation proving that they were Constitutionally eligible to hold the office they were seeking as soon as they filed the papers to run for that office? I really admired him for that. But I think the Establishment went after him for doing that, and maybe they got to him.

Here in the soviet state of Oregon, we must follow the lead of Pravda. The Rinos and Demostatz are all the same. Pathetic bleatings from the sheep are looked at in disdain.

We can say he needs to go all we want. But the fact is unless we get out and make our voices heard, nothing is going to happen. Call, mail, email and fax all you want. But it does not have the effect of a million or so pitch fork and torch carrying angry and not going to take it anymore crowd will have. Our republic is slipping away as we sit by.

Thomas,  We need to learn from the Egyptians and others in the middle east. They dont sit behind keyboards and complain, they hit the streets with emotional protests.

Exactly what I was talking about.


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