America is so screwed.  We have the Party of Treason doing its best to bankrupt America and then we have John Boehner.


John Boehner is all that stands between Barack Obama’s goals of destroying America’s economy.   What do we get with Boehner?


We get his freshly laundered white flag of surrender.


First he surrendered on raising tax rates and then he offered Barack Obama a “clean vote” on raising the debt ceiling.


What kind of raging moron is Boehner?


The Debt Ceiling is the strongest point of leverage Republicans have to stop Obama.  And Boehner simply wants to surrender it.


What the hell are the Republicans thinking? 


Ronald Reagan once called the GOP the “Fraternal Order of Politicians.”  He is right.  The Republican Party has no interest in saving the nation.  They just want to get to their Washington cocktail parties. 


This is a call to the Republican Party.


Dump Boehner now.


This is not even negotiable. 


If the Republicans in Congress allow John Boehner to continue to negotiate, Barack Obama will have total victory.


This is not simply a partisan battle to see which party comes out on top.  This is a fight for the life of America. 


We are looking at a national debt of $25 trillion by 2022.  This is not survivable.  Right now America’s per capita national debt is higher than Greece’s debt and we see where Greece is. 


Obama and the Party of Treason show no interest in stopping the rate of spending or the increase in our debt.  Under Obama’s plan, all of the new tax revenue will go not to reducing our debt but will go towards even more spending.


This will accelerate the national debt.




Liberals never get as much money as they think they will when they raise taxes.  But the do always spend more than they say they will.


At some point we will see an American economic collapse if we do not stop borrowing money and get our fiscal house in order.


Unfortunately for America, fiscal collapse is exactly what Obama and the Party of Treason wants.  Even worse for America, a gutless buffoon who cannot fight leads the GOP.  No, correct that, he will not fight.


He walks into his negotiations and offers to surrender every strong point he has.  What the hell does he think is going to happen later when it comes time to address spending?


Nothing will happen because Obama will have no incentive to address spending.


If you have not called your Republican Congressman today and demanded that he or she vote against John Boehner when he is nominated to be Speaker again in January, then you need to. 


This is not even debatable.  If Boehner surrenders, then conservatives en mass should leave the Republican Party and should do so in a very loud manner. 


The fate of the nation rests on a man who is afraid to take on the enemy but is quite willing to stab fellow Republicans in the back.


We are so screwed.

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I understand why you make these assertions about Boehner and believe me, I wish there was another way that the GOP could handle this.  But the only way that makes any sense strategically is to give Obama what he wants while at the same time shouting from the rooftops over and over again that the only reason they are going along with his policies is that this is the only way that people can truly see their result which is that things will get much worse.  They should also include the fact that if they did not go along, but instead did what they could to obstruct his policies and force some spending reductions, he would use his lapdog media to blame them WHEN things get worse.  In other words, they are going to get worse no matter what because of Democrat intransigence when it comes to spending cuts and balancing the budget.  But at least if the GOP gets out of the way (and makes it abundantly clear why they are doing so) then Obama would not have them to blame WHEN times do get worse.  This might possibly be the only way that enough people will wake up to the reality of BO's policies abd shift toward a more conservative approach.

George: if that is the case Boehner should just say here no objections you can have all you asked for.   This is your baby not mine instead of farting around and making a mess out of it.

Kathleen:  I could not agree more.  The way he has handled it has been the problem;  just cave and make it clear why instead of all this mealy-mouthed talk.

If you want to give obama the collapse of the economy. Then we better start planning for it. Because that will usher in riots and then marshall law. Then whoever is the most organized and violent will come out on top. We are talking 1930's Germany and we on the right are acting like the German people did.

Thomas: yes we are acting like the Germans did.   We have a propaganda machine that is aiding and abetting with the takeover.

Lets just let that boy distroy America while we look on with no resistence. Is that what you are saying? Well if our founding fathers had had your balls then we would be a colony of England today. What in the hell are you doing in the Tea Party if you believe in no fight just surender. You sound like a RHINO in every word you send to this blog.If the socalled people were going to wake up they had their chance on Nov 6, 2012 and you see what that got you.

I am with you Ron.  I would rather fight to the end like a true Tea Partier.  And, unfortunately, the majority of people who voted BO in will never wake up because all they want is a hand-out and the rest of them are just plain stupid.


             What part of "Hell No" do you not understand ? Did you just crawl out from under a rock ?"We the People"  don't need to give our socialist, marxist, One World Order, Gun Grabbing, Anti God, Pro-Gay, Anti-Constitution, S>O>B'S a damn thing ! Wake up and smell the coffee and drink the whole pot if you need to !


Boehner's responses are so predictable.

Republcrats at work.

Perhaps the republicrats (rinos) will be the new third party and the republicans can return to their conservative roots and get some real work done.

Dog and pony show.

fire them all

My so-called 'representative' is a Democrat! Dick Durbin, in fact, one of the biggest liberals around. He NEVER listens to what I say, but tells me basically to just suck it up. HOW this man gets or GOT elected, I'll never know. Everyone I know in this district is a traditional conervative. But, they vote Dem because their families have ALWAYS voted D, even though the Democrat Party no longer exist's, save in name only. If they would take a little time to think about what they believe and compare that to what the party's 'stand' for, they would also be looking for a new party to join. Neither the Democrat nor the Repoublican Party is conservative. We conservatives have been forced out, forced to sign on with splinter parties, which just guarantees our disenfranchisement. Our votes are irrelevent. Our values are irrelevent. On top of that, there are simply too many claiming to be conservatives. ANYONE can do it. WHY? Because no one seriously looks at a candidates past voting records, they just accept it when he/she says "I am a conservative." Last year they may have been a liberal or a Progressive, or a Democrat, but THIS year they are suddenly a Republican? We are being lied to and no one seems able to see it.

This is how we get questionable candidates, who can't prove who they are, and our economy goes down the toilet so that we can be "fundamentally changed." People are either short sighted and greedy (Give me my FREE cell phones!) or just too busy and apathetic to bother doing any research on the candidates. A VERY short amount of time spent looking into this potus's background would have shown anyone with half a brain that he was NOT qualified to be the president of this great nation. To add insult to injury, we have now 'elected' (?) him to a second term. To 'finish' the job he started, of destroying our Republic.


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