It is time to get rid of the government, or at least most of it.  The government does not mean the Constitution or the constitutional offices that are created by the Constitution.


It means we need to get rid of a lot of government employees.


Why do we need to dismantle government?


Four months ago, several news organizations broke the story of Ayo Kimathi.  He is an employee of the Department of Homeland Security who makes $115,000 a year.   Kimathi became well known because he is a black racist. 


Kimathi runs a website and uses the name, “The Irritated Genie,” in which he calls for ethnic cleansing.  He wants so-called, “Uncle Tom black race traitors” eliminated.  He looks forward to a race war in the future where as he wrote, "In order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites—more than our Christian hearts can possibly count."


Employees of the Department of Homeland Security who worked with him were terrified that he would come in one day and “go postal.” His website contains sexist, racist and anti-Semitic remarks. 


DHS either did not catch his violent racism or ignored it until the media storm gave them no choice.


If someone like Kimathi worked for anything other than a government agency, the company would have fallen all over itself to not only apologize and atone, but they would have ended Kimathi’s employment as well.


Four months after this story broke, Kimathi is still on paid leave from the government. 


That is the problem.  Lois Lerner of IRS fame used multiple government positions to intimidate political groups and individuals she disagreed with and it was impossible to fire her.  She instead retired after taking the Fifth in front of a Congressional Committee.


Lois Lerner who violated the rights of numerous real Americans could not be fired because of Civil Service laws.  Ayo Kimathi, who is a racist, who wants to see a violent race war and who terrifies his co-workers because they fear he would go on a violent rampage, cannot be fired either.


What is wrong with this picture?


We have created a permanent government class.  We cannot get rid of these people, no matter what they do. 


Many of these government employees feel like they are above the law because in many ways, they are the law. 


When Ronald Reagan took office in 1981, one of his first acts was to freeze government hiring.  This freeze lasted about 90 days.  It was a good idea, but it did not last nearly long enough. 


Perhaps the most outrageous part of this story is the silence of the Republicans.  Have we heard a peep from them? No.  Not only that, they are not doing anything to stop these abuses.


The Democrats are unlikely to allow any changes to Civil Service laws but there is something the GOP can do.  The Republicans who control the House of Representatives can refuse to appropriate any money to hire new employees. 


If the GOP would do this and stick to their guns, the Democrats would have two choices.  They would either have to compromise or we would see a government shutdown again.


Given the Republican propensity for preemptive surrender, this will happen unless we put pressure on the Republicans in Congress to start making some changes.

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Yes! You are absolutely correct. Outstanding piece. Thank you.

Now you are talking. Yes it is time to clean out the government. Let's do it not just talk.

"It is time to get rid of the government, or at least most of it."

Can I get an Amen!!!!!


I would be happy, and I think so would the vast majority of Americans, if our government were properly constrained to its Constitutional role. Our government was never intended for 80-90% of the roles it has created for itself. We are without a doubt the most regulated and government controlled society on the planet that isn't an outright dictatorship. Even our so-called news services are propagandists for leftist government. The sooner our "alphabet soup" of quasi-legal and illegal agencies is dismantled the better off everyone will be. I would be very happy to see the legislated theft of my wages stopped and the choices of where to spend MY money left up to my values.


Yes, very small government, that is the way to go!

 AMEN and after you watch this first link you will want a God Save us !!!!

Disability fraud gone wild

 Totalitarianism in the USA

And the end of Individual prosperity


First on my list would be the EPA. And, yep, God Save Us!

I send E-Mails to Greta V for years, requesting her to ask each Congress person what are their plans to stop waste, fraud and abuse in government.  Each and every Congress person talked about how bad it is, had no solution, proposed no solution, did not care.  Remember, waste, fraud and abuse costs job which cost votes.  So each side of the isle, from Government WFA is ignored, accepted and tolerate, same with companies that do business for the Government.  You prevent WFA, this cost jobs, there goes the base, so Reps wont stop it.  All politicians benefit from WFA in votes.  The American taxpayer is the only one who suffers, the wealthy who pay a majority of the taxes.  So why care?  Politicians don't, Corporations don't, taxpayers don't, so why care?  Answer is simple, do nothing, keep voting in politicians who don't care about an efficient government, do nothing to prevent WFA, do nothing to prevent companies from retaliating against any employee who reports WFA.  America, status quo is the answer, allow trillions in WFA, do get involved, don't do anything, accept this from your representative, do nothing, look the other way, accept and tolerate it while America suffers.

 The solution will come regardless of what the Congress does or doesn't do , and it is tied to this coming event , which will spike the cost of supply in the USA due to less Imports because of the lack of Interest in holding Dollars . Inflation on necessities and Deflation on non essentials is coming , its time to figure out what is necessary in your LIFE !!!!!!!

 Why this event will hit the USA economy HARD and we the people is because we have NO Tool and DIE capacity left after decades of Out souring that Industrial capacity !!!!!


PBOC Says No Longer in China’s Interest to Increase Reserves



The devaluation of the dollar by the Government has increased the prices of housing, cars, food, etc.  If the prices stayed low, for example for housing, then only one parent would be needed to pay for this house, vacations, college, etc for the children, Mom would have a choice to stay home and raise the children.  Then the children would be raised properly, with morals and values.  In this progressive society, we need to have both parents working, allow the progressive teachers to brain wash the children, blame capitalism for all our problems, Big government is the answer to redistribute wealth and social justice. Two parents need to work to support their family, destroy the fundamentals of marriage, devalue the fathers role in the family  Its the governments fault for destroying and devaluing the dollar, for 17T plus in debt, for 150T in unfunded liabilities in bribes for votes, for the high costs of products and services to make us less competitive around the world costing American jobs.  This progressive inefficient government is to blame, the politicians who care about reelection, not the American people.  Yet they all blame Capitalism for all our problems, the lies from progressives in both parties.  The government is manipulating the market by spending trillions, adding to our debt.  Its manipulating the interest rates, keeping rates low to destroy the elderly who rely on interest to live, treasury bonds and notes.  We the People allow the treasury to destroy our currency, printing trillions in additional dollars with no backup of gold, which will destroy our dollar.  Americans say who cares, as long as my 401K is increasing, don't care.  Wait till the day the market is down 60+%, which is the progressives plan to destroy Americans wealth.  What will you say then when your dollar is worth nothing, house is worth nothing, cost of food goes up by 2000%.  What will you say then?  By this time, its too late.  Answer is who cares now, the pigs are feeding, don't worry about the future, who cares that our government is fundamentally destroying our economy, who cares.  Keep voting in another progressive, the 8% approval rating of Congress and the most progressive/ Marxist President of our time, out to convert Capitalism to Socialism/Communism.  Again, who cares?  We have our homes, cars, food, entitlements and most important entertainment.  Why care?  Keep the gravy train rolling, keep feeding the patient heroin, don't worry, be happy!  Place head in sand and sing along with me "DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY, LA LA LA LA LA LA, DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY, pretend everything is great!


One day your next door neighbor might be working for the Govt. and he will determine how you will live.
Then your freedom will be determine by the neighbor.

Informative article. What we have is a government that is being run by a shadow government that is controlled by government bureaucrats that are represented by a powerful union. The negoations are taken place within the government between the burecrats for better working conditions and better bennifits and not a singal tax payer is consulted on these matters but they do get the bills..

 What is needed is that government needs to be government and the privet sector should take up the task of running the necessary agencies without partisanship. 

A total freeze on all federal hiring, with the military excepted. 

A total freeze on all promotions within federal agencies, with

only the military excepted.

A total freeze on all annual raises for all federal agencies, w/

only the military excepted.

Then . . . begin the dismantling process:

#1.  The Department of Education:  Close the doors, cut off

        all funding, reassign all DOE employees to the Border

        Patrol, and transfer all such employees to the deserts of

        southern Arizona for the purpose of securing the border

        with Mexico.  Refusal to accept reassignment and/or trans-


#2 THRU #2,000:  Ditto the above!

Semper Fi!


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