It is time for a coup.


That is a powerful statement but it is time.  We have gone down the road far enough that a coup is now the only option.


What has happened that makes a coup necessary and how must this happen?


The target of the coup is John Boehner.  It is time for conservatives in the House of Representatives to rise up and depose John Boehner as Speaker of the House of Representatives.


Boehner knows something about coups.  He was a part of the abortive coup against then Speaker Newt Gingrich, back in the late 90’s. 


The Tea Party swept John Boehner into the Speaker’s seat in 2010.  Back then; the Republicans were saying all of the right things and conservatives believed them.  They promised they would fight to repeal Obamacare.  They promised they had learned their lesson and from now on would be fiscally responsible.  They promised they would stand up against Obama’s insane spending and borrowing.


Under John Boehner’s leadership, debt is up $3 trillion dollars.  So much for fiscal restraint.


Under Boehner’s so called leadership, the debt ceiling has been raised.  Under his so-called leadership, spending is higher than it was under Nancy Pelosi.  Boehner has not stood and fought against Obamacare or anything else.


Soon the final battle will be upon us.  That battle is the battle over Amnesty.


If the liberals can get Amnesty passed, they know it will create millions of Democrat voters and will give the Democrats a majority in the government for decades.   John Boehner has already said that he wants Amnesty passed.


Congressman Raul Labrador has already warned Republicans not to allow any Immigration bill to be passed and sent to a conference committee with the Senate.




Because if that happens, Boehner will be rolled by Senate Democrats and what will come out of that conference committee will look pretty much like the Senate Amnesty bill.


John Boehner has constantly refused to stand up and fight against the Obama Regime.  In March 2011 Tea Party Nation was the first Tea Party group to call for Boehner to be primaried.   He needs to be primaried in 2014.  And unlike what happened in 2012, there appears to be a good candidate to challenge Boehner this time.


But we cannot wait until 2014 to get Boehner out.


Boehner has been totally unwilling to fight Obama but has been more than willing to punish conservatives who would not sell out their principles for the sake of the GOP’s obsession with big government.


It is time for Boehner to go.


The House Speaker has the power to ensure that no Amnesty bill sees the light of day.


If any immigration bill passes and is sent over to the Senate for conference, it will be quickly turned into an amnesty bill, and will be rammed through the House before people have a chance to see what is in it.


Obama will sign it and it will be too late.


There is only one way to ensure this never happens.


John Boehner must go and he must go now.


It is up to the conservatives in the House.


The question is, will they step up now?

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Could'nt agree more.

All the Rinos have to go, and we need to boycott all of the company's that advertise on liberal lying media     

I am so tired of the RINO's in Congress, voting against what they said when they ran for office.  In my business I only deal with people who do what they say they are going to do.  Why should I accept anything less from our "representatives?"  I'm ready to spend money, time and votes to get rid of all RINO's!

We now have only a one party system, the Republican party is just another arm of the Democrat party.  what we need is another party, perhaps the American Tea party? 

How does "American Citizens Party", or ACT, sound? 

Boehner as speaker has been one of the biggest mistakes ever made by an American political party. 

I think Mark Levin suggested the "Freedom Party" to replace the Republican Party.  With all new players of course.  But I could be wrong.

Let's get busy with this.

It might also be time to float a recall for John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

If you are correct - that amnesty will instantly create 17 million new Democratic voters - then fighting against amnesty has to be recognized as a desperate rear-guard battle. The demographics are against you, and you are watching a glacier inexorably coming down from the polar cap, helpless to stop it. It will run you over, even though it does so in slow motion. Are you conceding that the Tea Party is a last-gasp collective of angry old white men and women? Rather than fight a hopeless slow-motion battle against demographics, reach out to the immigrants and show them that what you have to offer is more appealing and attractive; convert them to your side; turn that glacier into an enormous supply of refreshing, clear cool water!

Mark, how about recognizing illegal immigration as an act of crime and NOT giving citizenship to criminals.

We have friends from Denmark that have been trying to become citizens for four years now and are denied. The fed's give them temp work visas which they comply with, return home, reapply, and continue the process. One day they will be granted citizenship and can hold their heads up as legal immigrants.

Why do we need to change the rules for the Mexican? (no, I'm not racist. I have Mex/American family and friends).


You sound like a hostage taker trying to convince the hostage that going along is the only way out. Maybe more like Joseph Stalin trying to convince the Russians to accept the inevitable state of Communism. Get a doctor dude.

Boner is only a small part of the problem! We only have 144 in the house and senate that supported AMERICA against #Obamacare (ACA)! That means that the #WashDCparty is the #CorruptFedGov and needs to be removed from power. That said, States need to fight the battle @ the State level with a Constitution Convention #ArticleVnow to retake & invoke control of AMERICA & get the feds out of AMERICA's business. If you want to call that a coup so be it. OP


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