Going Galt has a nice ring to it.  Most people do not know what going Galt really means.  Like so many expressions we have today, it can mean any number of things.


How about a going Galt strategy that will generate results?  What does going Galt mean and how would the strategy work?


Going Galt is generally meant that those of us who are producers in society simply refuse to produce any more.  Without producers, the economy will collapse.  After all, without the producers, who is going to make what the takers want?


Going Galt is actually something the left would like.  After all, the goal of Obama and the hard left is not simply to rule but to fundamentally change America.  A crisis like that would give them the chance.


So what do we do?


How about selectively going Galt?


Selectively going Galt means that we the producers selectively choose how we will participate in the economy.


How do we selectively participate in the economy?


We start making conscious decisions to use our money to help those who believe in our cause of liberty and freedom and do not use our money to support those who believe in statism, the Party of Treason and Obama.


Is this a boycott?


No. Boycotts are almost impossible to execute and fail 99% of the time. 


This is redirecting our resources to help achieve our goals.


We need to start looking at companies that support our goals of freedom and liberty and support those stores.  For example, if you want to go out to dinner, the parent company of Outback Steakhouses has contributed quite a bit to the Republican Party.  Papa John’s Pizza has been out front in fighting Obamacare.  Other companies that are supportive of conservative causes include Victoria’s Secret (who would have thought that?), Lowes, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and BP.


Companies that support the far left, the Party of Treason and Barack Obama include, Rite aid, Costco, J Crew, American Sugar Crystal, Comcast, Apple Computer, and General Electric.  How could we forget that GE has given us MSNBC and GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt is a huge Obama supporter?


Why should we continue to reward those who are using the money we give them to fight us on issues of freedom and liberty?


As we enter the fourth year of the Great Obama Depression, the net worth of average Americans is plummeting.  Barack Obama is determined to push us off the fiscal cliff and if possible totally destroy the American economy.


Why should we give those who have aided and abetted him a pass?


I am starting this process in my own life.  I am going at least partially Galt.


Coming out in the next few days is the movie “The Hobbit.”   I read Tolkien when I was a teenager and loved it back then.  I am not going to go see that movie.  The next installment of “Star Trek” is coming out in the spring.  When I was younger, I was a huge Star Trek fan.   J.J. Abrams, who is the producer of the new Star Trek movies, was a huge contributor and supporter of Obama and the Democrats.  I won’t be going to that movie.


My Apple laptop is starting to show its age.  In January, I am going to replace it.  Apple gave 92% of its contributions to the Party of Treason.  Microsoft only gave 53% to the Party of Treason.  Dell Computers gave 72% of its contributions to Republicans.   My new computer will be a Dell.


Next year, we will be adding a new driver in our family.  My preference for a very long time has been to buy used cars.   After all, if your car drops 30% if value the moment you drive it off the showroom floor, have you really made a great choice?


If for some reason we choose to either buy or lease a new car next year, it is going to be either a Ford, which gave 61% to Republicans or it will be a Nissan, a Toyota or a Honda which is made at a non-union plant. 


Going Galt, at least towards those who support Barack Obama is not a perfect answer.  There are some times we will make our shopping choices based on a lack of choice or even a lack of information.  


That’s fine. 


We need to start. 


We need to support those who support liberty and refuse to support those who make it obvious they do not support liberty. 


With Christmas coming up, now is the perfect time.


Merry Christmas and let’s go Galt!

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Thanks Carol!  Couldn't find my magnifying glass and two pair of glasses didn't do the trick!

I am all onboard for this, but I need to locate a web site that with help with locating different companies.I have already done alot of this, I need to replace my cell Phone, I use verizon as my provider what would the statues of Verizon? I used to be a diehard GM fan, not now, nothing from union companies. I am going to trade for a foreign make but made in America. Is there a web site that a person could see? 


ALL IN FOR GALT.............

Not that big a problem. A free market approach, really. American would be better, but Chinese is sometimes far more efficient!

I was certain that I read that the CEO of WalMart contributed greatly to Obama??

You've got it exactly backwards, J.P.

One thing that is common for ALL TROLLS is they never have any constructive original ideas of their own. They only know to spread false information.  Nice try PJ but you're not quite clever enough. I think you should go back to MSNBC, your home station and finish that glass of kool aid.

TEA!     Fair Tax!


Excellent points re: Walmart, however, you  forgot the MOST IMPORTANT one:

Walmart is NON-UNION, so far. . . . .


I was sure that I read that the CEO of WalMart contributed hugely to Obama??

You are spamming the same incorrect sentence, PJ. Your answer is here.

One thing that is common for ALL TROLLS is they never have any constructive original ideas of their own. They only know to spread false information.  Nice try PJ but you're not quite clever enough. I think you should go back to MSNBC, your home station and finish that glass of kool aid.

TEA!     Fair Tax!

What a great suggestion! Selectively dealing with those merchants who favor conservative ideas is a great way to silently but effectively support the causes we all believe in. I will be switching my medications from Rite Aid to WalMart this coming week. If we all do our part, we can make a difference. Thanks for the post!


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