Introducing the Islamic State of Libya..brought to you in part by NATO and the US Taxpayer


The Libyan Transitional Council has declared Libya a "liberated nation" and an Islamic State that will conform to Islamic Law. While this declaration comes as no surprise to those of us who follow and study Middle Eastern Affairs it must and should be a thorn in the side to the White House and State Department who herald the Arab Spring as a springboard for Democracy in the Arab States.


"BENGHAZI, Libya — Libya’s top leader declared the country officially “liberated” Sunday from the four-decade rule of Moammar Gaddafi, pledging to replace his dictatorship with a more democratic but also a more strictly Islamic system.

In a speech to a cheering, flag-waving crowd, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, head of the Transitional National Council, promised to ban interest on housing loans and scrap other laws that didn’t conform to Islamic jurisprudence.

Tensions have arisen on the Transitional National Council between Islamists and secularists and between former Gaddafi officials and his longtime foes.

Abdel Jalil, a slight and balding former justice minister, paid homage Sunday to those who lost their lives in the civil war. “This revolution started as peaceful, to demand the minimum. But Gaddafi started killing people with heavy weapons,” he said. Dozens of people in the crowd hoisted gold-framed pictures of relatives who had been killed.

In what surprised some in attendance, Abdel Jalil gave prominence to the role of Islamic law in the new Libya. “We are an Islamic state,” he said, and he pledged to get rid of regulations that didn’t conform to Islamic law."

So our belief that this illegal war would yield the world's newest Islamic State sadly seem to have been accurate. We spent over a $1 billion dollars to empower known terrorist and radical Islamic fundamentalists. Congratulations Mr. President and Secretary Clinton. You have once again been played for the idealist fools that you truly are.

Now what?? Look for a power struggle in Libya that will evolve in to an all out Civil War. Syria will be next and Iran is conducting operations in Saudi Arabia and attempted to do so in the United States. Hezbollah is threatening the region with missiles targeted at Tel Avi. Russia is going to put Putin back in power and they want their former grandeur of the USSR. Turkey is making noises and trying to be a central player among the Arab States with threats to Israel.  

Do you see how this is starting to stack up? Many feel that these events are a prelude to the next global conflict. I agree with them. The question is are you ready for the battle that is to come?

We can't face this coming conflict with weak leadership. The weak leadership in this current administration and quite frankly, rank stupidity, is the primary reason for the muscle flexing and scramble for power on a global basis. Our influence and ability to counsel nations is greatly diminished. We will not be able to buy our way out of this one. Throwing money at rogue regimes just empowers them and makes us the "Patsy".

 I don't believe this administration is ever going to figure that out. How can they be so STUPID?? I just wonder if November 2012 will be too late? Let's hope not.  Let's continue to speak loudly and often. So much is at stake.


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Well Obama has done it again! And I resent that my tax  dollar was spent to promote Sharia Law. Where is the US Congress?

Until we clean out the Senate and get rid of Reid, the Congress will never be able to accomplish any worthwhile legislation.

Do you think that a 2/3 GOP House and a 2/3 GOP Senate could impeach Obama?

We may need to consider that, if we can't get Obama voted out in the 2012 election.


Congress wont Impeach the Fraud in the Oval Office because they dont want the dunce Joe Pea Brain Biden as President.   That is why the Fraud picked him to protect against Impeachment The Senate wont Impeach due to majority are progressives.  House wont Impeach because they know the Senate will block it.


I would hope that if we could elect a 2/3 House and a 2/3 Senate, Odumbo would be history.

Just remember, if they want to fling missiles and nukes, we will fling the most of both, leaving the Middle East a pile of ashes in an afternoon.







Remember Mr. Zero is Muslim too.

Weiner Fallout and the Muslim Connection



The fallout from the Anthony Weiner fiasco includes a mystery no one yet has resolved, especially the media which is ignoring it like the plague. Make that: Two mysteries

Mystery # 1) How is it that Anthony Weiner, a Jew, married a devout Muslim woman, and vice-versa?

Mystery #2) How is it that a devout Muslim woman with strong ties to the notorious Muslim Brotherhood is working within a trusted position in the highest levels of the Department of State?

Here are the facts as we know them: 

1 – Anthony Weiner, a Jewish U.S. Congressman from New York, (now resigned) married Huma Abedin, a practicing Muslim woman, in 2010. Ex-President Bill Clinton officiated.

2 – Huma Abedin was born in Michigan, but grew up in Saudi Arabia, the daughter of devout Muslim parents. She was later educated in the U.S. and remains a devout, practicing Muslim.

3 – At age 20, Huma Abedin started working as a White House assistant to then first lady, Hillary Clinton in 1996, and has been by Mrs. Clinton’s side ever since. She now holds the position of Aide and Deputy Chief of Staff to Sec. Hillary Clinton in the State Department.

4 – According to numerous sources, which has not been denied or refuted, the mother of Huma Abedin — a Pakistani — is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, or, the women’s division of the Muslim Brotherhood.

5. – Huma Abedin’s brother is a fellow with the Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies, which is heavily supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.

6. – Islamic scholars and experts confirm that no Muslim woman — especially devout Muslims and members of the sisterhood — may marry a non-Muslim man, yet a Jew, unless that man has converted to Islam.

7. – It is well known, especially in intelligence circles including the CIA and the FBI, that the Muslim Brotherhood is the most notorious global, anti-American, jihadist organization in the world, with long range sights set upon establishing an Islamic caliphate in the west. (That means, converting America into an Islamic nation, folks). According to their own documents — authored by the highest levels in the MB — America is destined to be settled as an Islamic nation, and that it will use deceit and infiltration to accomplish this goal from within.


Readers tend to gloss over this, but it is as important as Mein Kampf was to the burgeoning Nazi movement in 1930s Germany that so many ignored. You’ve read it before. Here, again, is their language taken from the Muslim Brotherhood manifesto, introduced at the Holy Land Foundation trial:

“The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious.”


* The Muslim Brotherhood — or its affiliations — has infiltrated the highest levels of our government.

* Hillary Clinton is either in denial, stupid, naive or complicit in having such a person with ties to the MB working within the highest levels of the State Department. That goes for the president as well.

* There is certainly more to the story of the Weiner wedding, which we don’t know about. If Anthony Weiner, in fact, converted to Islam, it was done surreptitiously because it would have been a death knell to his political career. And, if so, Weiner certainly knew of the Muslim Brotherhood connections of his wife.

* If the Islamic community has approved of, or ignores the marriage between Jewish born Weiner and Huma Abedin, it can be logically concluded that they — the Islamic community — know something we don’t. An Imam from the Islamic Cultural center of New York, Omar Abu-Namous, not only approved of the union, he has encouraged Huma Abedin to stand by her man during the cybersex scandal. Thus, it must be advantageous to the goals of Islamic jihad and the MB to have Huma Abedin inside the bowels of the Department of State with daily access to governmental intelligence. Therefore, her “marriage” to a U.S. congressman, regardless of religion, was openly accepted.

That, folks, is an example of “Taqiyya” which I’ve often written about. Taqiyya is the Islamic equivalent to using lies, deceit and concealment in order to advance the cause of spreading Islam. The 9/11 al Qaeda terrorists blended with American society for months prior to the deadly attack, drinking alcohol, carousing with women and eating pork, in order to conceal who they truly were, in order to carry out their mission.

Their mission was to infiltrate and kill. The mission of the Muslim Brotherhood is to infiltrate and conquer, even if it takes 100 years. In the Muslim Brotherhood planning document, “The Project,” it clearly states — among their strategies:

* Maintain the appearance of moderation

* Use deception to mask the intended goals of Islamic Action

We know about these things, the government knows about these things, the highest of officials know, yet they are inexplicably ignored.

Forget about the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are losing the war right here. And our government is helping.

What is missing in this tabulation of suspicious circumstances is that Governor and current Pres. Candidate Rick Perry, at the urging of W.J. Clinton (or his wife and her trusted aide Huma Abedeen), has initiated a very white washed Islamic History curriculum in Texas' K-12  and higher learning institutions. None of the atrocities connected with the spread of Islam over the last 1,400 years is included, Islam is taught to be a very tolerant religion towards other religions. Tell that to the Aramaic and Coptic Christians that are currently being persecuted and killed by radical Islamists in the Name of Allah, and are doing this with the support, or at least the tolerance, of government both in Iraq and in Egypt.

And the LSM is either ignoring  the creeping penetration of the M.B. throughout Ameica, or defending it wherever the truth of this Islamic Conquest of America by Islam and Sharia is exposed.



Her,am G.  If so why does Perry have this???

Orthodox Jews Backing Evangelical Rick Perry

Orthodox Jews are supporting Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry due to his strong advocacy for Israel and Jewish settlements on the occupied West Bank.

The evangelical Christian’s Orthodox Jewish backers “resemble the type of voters that caused a political sensation in August by helping to hand New York’s 9th Congressional District over to the Republican Party” and its staunchly pro-Israel candidate, the Jewish publication Forward observed.

“For these Jewish voters, the charismatic governor’s alignment with Israel’s right wing and his conservative values make him an ideal candidate.”

At a late September press conference, Perry appeared with Orthodox leaders and attacked the Obama administration’s policy of “appeasement” that encouraged the Palestinian effort for statehood at the United Nations.

Perry vowed his support for a united Jerusalem, and rejected a freeze on Israeli construction in West Bank settlements, which American Orthodox Jews strongly oppose.

Appearing with Perry was Joseph Frager, chairman of American Friends of Ateret Cohanim, an organization that buys lands and homes in mostly Palestinian East Jerusalem and moves Jews into them. Frager said Perry “has strong views on Israel that are in line with my views, to a great extent.”

Perry is “not one of those who call themselves friends of Israel but view that as an excuse to twist Israel’s arm,” Jeff Ballabon, a public relations expert who helped President George W. Bush gain support in the Orthodox community, told Forward.

“He recognizes that Israel exists under constant pressure and that true friendship is to give Israel support while it navigates its way to peace.”

Perry, “who wears his Christian beliefs proudly,” Forward noted, also gains favor among Orthodox Jews for a conservative set of values that includes opposition to abortion rights and same-sex marriage, and questioning of evolution.

So if we bring all our troops home ,how are we suppose to help Israel stay out of the clutches of the muslim devils? just wondering, my guess is you lend to the followings of  Ron Paul?


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