Introducing the Islamic State of Libya..brought to you in part by NATO and the US Taxpayer


The Libyan Transitional Council has declared Libya a "liberated nation" and an Islamic State that will conform to Islamic Law. While this declaration comes as no surprise to those of us who follow and study Middle Eastern Affairs it must and should be a thorn in the side to the White House and State Department who herald the Arab Spring as a springboard for Democracy in the Arab States.


"BENGHAZI, Libya — Libya’s top leader declared the country officially “liberated” Sunday from the four-decade rule of Moammar Gaddafi, pledging to replace his dictatorship with a more democratic but also a more strictly Islamic system.

In a speech to a cheering, flag-waving crowd, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, head of the Transitional National Council, promised to ban interest on housing loans and scrap other laws that didn’t conform to Islamic jurisprudence.

Tensions have arisen on the Transitional National Council between Islamists and secularists and between former Gaddafi officials and his longtime foes.

Abdel Jalil, a slight and balding former justice minister, paid homage Sunday to those who lost their lives in the civil war. “This revolution started as peaceful, to demand the minimum. But Gaddafi started killing people with heavy weapons,” he said. Dozens of people in the crowd hoisted gold-framed pictures of relatives who had been killed.

In what surprised some in attendance, Abdel Jalil gave prominence to the role of Islamic law in the new Libya. “We are an Islamic state,” he said, and he pledged to get rid of regulations that didn’t conform to Islamic law."

So our belief that this illegal war would yield the world's newest Islamic State sadly seem to have been accurate. We spent over a $1 billion dollars to empower known terrorist and radical Islamic fundamentalists. Congratulations Mr. President and Secretary Clinton. You have once again been played for the idealist fools that you truly are.

Now what?? Look for a power struggle in Libya that will evolve in to an all out Civil War. Syria will be next and Iran is conducting operations in Saudi Arabia and attempted to do so in the United States. Hezbollah is threatening the region with missiles targeted at Tel Avi. Russia is going to put Putin back in power and they want their former grandeur of the USSR. Turkey is making noises and trying to be a central player among the Arab States with threats to Israel.  

Do you see how this is starting to stack up? Many feel that these events are a prelude to the next global conflict. I agree with them. The question is are you ready for the battle that is to come?

We can't face this coming conflict with weak leadership. The weak leadership in this current administration and quite frankly, rank stupidity, is the primary reason for the muscle flexing and scramble for power on a global basis. Our influence and ability to counsel nations is greatly diminished. We will not be able to buy our way out of this one. Throwing money at rogue regimes just empowers them and makes us the "Patsy".

 I don't believe this administration is ever going to figure that out. How can they be so STUPID?? I just wonder if November 2012 will be too late? Let's hope not.  Let's continue to speak loudly and often. So much is at stake.


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Yes. But was Gadhafi our tyrant?  No, he was a creature of Libya - One who had learned to leave us alone.   Like Saddam, he was his country's war lord - strong enough to prevent usurpation of his country's (HIS) sovereignty by the next nascent Islamic Reich.   It is in our Country's interests to let them stew in their own juices.   Out leaders that instigate our nation building in the Islamic world instigate folly at best and treason at worst.

I am not taking up for Gadhafi, I am just telling what is happening on in Libya.  There are two breeds of Islamic Idiots.... one believes the earth must be purified for their Messiah to come back ... the other does not.  Gadhafi was among those who do not.

  In other words, Gadhafi was less of a threat to America then those who are now holding the power.... and Obama knew this fact.


I would like to add that there are differing branches of Islam.

1. Sunni. The Sunni are so called because they believe that only the Sunna is authoritative for Islam. They accept Qur'anic Law--the "orthodox" foundations of Qur'an and Hadith and the Shari'a based on them. They accept no line of visible representatives in the line of Muhammad. Government is based on current interpretation and application of the Sunna. For the Sunnis, the term Imam is used for any prayer/worship leader in a local mosque. This may be any Muslim, not a hereditary leader.

The Shi'as differ on who the rightful Imam is. Some believe the line of visible Imams stopped with a "hidden Imam." However, the hidden Imam does have visible representatives, who speak authoritatively to the umma (community of believers) to give interpretation and direction in the current situation.

a. There was a conflict over the rightful Seventh Imam in A.D. 765. Some believe that Isma'il, rather than his brother Musa, (who were Fatimid Egyptians) was the true Seventh Imam. This group are called Isma'ilis or "Seveners." Some Isma'ilis believe that when Isma'il was reported to have died before his father, he was actually hidden, and will return as the Mahdi. Others believe he died, but his son Muhammad ibn-lsma'il, disappeared in India and will return as the Mahdi. Others continue numbering the successors of Isma'il as Imams.

The Seveners suffered a major division in Egypt in 1094. One group followed Nizari and another Musta'li as Imam. Nizaris are found in Syria, and in East Africa they are represented in the Khoja Ismailis, followers of the Aga Khan (the 49th Imam, whose home is in France). This group has retained from their Indian heritage a belief in reincarnation.

The Bohras are in the line following Musta'li, the younger son. The Bohras further believe that the 21st Imam was "taken into concealment," being represented now by "deputies." The Bohras are Indian (Dawoodi) and Yemini (Sulaimani). Successive disputes over rightful successors have progressively divided the Shi'as into numerous groups with different Imams.

Examples: Khoja, Dawoodi (Bohra), origins in India, many in East Africa

Druze in Lebanon, Nusayris (Nizaris) in Syria, Egypt

B. One group in the 765 dispute recognized the second son, Musa, of the sixth Imam, Jafar, as the true seventh Imam. This group believe that the line of visible Imams continued to the Twelfth Imam. They believe that the 8-year-old Imam Muhammad "disappeared" in A.D. 878 and is in concealment until the end of time, when he will be revealed as the Mahdi. They are the Ithna 'Ashariyya (Ithnashari) or "Twelvers." The Ithnasharis have a visible representative to give authoritative guidance. In some areas these leaders are called Ayatollahs. This means "a word from God," coming from ayat (word) and Allah (God). Ithnashari Islam is the official religion in Iran and is the faith of the majority of Muslims in Iraq. Many Indian Ithnasharis live in East Africa.

Examples: Iraq; Iran: Safawi dynasty (before the overthrow of the Shah)

Revolutionary Iranian leadership

Kenya Ithnasharis

There are many additional groups of the Shi'as. One notable group is the Zaidites, who follow a different fifth Imam. The Zaidites maintained a ruling dynasty in Yemen from the 9th century until recently.

3. Sufi. The Sufis comprise a broad meditative mystical movement across Islam. As Sunnis, they believe in no mediator between God and the individual. They often have a sense of personal "conversion," with an emphasis on the individual's personal relationship to God. Sufis are prominent today in Somalia, Kenya, Egypt, North Africa and Turkey. I am told that most Somalis are associated with some Sufi order. Many Arabs in East Africa are identified with Sufi orders.

Al-Hallaj was a major Sufi figure who modeled himself after Jesus, and was rejected by many of his own people because they said he had become a Christian (see The Path of Love). Much Sufi literature is in poetry. This is consistent with the meditative, personal worship orientation of the Sufis. One of the most famous was a Moorish poet, Muhiy ad-din ibn al 'Arabi, of Andalusia (southern Spain), writing in the twelfth century. Jalal ad-din ar-Rumi (Jalal of the religion of Rome), writing in the thirteenth century, is the most famous of the Persian mystic poets. Some Sufis have been great scholars. Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, a significant philosophical theologian, was a major Sufi figure.

Some Muslim leaders do not like to use the term or classification "Sufi." This is because, first, they resist labels which tend to divide Islam. One administrator of a mosque known as a Sufi mosque, said to me, "We are not Sufi or any other name. We are all just Muslims." A second reason is that the term may carry a negative or uncertain connotation because of (1) the early historical rejection of Sufism's identification with Jesus or Christianity, and (2) the excesses of some Turkish and Egyptian orders (like the whirling dervishes).

4. Ahmaddiya. This group believe the Mahdi/Messiah returned in the Indian Hazrat Ghulam Ahmed in 1835. They have a well-organized missionary society and publishing program worldwide. Ahmed claimed to be Jesus in another life as the returned Mahdi/Messiah. He meant to unite all true Muslims and Christians into the one true religion. He was rejected by both. Ahmaddiya world headquarters is in Lahore, Pakistan. Ahmaddiyas are refused permission to make the Hajj, because the Pakistan government has reported to Sa'udi officials that the Ahmaddiyas are not true Muslims.

B. Political Systems. Many different social and governmental systems are found in various Muslim countries. Here are just a few examples of the combinations of religious sect with political form.

1. Sunni--Military: Sudan, Libya

Royal: Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan. 2. Shi'a--Royal: Iran, under the Safawi Shah

Old Fatimid dynasty of Egypt, Syria

Hierarchical dictatorship: Revolutionary Iran under Khomeini

Representative democracy (or parliamentary dictatorship): Iran under an Ayatollah with Majlis and a president

3. Secular--Democratic dictatorship: Turkey, Egypt. Muslim, but non-"lslamic" politically. Both Turkey and Egypt have moved to systems more like full Western secular republics. Turkey has had full civilian constitutional rule since 1982. Syria's constitution declares Syria to be a Socialist State, but specifies that the president shall be a Muslim. Now, these "democratic socialist" states are the form of the original "Nationalist Socialist Workers Party" or Nazi's. Present day Fatah of the PLO are Marxist, the Hamas are Nazi's.

Then you have the Nation Of Islam In America headed currently by Louis Farrakhan who
believed that the Honorable Prophet Elijah Muhammad (Elijah Poole October 7, 1897 — February 25, 1975) was basically Allah on earth and Elijah Muhammad was a follower of
Wallace Fard Muhammad who was born in California allegedly, who used several aliases and was a convicted criminal. Drug charges if I recall correctly. None the less, Elijah Muhammad believed Wallace Fard was the Mehadi (Islamic version of Jesus).

In 1958, the former Soviet Union created the PLO. The PLO was based in and claiming the land of, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The PLO would murder Jordanians, take their land, and oppose the King who at the time was His Majesty King Hussein. In September 1970, survivors of Arafat PLO massacres pleaded for help from the King. The King commanded his Royal Armies to attack and fight the PLO in order to drive them from Jordan. Thousands were killed. The origin of the so called PLO people were from all the existing Arab Islamic States, from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and others. They were illegal immigrants who fled their own countries due to criminal behavior.

The war began in September of 1970 and lasted until July 1971 when the Jordanian Army chased the PLO through Israel into Lebanon. The King Of Jordan begged the Israeli's to stop them at the border, Israel refused stating, "It's not our fight".

The PLO arrived in Christian Lebanon and began murdering Christians including the assassination of Lebanon's Christian President. The Christian Militia mobilized full strength and declared war against the PLO. Meanwhile, Israel took into refugee camps, so called Palestinian civilians with a promise from the UN of resettlement. The UN eventually refused as the Arab states didn't want the so called Palestinians. Israel has been stuck with them since those days. Now, not surprisingly, the PLA/PLO claims a large chunk of Eretz Yisrael and Jerusalem (Yirushalaim) as there long lost home land? The political beliefs of the PA today are Marxist. The Hamas are Nazi's in the truest form, even more so than Hitlers Germany. Egypt hates the PA Fatah and Hamas with a burning passion. All this is occurring due to the fact that Egypt, Jordan, and Syria were defeated in war, Israel took back ancestral lands, which Islamics do constantly, and its all an attempt to redraw the borders to 1967 and before. What they could not do in war, they want to do with the UN and leftist socialist governments.

The sponsors of the so called "Gaza Freedom" Flotilla are Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, friends of Barack Hussein Obama. Now, it's ironic that it's called "Freedom" Flotilla when it is Hamas and Fatah who proudly proclaim on protest signs from the UK to the US, "Freedom Go To Hell".

Now, let me warn you all. These people worship death, with more fervor than American's worship life. They are here in this wonderful country and are growing an Army. I can tell you with 100% certainty that they will rise up and give America 10 times the hell and death they have given Israel. They are currently wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket of "Political Correctness". You need very much to study the military tactics of Muhammad and you will clearly see it unfolding in front of your eyes.

The Leftist groups in America are helping them accomplish these military garrisons known as Mosques & Umma's (Islamic Communities). President Barack Hussein Obama is in fact a "secular" Muslim who will bankrupt America as he sees America's money as it's greatest weapon. All military veterans will tell you, to invade effectivlely, you must first break down the economy and weaken or totally break down the borders. This is occuring now.

When leftist regimes or Islamic states put up a wall and call non-Muslims Dhimmi, it's a wonderful protective thing. When Israel or America puts up a wall and calls for law and justice, it's called Apartheid. This is where you are now. This is why they attacked Arizona's sovereignty and laws without even reading the law itself. They don't care and they will never care.

Ask any military veteran and they will tell you these are "psychological warfare" tactics being unleashed on the American public. The next phase is to attack unarmed civilians with bombings, kidnappings, murders of all types, and the implementation of Shariah law in the court systems. It is coming and will be a matter of daily life. The struggle against this demonic onslaught must begin now and you cannot stop fighting until all are expelled form your shores. If you don't do this, they will expel you.

It is not only coming, it is here. I do have expertise in dealing with these types and am more than happy to share what I know. But I am warning all of you, this is war. Think of it no less. Support your military and law enforcement personnel, they are going to need you more than you need them. Jihad is here. The border is open, the money is being spent. It's in your faces now.

Soon, very soon, American's will be scraping their children off the walls at the shopping malls if we do not get a grip on what is really happening.  Know your enemy!!!!!

G-d help us all.

The Muslim Brotherhood is who was screaming Democracy but it was a lie they only wanted to overthrow the present Gaddafi Regime to gain power for themselves.... the Muslim Brotherhood killed Gaddafi.... the Muslim Brotherhood is who Obama supports.... the Muslim Brotherhood wants to purge the world of infidels and murder anyone who does not bow the knee to Allah.   The Muslim Brotherhood believes that their Mahdi cannot appear until the earth is purged of all infidels...thus a Calliphate of power must be organized.  That is what you are seeing happening in the Middle East and throughout Europe right now. 


The Muslim Brotherhood is not only Gaddafi's enemies they are also America's enemies and Israel's enemies thus is why they call us the "Great Satan" and Israel the "Little Satan."    Get the picture..... they murder their own people and they will murder us if we give them the chance.  


 Americans need to get a grip on what is happening with this Muslim Islamic Caliphate and exactly how Obama and his tugs fit into this picture because OUR tax payer dollars are going to support these murdering Idiots!  

Illegal "president" Obama hijacked US taxpayers' monies and NATO to extend the reach the power of the Muslim Brotherhood. The demorats have outdone themselves for shamelessness. If they had any real intelligence they would be collectively  ashamed at what they have done over the past several years .





WHILE AMERICA'S MONEY..........................


This money is used for bribes and payoffs to doners for re-election.

Are forefathers are turning in their graves, with the knowledge that we have a corrupted Congress along with a Fraud in the Oval Office.  So its up to the tea party to save this nation, to remove this big diaper in DC, local and state governments.  We must be the leaders of the Rupublic, remove the spoiled children in Government who only care about getting relected while mismanaging our taxdollars.

So immoral Congress and the President overspends. Their answer is to blame the rich, they dont pay enough money so they can continue to bribe others to vote them back in.  Can you say CORRUPTION.  Time for removed the corrupted, all progressives and RINO's, those who are commiting teason against our great nation.


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