Injustice: The liberal lynch mob and the George Zimmerman case


The headline for this blog calls this the George Zimmerman case, not the Trayvon Martin case.  The left wing media has turned this case into a circus. 


What is going on?


Where does this even start?


What has come out in the last couple of days is a far different picture than the media spin that started when this case became public.   In this case, it is literally the pictures.  The primary photos the media has been using is a photo of Martin that is several years old, where he looks like he is twelve and a mug shot like photo of an unsmiling  Zimmerman.


While the photos have been making the rounds, new photos have shown up that change the media meme.  Instead of being the fresh-faced small teenager, more current photos of Trayvon Martin make him look more like a thug and there is now a new photo out of George Zimmermann showing him smiling and in a suit and tie. 


The media narrative that Zimmerman was some kind of racist cop wannabe who simply executed Trayvon Martin has started unraveling.  Turns out, according to witnesses and the physical evidence, Trayvon Martin hit George Zimmermann so hard that he broke his nose then started pounding his head into the concrete.


The race hucksters have been out using the Trayvon Martin case, including having Trayvon Martin’s parents in Washington, on Capitol Hill complaining that racial profiling caused Trayvon Martin’s death.


No, it looks like Trayvon Martin starting a fight caused his death.


While there seems to be no ramifications for those who want to lynch George Zimmerman, any negative comments about Trayvon Martin are immediately attacked. 


No one is doing anything about the New Black Panther Party soliciting money to have George Zimmerman kidnapped or threatening harm to him.  They’ve basically put a $1 Million bounty on his head.


All of those acts are crimes under both state and federal laws.  Where is Barack Obama?  While he is off thinking that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin, he’s too busy to call for calm and justice for George Zimmerman.   Where are Eric Holder and the Justice Department?   They are too busy trying to obstruct Congress on the Fast and Furious project.


Spike Lee tweeted George Zimmerman’s address for the world and asked people to retweet it.  Presumably he hoped people would show up at Zimmerman’s house and cause trouble.  The only problem is the address Lee tweeted belongs to an elderly couple and they are now living in terror. 


There has been no apology from Lee nor has he taken it off his twitter feed.


On the other side, New Orleans Police Officer Jason Girior wrote on Facebook, “Act like a thug, die like one.”  New Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas immediately suspended Girior.  Serpas is the former Police Chief in Nashville who was referred to by citizens and Nashville Police Officers as “Chief Dumass.”


Just outside of Nashville, a suburban police officer posted an image on Facebook, pointing out the media bias in the photos the media has chosen to use.   The left wing Gannett-owned Nashville newspaper wasted no time in printing a story calling for the officer to be disciplined for offering an opinion that is not politically correct. 


Perhaps the most alarming part of this case are comments coming from politicians in the Party of Treason.  Shelia Jackson Lee called for Zimmerman to be arrested so there would be calm in the community.




The Constitution only allows someone to be arrested on a showing of probable cause that a crime has been committed.   Perhaps she would also want him convicted and executed on the same grounds. 


Despite the ranting from the left wing and the race hucksters, this case is looking more and more like a case of self-defense.  Despite the whining of Martin’s parents that he was “profiled,” and that is what caused his death; the proof now seems very convincing that Trayvon Martin started a fight and left George Zimmerman with no other choice but to defend himself. 


This case is starting to look a whole lot more like a case from 25 years ago:  The Tawana Brawley case.   Unfortunately for George Zimmerman, with the government we have in place now, he is unlikely to have his rights protected like the innocent victims of Brawley and the race hucksters of 25 years ago. 



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How far can we fall........We are literally devouring ourselves as a nation.

Excuse Me --- We are BEING devoured BY Obama and Holder. And let's not forget, their Leftist , communist/progressive  cohorts must be recognized as causing most of our problems also. Example - Why is Holder and Obama ignoring the terroristic threats (another felony)  made by the New Black Panthers? Are they in support of that organization? Vote wisely in November.

WE need to stand behind George Zimmerman in any way we can, just as the hucksters are pounding their fists about their "martyr," Trayvon Martin. I agree with New Orleans Police Officer Jason Girior, "Act like a thug, die like one."

Mike, it is very sad, the death of free speech in this country, isn't it? Or I guess I could say the death of any speech that does not support the Leftist agenda, in which all black assailants are not guilty, and all white people are just guilty, guilty, guilty, no matter what the circumstances? Notice how the media was so quick to classify the bi-racial and bi-lingual Zimmerman as "white".

And once they found out Zimmerman was Hispanic they started calling him "white Hispanic". If he's a "white Hispanic", then Odumbo is "white black".

lol....or maybe, a black white.

I still find it interesting that he had no black people in his life until he after he became a teen.......being raised by his white mother, along with her Indonesian husband, and later, by his white grandparents......

YET, he 'decided' to identify himself solely as a black person. So much for 'diversity'

They have to work the word "white" in somewhere in the equation. That way people will clearly realize who the bad guy is!


Maybe we should form a group and state if anything illegal happens to Zimmerman, we will exact justice.

I respectfully disagree. I implore the performance of justice by those responsible to administer it. And that includes holding those responsible who are breaking the law in their protests.

My son has always liked to wear a hoodie because he is thin and cold natured. He has been harassed many times by patrolling officers while simply walking around our neighborhood. Stopping to check him out is one thing, but it's mostly the "young guns" who seemingly like to throw their power around. Unfortunately for them, they mess with a "kid" who knows his rights and the officer's limits and he has become adept at throwing their power right back at them, at his dad's trepidation yet reserved pride. However, my son would never initiate violence unless he was first attacked.

That may be how this case comes down. Who initiated the fight and was the shooting in self defense.

"Who initiated the fight and was the shooting in self defense."

>>>>  I agree. The 'missing minute' between when Zim (allegedly) broke off contact and when

the witness record begins with the neighbor's phone call to the police will be crucial. IF, in fact,

Zimmerman was attacked during the missing minute, that would argue for not filing charges against him

or acquitting him in the event of his arrest and trial. On the other hand, if Zimmerman did shoot him in cold blood.....what does it prove, except he did what he shouldn't have done. The problem is, the Left will use this narrative to further promote the "white guilt" they have cultivated for decades. That's been hard to do when blacks have risen to the highest levels of power in the nation.....this gives them a new impetus to continue, and convert that guilt (and the anger of blacks) into votes at the ballot box come this November.

It may be diabolical, but it may also be effective.


WOW, I am surprised by your vile attacks! My son, if he walked into a store at 11:30 would lower the hoodie. He would also be pleasant. What "people's law" am I teaching him contempt for? He has no contempt for servants of the law. But he will not allow himself to be bullied by a power wielding patrolman acting outside of his duty! Heck, my son is good friends with the patrolman in our neighborhood. I have even told him I don't care for the hoodie but he says it is comfortable and keeps him warm. As far as I know hoodies are legal and don't indicate a rapist, robber, murderer, or other miscreant is contained within. I can understand caution around one's stereotyping but not aggression and smart-a** / bad-a** attitudes.

So I am teaching my son contempt for the law? Did I not say lawbreakers should be held responsible? Your attack sickens me, especially given the Christian tone of your many prior posts.


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