It was the summer of 1980. I was working at a store in a mall in Memphis, Tennessee when I was introduced to the pleasures of a Chic fil A sandwich. 


The mall had a non-existent food court and Chic Fil A was the only food outlet at the mall.


I have enjoyed their food ever since then. 


I can also say in 32 years of eating there, I have never had a bad experience.  Their employees always act as if they are happy to be at work and when you thank them for getting the order, instead of the somewhat rude “No problem,” they always say, “my pleasure.”


The left is now making war in Chic fil A.  They do not like it that the President of Chic fil A came out against gay marriage.  Dan Cathy, like his father who founded Chic fil A is a devout protestant Christian and he supports traditional marriage and family values.  He has not said at least publicly that he opposes gay marriage, only that he supports traditional marriage.  


Chic fil A does not refuse to serve anyone based on whether they are gay, straight or confused.  In fact, they have made it a point of saying that they treat all of their customers with dignity.


That is not good enough for the radical left. 


Because Chic fil A is does not carry the water for the far left, they are now making war on it. 


Thomas Menino is the Mayor of Boston.   He is also a member of the Party of Treason, which means he is a complete idiot.  He has vowed to keep Chic fil A out of Boston.  He is obviously too stupid to be able to figure out that his title is Mayor not dictator.    The high Fuhrer of Boston does not have the right to block a business just because he does not agree with the politics of the owners. 


The controversy continues.  The Muppets have dropped their support of Chic fil A but Mike Huckabee has come out in support of Chic fil A.  Well more people like Huckabee than like Kermit the frog. 


Now, gays are planning a same sex kiss day at Chic fil A.  They know a lot of people who patronize Chic fil A will probably find that offensive.  If I owned Chic fil A, I’d have the protestors arrested for a demonstration on private property.  The people at Chic fil A are much nicer.  They will probably ask the protestors if they would like their iced tea refilled. 


This battle is not about gay marriage, though that is what the left is spinning it as.


This is a battle about freedom.  The left always screams that we must be tolerant of their beliefs but when is the left ever tolerant of someone who disagrees with them.  The left has repeatedly tried to shut down conservatives from Rush, to Beck to Fox News and the list goes on. 


Liberals, like Boston’s idiot in chief, do not want anyone to have a choice.  They do not want anyone to disagree with them.   Liberals would prefer to silence those who disagree with them.  Liberals like Boston’s wannabe dictator would prefer a dictatorship where they can simply rule and if you disagree with them, they’ll put you in jail.


We must stand up for Chic fil A.  I encourage everyone to stop by Chic fil A and have a meal there or at least get some of their great iced tea. 


When you do, tell them you are a supporter of the Tea Party and you stand with Chic fil A and stand for freedom.

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I just saw that National Eat at Chic-fil-A Day is on July 25 - sponsored by Mike Huckabee and the National Organization for Marriage.  I will be there.  Go get some Chicken!

Hubby, our two young girls and I will eat at Chic-Fil-A not only that day, but every chance we get, kudos to Chic-Fil-A; thank you for standing up for traditional family values.

I  also saw one on Facebook that stated that Aug. 1 was Support Chik Fil-A Day!

I ate at Chic Fil A today... just cuz I wanted to... and God bless them for taking a stand.

And we'll all be happy and gay.....

Love Chic-Fil-A and love Truett Cathy and his family.  What great examples and models of Americans these people have been, for a very very long time!  Supporting the community, putting high schoolers and college kids to work by giving them jobs, giving an enormous amount $$ to charity, feeding the homeless, all very quietly, without fanfare, just "because" they are convicted in their faith to do so, to give back a little something that they have received so abundantly.  I'm very proud that they have decided to stand for traditional marriage.  I will continue to support them with my $$ and my business, not just because their food is outstanding and my kids love it, but because of who they are and what they represent.

I've only been to Chic-fil-A twice, and as it is our custom to pray before every meal as a family, holding hands together (yes, even in public places), I don't recall ever seeing another family or individual pray to give thanks for their food at any other restaurant.  However, while we were at Chic-fil-A, in Valencia California, I noticed that 3 other tables of people stopped before they dug into their food, to pray!  It really gave me a good feeling about the people who go there as well as the restaurant itself.

My step daughter used to work at one on the east coast and said it was the best job she ever had. The company and co-workers are wonderful to work with and for. The company cares about it's employees. 

I've never heard anything bad about Chic-fil-A and after reading your article, I still haven't!  God bless them!

I have enjoyed every Chic fil A sandwitch I have ever had and they will taste even better now that I know the libs don't want us to eat there. I will stop by in the next few days and you can be sure let them know I am a Tea Party member and I support them, in fact I could eat at Chic fil A every week from now on. ovomit can't run them out of business just because they are not left wing socialists.  

We love Chick fil A!!!!  We eat there at least 2 to 3 days a week. I love where their morals and values for family and marriage stand, these are great people!  I wish there were more people like this out there!

Thank Jesus for places that still exist with Christian standards like Chic-fil-A

Beware of any putrid place selling Helal foods.  Not only is it offered to idols but is literally disgusting to the point of torturing and strangling the animals in rituals to Muslim demigods 

Do a Google search in images and be prepared to lose your cookies,  many restaurants are starting to serve this abomination,  start watching your grocers shelves and boycott any place that sells it.

I did a google search as you suggested and I came up with "Halal Food" being they way it is slaughtered.

It is the same custom as what some Jewish people do.

Read below.

In Arabic, the word halal means permitted or lawful. Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. According to these guidelines gathered from the Qu'ran, Muslim followers cannot consume the following: 

  • pork or pork by products
  • animals that were dead prior to slaughtering
  • animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah
  • blood and blood by products
  • alcohol
  • carnivorous animals
  • birds of prey
  • land animals without external ears

These prohibited foods and ingredients are calledharam, meaning forbidden in Arabic.

Halal is One of the Most Humane Methods of Animal Slaughter

Muslims are taught through the Qu'ran that all animals should be treated with respect and well cared for. The goal is to slaughter the animal, limiting the amount of pain the animal will endure.

When an animal is slaughtered, the jugular vein is cut and the blood is allowed to drain from the animal. Remember, Muslims are prohibited from consuming animal blood.



How is this torturing and strangling the animals? Where did you get your information?

Hogs are mighty tasty.


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