Impeach Janet Napolitano NOW!  Congress, impeach this clown today!


Janet Napolitano’s selection to be Secretary for Homeland Security was a slap in the face of every American to begin with.   Her actions of the last few days and the actions of the Transportation Security Administration are simply beyond the pale.  They constitute “High crimes and misdemeanors” for which she should be immediately impeached.


Her most recent statement is the straw that broke the camels back for me.  She said, as reported in USA Today, if you don’t like the screening, too bad.  “If people want to travel by some other means, they have that right.”


Gee, isn’t that nice.  This crackpot Nazi, who is not competent to drive a school bus, much less be in charge of Homeland Security, is conceding that we have the right to take another form of transportation. 


No, Comrade Napolitano.  I have the right to fly on an airplane, if I so chose and can pay for the ticket.  I have the right not to be molested by some sex offender wannabe.   None of us surrender our constitutional rights when we walk into the airport. 


The outrageous actions of the TSA have grown worse in the face of public outcry.  Now, the TSA will even put their hands down your pants.    That is one of the reasons I am boycotting flying until this lunacy is stopped.  I can guarantee you, the first time one of these Wal-Mart rejects tried to put their hands down the pants of any of my children, they would be getting up close and personal with an Orthopedic surgeon and finding out exactly how good their major medical insurance is.


What is even worse, while Americans are subject to this nightmare, the Council on American Islamic Relations is telling Muslims who wear the hajib to refuse the electronic scanning and for pat downs, tell the TSA flunky that they may only be searched on their head and neck.  CAIR is saying the TSA has said it will honor that.


Is the whole world gone nuts? 


We have airport security because Muslims, screaming “Allah Akbar” hijacked aircraft, slit the throats of the flight crew, then crashed them into buildings killing three thousand Americans.  And now we are told our allegedly thorough security cannot examine Muslims traveling because it offends their religious sensibilities?   If offends mine to see three years olds frisked as if they were terrorists.


All of this is happening on the watch of Janet Napolitano. 


If she had any decency, she would resign and apologize to America.  She has none, so I am not even wasting my time demanding she resign.


 What I am doing is calling my congressman.  We may have to wait until after the new Congress is sworn in, but she needs to be impeached.  Even if the Senate will not remove her, she still needs to be impeached.


We need to send a message to Obama and Napolitano that you may not shred the Constitution.  We Americans have many rights and you are not going to take them away from us in the name of political correctness or because you are simply more incompetent than your average drunk driver.


Congress, impeach Napolitano today!

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Hey Odee,

I'm really not sure who you are referring to as fat and/or lazy.

I'm sure not one of the lazy ones. I work between 60 and 78 hours per week taking care of people who have pain in their feet, and are at risk of having their legs cut off due to diabetes, infection, and gangrene.

Who is it that is pointing fingers at the lazy citizens?

It's certainly not doctors like me who are trying to save people's limbs from amputation, and their lives from premature death.

Now as a side point, did you know that according to Medicare rules, every physician in America will suffer a 23% cut in re-imbursement starting Dec 1, and another 3% in Jan 2011?

Question: what reader of this post can "absorb" a 26% cut in their income?
I am with you Judson. I am also calling my congressmen and demanding they act now before she can do any more damage to our country and its citizens. Her actions are so demeaning and un-American.
All of them should be impeached and or brought up on treason charges! The hasn't been a one of that has stood up for what the constitution means or protected the right of the American citizen. She has no deceny in her...look at what she isn't doing for Arizona let alone the rest of the United States.
Amen Wanda !
She did a lot for AZ unions when she was governor, what are you talkin' bout? ha LOL!
I'm for that! It's too bad we do not have Senator Joe McCarthy around anymore. He would call an immediate Congressional Hearing to investigate Napolitano, CAIR and the U.N. ( just to distribute the wealth ); confine all PC Leftists to the New School for Social Research at Columbia U; sentence to be commuted when each individual begs to be let out so they wouldn't have to hear themselves talk any more nonsense (for some, like Bill Ayers, it would be a life sentence); finally try Janet in absentia and serve her pink slip to her under the door.
It is my understanding when this person was Governor of Arizona she wrote letters asking for help with the illegal immigrants - but when she went to Washington DC, she changed her tune. She is a brown noser. She is inept. She is incompetent. She needs to retire.
Maybe water-boarding...na that's too good for her. Give her to the Mexican's and let them do what they want...na they would give her back and charge us the for their joy. What was she promised to turn a blind eye to this Administration?
No, She sent the federal government a bill outlining the costs of sending 150 national guardsmen to change oil in the border patrol vehicles and turned a blind eye to the vermin drug dealers comming over the border.
What is wrong with these people, if you don’t submit to a search just like everyone else you can find another way to travel ! Screw your religion, Safe travel for all is the goal here and if you don’t like it find another mode of transportation. Simple as that.
David people are complaining because there body is being touched, such as breasts, genitals, except Muslims, they are special, and men don't like someone's hand in their genitals.
muslims will go to hell where they belong. I wonder how much she is getting paid the "B****'


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