If you are under age 30, gee thanks.


Your demographic voted 2-1 for Barack Obama. It was the largest demographic margin he had.  Had the under 30 vote split evenly, Obama would not have had a second term. 


Do you have any idea what is in store for America and you?  You may not like it.


As a baby boomer, I have to laugh at what you have done.  I have lived long enough to understand a few things.  If you are under 30, you may not yet have realized the old truism, “the older I get, the smarter my parents got.”


When I was 21, we were faced with a President almost as bad as Barack Obama.  His name was Jimmy Carter.  My first vote for President helped to send him packing.  Of course the Republicans nominated Ronald Reagan.  This year, the GOP offered you Mitt Romney. 


As bad as Romney was, Obama was worse.


There is an old saying, “you have sown the wind.  Now you will reap the whirlwind.”


Democrat policies are going to make your generation the first generation in American history that will not be better of than their parents.


The left has pushed student loans as a method of financing your college.  By taking all market controls out of the loan process, not only has it allowed massive inflation in the education sector which is driving the cost of your education beyond any reasonable point of return, it is also making it possible for students and banks to make insanely stupid decisions.


You can currently borrow $200,000 to get a degree that will net you a job that will pay you only $30,000 a year.   Sure you can go spend $150,000 to get a degree in feminist studies at some Ivy League college but where the hell are you going to work?


On a Starbucks salary, you are not even going to be able to pay the interest, let alone the principle.  Thanks to another “rock star” Democrat President, under most circumstances, you cannot discharge student loans in bankruptcy.


So as you enter your career, thanks to Democrat policies, you will be saddled with massive debt.    What little you make from your entry-level job is going to have to cover your expenses plus you will have to make some kind of payments on those loans. 


Do you need or want a new car?  Forget it.  Your credit will be destroyed.   Save for a new car?  Good luck.  Your next car will probably be a previously exploded 1976 Ford Pinto.


Most people my age bought their first house in their twenties.  Thanks to not only the student loan debacle but also the housing bubble that was brought about by Barack Obama’s party, you will be lucky if you are able to buy your first house in your forties.


During the campaign, Paul Ryan made a great quote about kids still living with their parents at age 26.  Forget 26, how about 36 or even 46?


Thanks to the provisions of Obamacare, many companies are slashing their employees’ hours so they are now part-time employees.  The new future for many of you will be putting together several part time jobs just so you can make ends meet.   If you are among the lucky few who have a high demand job, you will possibly be able to get ahead.  You will get the forty-hour work week, the insurance and the other benefits.  For a majority of you, that will not be happening.


Like living with Mom and Dad?  Let’s hope Mom and Dad have room for you.  Multi generational housing in many cases is going to become the new norm.  If you get married, it won’t be just a matter of will he or she say yes.  It will also be, does Mom and Dad mind if you and your new spouse live with them.


Do you want to start a family?  Again, it will become more of a family decision than just a decision between the two of you.


Obama’s latest plan is the one that really makes me laugh at you.  You see, if you are under 30, congratulations.  You just became my generation’s cash cow.


The Obama Regime wants to nationalize Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and replace them with a government sponsored retirement plan.


Given how well Social Security and Medicare have been run, you should be terrified. 


The leading edge of the baby boom generation turned 66 this year.   The trailing edge will turn 50 next year.  There are more of us and we vote in greater numbers than you.


Democracy’s great Achilles heel is that sooner or later the people discover they can vote themselves benefits from the Treasury.  Unfortunately this spells the beginning of the end for Democracy.


When we boomers start getting this government retirement system, do you know what is going to happen?    Politicians already recognize the value of our votes.  Every two years, they are going to come to us and promise us more and more lavish retirement benefits.  All we have to do is vote for them.


An overwhelming majority will.


And every two years, we will be treated to the commercials claiming the Republicans are going to throw old people off the cliff.  The Democrats always like to claim that Republicans are going to leave old people on the streets to starve and freeze.  Why do they do that?  Because that kind of advertising works.


So there will be an ever-growing government pension entitlement that someone will have to pay for.  Since the people drawing the retirement won’t be working, guess who that leaves?


The baby boomers are a unique generation.  We are taking better care of ourselves.  Our “youth” is lasting longer than previous generations.  We will smash life expectancy records. 


In his book, Physics of the Future, renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku predicts that we are just a couple of decades away from some great medical breakthroughs that could extend life expectancies by decades.


If you are under thirty now, you could be in your seventies and still paying for us baby boomers.


This is what you got by reelecting Barack Obama.


There is an old saying, “you get the government you deserve.”  


In this case, that saying has never been truer.


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Juls -

I hate to say it, but your post sounds just like any other Liberal argument for continuing another failed socialist program.  Yes, people paid into Social Security because they were forced to pay another tax.  Does that mean that my children should now be forced to pay?  My grandchildren?

Must we continue a program that was wrong to begin with just because some people are now dependent upon it?  You make a great point when you state that you "believed that the generation after us would honor the system as we had."  Why should my children honor a system like this?  You set up a system that gave you free medical care and a government pension for life.  My children had no say in it, but you expect them to pay the bills?  What do they get out of it?  A promise that their grandchildren will be taxed further?  Great.

I am not talking about my personal needs here.  I am talking about Right and Wrong.  I am not talking about throwing granny in the street either, so don't start that please.  I want to dismantle one of the most destructive socialist programs ever implemented in America.  If we want to give money to old people who need money, then we should at least call it what it is.  We need to stop acting like they "earned" that money because in most cases it is not true.

The entire philosophy behind Social Security and Medicare is destructive.  It is no surprise that BOTH programs were introduced by Liberal presidents who did incredible damage to America.

How come I never hear old people saying we should freeze benefits?  How about if we start by lowering spending on ALL government programs, including SS and Medicare/Medicaid, in order to balance the budget and cut taxes?  Oh no, we can't do that, can we?  Not MY slice of the pie.  I earned that.  I paid in to the system.  Sorry.  It was a bad system.  My children shouldn't have to pay for grandma's bad investments.

I give up.

I'm done trying to reason with you, to find middle ground.  You've got a one-track mind that won't allow you to see or hear anything other than what you want to see and hear.  Did you read my post Steve, including the part where WE'RE WILLING TO PUT OUR RETIREMENT BENEFITS AT RISK FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS?!  HELLLLLOOOOO STEVE!!! 

You know, I've been patient.  I've tried to remain polite, but given your propensity toward rudeness and a glaringly obvious obtuseness, I have reached the end.

Somebody else can give it a try. 

Gee, sorry I can't just agree with you Juls.  Try making a better argument if you want people to listen.  I don't need to find middle ground with you and I don't need you to agree with me.  I hope that we can both continue to learn and find solutions that will help America.

Sorry, Chris. Whining, blaming the baby boomers for this mess is quite misplaced.

If one were to blame a singular event it, it would have been pulling the independent ‘Trust Fund’ into the general operating fund.

That was done under Lyndon Johnson and a democratically controlled House and Senate before Boomers could even vote...at age 21! 

The whole Social Security Mess was Created by Democrat, over 7 decades

And you voted for Obama, "because he gave us hope instead of fear."? No, you voted for him because you read nothing, you studied nothing.

I offer you no sympathy for your own poor choices. My sympathy is reserved for the little ones. Those who had no voice in creating this atrocity.

I have a question.

Young people are always clamoring for and demanding fairness, justice and truth. Where were their voices during the mainstream liberal media's, overwhelming, bias against conservatives and Republicans. The out and out lies and distortions by NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN and convenient omissions by leading newspapers such as the NY Times on the Benghazi story, Fast & Furious, Solyndra and voter fraud. The bullying of young conservative students by Obamabot teachers. What about the filth spewed by celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Jason Biggs, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher and the rest of the Late Night minions of the left. Let's not forget Hollywoods obsession with the left and their handlers, the Democrats. I can't name one TV show during the elections that was supportive of conservative principles but rather downright antagonistic and demonizing anyone who spoke against them. Ahh! also if you have Jaycee or Bruce Springsteen on stage with you, thats what counts and are sure to win. CAN'T HEAR YOU YOUNG PEOPLE!!!

The reason you never hear from those particular young people, who allegedly say they want truth/hope/fairness/justice, is not just that they are completely ignorant of history, but also because they cannot bear to accept the personal responsibility for their continued collective support of policies whose track record is one of massive historical failure and human misery.  Above, Chris Cool, whose monicker gives us a hint of some implied superior knowledge, is projecting the blame for his own flawed beliefs onto others. 

They must convince themselves and anyone who will listen that the reason these liberal/progressive policies have failed before is always the fault of the opposition, and that it just wasn't executed properly.  They can never accept the fact that the humans in charge of a big-government beaurocracy have historically been more corrupt than the average private citizen (power corrupts).  But as long as their support of such a system promises them a heaping helping of somebody else's property, they will proudly trumpet the same false altruism in support of their utopian dream, and ridicule anyone who opposes this view as stupid, greedy, and corrupt.

This explains why they get emotionally upset when you introduce the historical facts into a discussion -- at some point, they begin to realize that your argument is making sense and that their argument is falling apart.  Instead of admitting that their closely-held beliefs are flawed, their subconscious defense mechanisms kick in to high gear, and of course blame you, for you are stupid, greedy, and corrupt (clinging to your guns and Bibles, and supporting the "policies of the past").

It's depressing to realize that such allegiance to harmful policies is no different that a drug or alcohol addict's allegiance to his favorite vice, and that they will resist any change or help you offer until they have either died or reached rock bottom.  It seems as if there's no hope, and that bad times and violence will be the end result of all of this before things can swing in the other direction.  But life is not about giving up because it seems hopeless -- it is about the fight and the struggle for what's right along the way.

I do blame the youth vote as part of our current problem. I do understand what the article is saying also however. I have a 24 year old that just graduated from college and yes she is living in the basement. My son is only 27 and just got married. He has his MBA and is making $30,000/year under the Obama economy. I am a nurse and have been laid off 3 times this year and am currently unemployed. My kids voted for Obama in his first election but did not vote at all in 2012. I do believe the election was a fraud and should be investigated along with the 911 inside job that made Larry Silverstein wealthy and created and enemy out of the arabs which was orchestrated by Isarael and their massad. I will not vote again myself as it just does not matter. I am prepping.

The difference between 20 and 60 years is only a moment of life considering the whole scheme of things in the universe. The sun will likely still rise long afterward if freedom in our country dies. If the young folks are lucky to atain an old age they will also die, if not before. There will likely be a contest between those who love freedom and those who would destroy it for as long as humanity survives on the planet. Perhaps at my age, I will not have to worry about my welfare for very long. I was fortunate to have been born an American and to have enjoyed a long life of liberty. I remember when being an American meant something, and I know how important liberty is because in my time there were real men willing to risk their very lives to keep our freedoms. A lot of them paid with their lives and limbs for it. It saddens me that so many of the young may now have to worry about their freedoms if they choose to dance with communist ideas and think their future will be so wonderful with it. 

i just heard on FOX that the Government can read ANY E-MAILS you have sent for the last 6 Months!

Good!  Maybe they'll try out my new recipie for apple fritters that I emailed a friend!   :)

Bring It On Feds!!!

I have spoken/emailed the truth and if they can't deal with that, tough tomatoes!!!

P.S.  I truly believe that they've been reading our emails for years only we weren't paying attention before--JMHO.

I do too,My computer slows down whenever i'm on here or othe sites.  Like You say---Let Them!!!


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