If you are under age 30, gee thanks.


Your demographic voted 2-1 for Barack Obama. It was the largest demographic margin he had.  Had the under 30 vote split evenly, Obama would not have had a second term. 


Do you have any idea what is in store for America and you?  You may not like it.


As a baby boomer, I have to laugh at what you have done.  I have lived long enough to understand a few things.  If you are under 30, you may not yet have realized the old truism, “the older I get, the smarter my parents got.”


When I was 21, we were faced with a President almost as bad as Barack Obama.  His name was Jimmy Carter.  My first vote for President helped to send him packing.  Of course the Republicans nominated Ronald Reagan.  This year, the GOP offered you Mitt Romney. 


As bad as Romney was, Obama was worse.


There is an old saying, “you have sown the wind.  Now you will reap the whirlwind.”


Democrat policies are going to make your generation the first generation in American history that will not be better of than their parents.


The left has pushed student loans as a method of financing your college.  By taking all market controls out of the loan process, not only has it allowed massive inflation in the education sector which is driving the cost of your education beyond any reasonable point of return, it is also making it possible for students and banks to make insanely stupid decisions.


You can currently borrow $200,000 to get a degree that will net you a job that will pay you only $30,000 a year.   Sure you can go spend $150,000 to get a degree in feminist studies at some Ivy League college but where the hell are you going to work?


On a Starbucks salary, you are not even going to be able to pay the interest, let alone the principle.  Thanks to another “rock star” Democrat President, under most circumstances, you cannot discharge student loans in bankruptcy.


So as you enter your career, thanks to Democrat policies, you will be saddled with massive debt.    What little you make from your entry-level job is going to have to cover your expenses plus you will have to make some kind of payments on those loans. 


Do you need or want a new car?  Forget it.  Your credit will be destroyed.   Save for a new car?  Good luck.  Your next car will probably be a previously exploded 1976 Ford Pinto.


Most people my age bought their first house in their twenties.  Thanks to not only the student loan debacle but also the housing bubble that was brought about by Barack Obama’s party, you will be lucky if you are able to buy your first house in your forties.


During the campaign, Paul Ryan made a great quote about kids still living with their parents at age 26.  Forget 26, how about 36 or even 46?


Thanks to the provisions of Obamacare, many companies are slashing their employees’ hours so they are now part-time employees.  The new future for many of you will be putting together several part time jobs just so you can make ends meet.   If you are among the lucky few who have a high demand job, you will possibly be able to get ahead.  You will get the forty-hour work week, the insurance and the other benefits.  For a majority of you, that will not be happening.


Like living with Mom and Dad?  Let’s hope Mom and Dad have room for you.  Multi generational housing in many cases is going to become the new norm.  If you get married, it won’t be just a matter of will he or she say yes.  It will also be, does Mom and Dad mind if you and your new spouse live with them.


Do you want to start a family?  Again, it will become more of a family decision than just a decision between the two of you.


Obama’s latest plan is the one that really makes me laugh at you.  You see, if you are under 30, congratulations.  You just became my generation’s cash cow.


The Obama Regime wants to nationalize Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and replace them with a government sponsored retirement plan.


Given how well Social Security and Medicare have been run, you should be terrified. 


The leading edge of the baby boom generation turned 66 this year.   The trailing edge will turn 50 next year.  There are more of us and we vote in greater numbers than you.


Democracy’s great Achilles heel is that sooner or later the people discover they can vote themselves benefits from the Treasury.  Unfortunately this spells the beginning of the end for Democracy.


When we boomers start getting this government retirement system, do you know what is going to happen?    Politicians already recognize the value of our votes.  Every two years, they are going to come to us and promise us more and more lavish retirement benefits.  All we have to do is vote for them.


An overwhelming majority will.


And every two years, we will be treated to the commercials claiming the Republicans are going to throw old people off the cliff.  The Democrats always like to claim that Republicans are going to leave old people on the streets to starve and freeze.  Why do they do that?  Because that kind of advertising works.


So there will be an ever-growing government pension entitlement that someone will have to pay for.  Since the people drawing the retirement won’t be working, guess who that leaves?


The baby boomers are a unique generation.  We are taking better care of ourselves.  Our “youth” is lasting longer than previous generations.  We will smash life expectancy records. 


In his book, Physics of the Future, renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku predicts that we are just a couple of decades away from some great medical breakthroughs that could extend life expectancies by decades.


If you are under thirty now, you could be in your seventies and still paying for us baby boomers.


This is what you got by reelecting Barack Obama.


There is an old saying, “you get the government you deserve.”  


In this case, that saying has never been truer.


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The Obama Regime wants to nationalize Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and replace them with a government sponsored retirement plan.>>

Can anyone find a credible source that Obama wants to nationalize private retirement accounts?

They been floating that idea for a year or so.

I heard that when he first got in office four years ago.  Do not recall the sources, if there were any.

Charles, He doesn't have to nationalize our private retirement accounts in order to steal from us.  Effectively, our IRA's, 401K's, etc., are already being "nationalized" and pilfered from by the "federal government".  It is being done by a process whereby the Federal Reserve "creates" new money and then the new money, by one path or another, makes its way to the Treasury where it is used to purchase Treasury debt issues: Notes and bonds.  That process increases the amount of dollars that are in circulation, the money supply, which results in a reduction of the material equivalent worth of the dollars that were already outstanding.  That includes the equivalent worth of the dollars that measure and state the financial value of the holdings that we have in our IRAs, etc.  We don't see any "money" disappearing when we look at our account statements but we will sure experience a reduction of purchasing power when the time comes that we need to sell our holdings and withdraw money to pay for the things that we need to live on.  On an ongoing basis, the federal government is spending the balance that we will lose even though we may never realize that we had a loss.  Sneaky psychotic bastards.   


It is simply a sad fact that The United States Federal Government is a crime syndicate that, somewhat like a sneak thief in the night, is robbing the citizens of the nation.


And, by the way, this didn't start when Obama came to town.  If you want to pick a time and a President for when the process of professionalized governmental thievery began, pick 1913 and Woodrow Wilson.  A century of "progress" of a kind that only so-called "progressives" would bring to us and our country.  Again, sneaky psychotic bastards.  

That line scared me! I've been doing a lot of searching.  The earliest claim of this that I could find came in January 2011, in an email sent out by Goldworth Financial.  

Here's the thing, though: It was actually an advertisement designed to get you to invest in their gold products.  You can see it still on their site here:   http://www.goldworth.com/newswithviews.html.

So far I haven't found any supporting documentation -- just other people quoting and requoting the same underlying source.

Charles, this goes back more than 2 years. One of the newer articles is Now Obama wants your 401(k)

over at WND.  It contains half a dozen links or so. Sorry to bring you a bunch of reading matter.

Please?...With a strong emphasis on CREDIBLE.

please go to this website and get activists in these states/ www.haltvoterfraud.com

Student loan debt isn't viewed as a problem by the youth of today because they're convinced the government is going to pick up the tab and they'll never have to repay those loans.  Government paid tuition has been one of the most prominent demands of the "occupy" movement and I think you'd be safe in betting the farm that its going to happen and soon.  After all, that is a major feature of a communist society, and that's where we're being steered by Obama and his Obamunists allies.

The truth is these under thirty that voted for BO will forever belive the repubs and the angry old teabaggers did this.

they refuse to see the truth they should read what pravda wrote about their leader.


I have news for you - under 30s are watching Bill Mahr and the other creepy "comedians" slander people like us - they do not even bother to look at our sites - they are opinionated little ignoramuses - sorry but that is what I observe


You nailed it.


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