If you are under age 30, gee thanks.


Your demographic voted 2-1 for Barack Obama. It was the largest demographic margin he had.  Had the under 30 vote split evenly, Obama would not have had a second term. 


Do you have any idea what is in store for America and you?  You may not like it.


As a baby boomer, I have to laugh at what you have done.  I have lived long enough to understand a few things.  If you are under 30, you may not yet have realized the old truism, “the older I get, the smarter my parents got.”


When I was 21, we were faced with a President almost as bad as Barack Obama.  His name was Jimmy Carter.  My first vote for President helped to send him packing.  Of course the Republicans nominated Ronald Reagan.  This year, the GOP offered you Mitt Romney. 


As bad as Romney was, Obama was worse.


There is an old saying, “you have sown the wind.  Now you will reap the whirlwind.”


Democrat policies are going to make your generation the first generation in American history that will not be better of than their parents.


The left has pushed student loans as a method of financing your college.  By taking all market controls out of the loan process, not only has it allowed massive inflation in the education sector which is driving the cost of your education beyond any reasonable point of return, it is also making it possible for students and banks to make insanely stupid decisions.


You can currently borrow $200,000 to get a degree that will net you a job that will pay you only $30,000 a year.   Sure you can go spend $150,000 to get a degree in feminist studies at some Ivy League college but where the hell are you going to work?


On a Starbucks salary, you are not even going to be able to pay the interest, let alone the principle.  Thanks to another “rock star” Democrat President, under most circumstances, you cannot discharge student loans in bankruptcy.


So as you enter your career, thanks to Democrat policies, you will be saddled with massive debt.    What little you make from your entry-level job is going to have to cover your expenses plus you will have to make some kind of payments on those loans. 


Do you need or want a new car?  Forget it.  Your credit will be destroyed.   Save for a new car?  Good luck.  Your next car will probably be a previously exploded 1976 Ford Pinto.


Most people my age bought their first house in their twenties.  Thanks to not only the student loan debacle but also the housing bubble that was brought about by Barack Obama’s party, you will be lucky if you are able to buy your first house in your forties.


During the campaign, Paul Ryan made a great quote about kids still living with their parents at age 26.  Forget 26, how about 36 or even 46?


Thanks to the provisions of Obamacare, many companies are slashing their employees’ hours so they are now part-time employees.  The new future for many of you will be putting together several part time jobs just so you can make ends meet.   If you are among the lucky few who have a high demand job, you will possibly be able to get ahead.  You will get the forty-hour work week, the insurance and the other benefits.  For a majority of you, that will not be happening.


Like living with Mom and Dad?  Let’s hope Mom and Dad have room for you.  Multi generational housing in many cases is going to become the new norm.  If you get married, it won’t be just a matter of will he or she say yes.  It will also be, does Mom and Dad mind if you and your new spouse live with them.


Do you want to start a family?  Again, it will become more of a family decision than just a decision between the two of you.


Obama’s latest plan is the one that really makes me laugh at you.  You see, if you are under 30, congratulations.  You just became my generation’s cash cow.


The Obama Regime wants to nationalize Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and replace them with a government sponsored retirement plan.


Given how well Social Security and Medicare have been run, you should be terrified. 


The leading edge of the baby boom generation turned 66 this year.   The trailing edge will turn 50 next year.  There are more of us and we vote in greater numbers than you.


Democracy’s great Achilles heel is that sooner or later the people discover they can vote themselves benefits from the Treasury.  Unfortunately this spells the beginning of the end for Democracy.


When we boomers start getting this government retirement system, do you know what is going to happen?    Politicians already recognize the value of our votes.  Every two years, they are going to come to us and promise us more and more lavish retirement benefits.  All we have to do is vote for them.


An overwhelming majority will.


And every two years, we will be treated to the commercials claiming the Republicans are going to throw old people off the cliff.  The Democrats always like to claim that Republicans are going to leave old people on the streets to starve and freeze.  Why do they do that?  Because that kind of advertising works.


So there will be an ever-growing government pension entitlement that someone will have to pay for.  Since the people drawing the retirement won’t be working, guess who that leaves?


The baby boomers are a unique generation.  We are taking better care of ourselves.  Our “youth” is lasting longer than previous generations.  We will smash life expectancy records. 


In his book, Physics of the Future, renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku predicts that we are just a couple of decades away from some great medical breakthroughs that could extend life expectancies by decades.


If you are under thirty now, you could be in your seventies and still paying for us baby boomers.


This is what you got by reelecting Barack Obama.


There is an old saying, “you get the government you deserve.”  


In this case, that saying has never been truer.


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I have a 27 year old daughter who lives at home. She has lyme disease and has trouble working a full time job. She has a part time job and was working about 28 hours a week. Last week she was told the company was hiring more employees and reducing her hours to 20 because of Obamacare. Apparently the 20 hour mark is now the threshold for mandatory employee health insurance. In the past we have paid for her health care out of pocket. Now she will be required to purchase health care or face fines. So Obamacare has cost her hours at work and dollars out of pocket for health insurance. She is a conservative and voted as such. Unfortunately she is paying the price for many of her peers lack of a fundamental understanding of economics and liberty. I believe there will be a lot of shocked 20 to 30 years old's as they begin to see the consequences of their vote.

But they will never understand that it was a consequence of their vote. :(

It is unfortunate for them and for the rest of us that their upbringing and the brainwashing that is euphemistically called "an education" in state run schools has both deprived them and isolated them from many sources of enduring wisdom, the Bible included.


Hosea 8:7 "They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

And who put them into the state run schools where they could be brainwashed?  Who continues even now? 

There are so many aspects to this its intentionally mind boggling. For instance,you children staying on your insurance till 26 years of age. Do you think your insurance companies will add these children for no added charge? Do you think mom and dad can afford it? Even one child is quite costly. What if you have two children? Get on a hill overlooking any city. Now consider how these changes will affect every single soul in that city. Times this over the entire country. We are only compounding the economic  decline. Spreading America's wealth to unfriendly  countries and a host of programs designed just like madeoff's poncy scheme .in order to hide trillions of Aamerica's's wealth. In essence THEFT! Meanwhile We grow poorer and poorer. Back room deals. .They dont want you yo know tthat after these meeting each walk away with substantial increases in their net worth. Of course there not traceable as the funds are funneled through so many legal organizations ,tracking is impossible ,yet look at the increases in wealth of politicians from first taking office to current date and ask the question. Where did the get all this money. While the cliff approaches ,they say every one will be affected and this is one of the biggest lies ever told. Those with extreme wealth will simply move their funds around so that the will lose nothing; Elites,politicians,billionaires and those in control of major companies will not suffer like the middle class and the poor.   

IT was and is BUSH'S fault! Or so they have been told by KING B.O The First! FOOLS and TRAITORS all of them!


If her employer is saying they're cutting hours because of Obamacare, they're lying.  Obamacare doesn't kick in at the employer level until 2014.  She should find a better company to work for.  I am fortunate enough to work for a company that employs 15,000 and offers healthcare to everyone.  Even part-timers (under 20 hours a week).  If the business is run well, healthcare can be offered if the company values it's employees.  My sympathies for your daughter.  Lyme is awful and I wish her and you the best.

The voting age never should have been lowered from 21 to 18.  I wasn't mature enough at 18 to cast an informed vote and neither were the vast majority of my peers.  It's only gotten worse as the years have gone by. 

Check mark!!

Correct!  The only reason the voting age was lowered was because of Viet Nam and the draft at that time.  Their mantra was that if they were old enough to die for their country, then they were old enough to vote.  Personally, I'm not sure anyone should vote before age 30, but that would be considered extreme.

Would extreme conditions call for extreme answers?  Another Grandma wondering -

Suits me, but it would never fly. 


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