In this day of deficits there is one way we can one way we can cut a fast billion or so from the budget.




From Newsmax:


Egyptian officials say 43 NGO workers, including 19 Americans, have been referred to trial before a criminal court for allegedly being involved in banned activity and illegally receiving foreign funds.

The decision on Sunday by investigating judges is likely to further sour relations between Egypt's military rulers and the United States, the Arab nation's chief western backer for more than 30 years.

Beside the 19 Americans, there are also five Serbs, two Germans and three non-Egyptian Arab nationals among the 43.

The Americans include Sam LaHood, the head of the Egypt office of the Washington-based International Republican Institute and the son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

I have a great idea.  Let’s just cut all of their funding.  Zero out Egypt’s funding.  No military funding.  No foreign aid. Nothing.

If they are going to do this to our citizens, then we can do what Rick Perry suggested.

The Obama Regime is actually threatening Egypt.  Also from Newsmax:

On Saturday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned Egypt's foreign minister that failure to resolve the dispute may lead to the loss of American aid. Washington is due to give Egypt $1.3 billion in military assistance and $250 million in economic aid in 2012.

A loss of that funding would be a blow to Egypt's military rulers and the interim government, who already are struggling to meet the country's needs.

The uprising a year ago sent in motion a downward fiscal spiral from which Egypt has yet to emerge. Tourism and foreign direct investment, two key foreign revenue mainstays, have been hit hard.

To cope with a budget deficit seen by many analysts as widening past the 8.6 percent of GDP which officials are targeting, the government has reached out again to the International Monetary Fund for a $3.2 billion loan. It has also submitted a request to the World Bank for $1 billion.

If Egypt wants to play hardball, fine we have the big stick.  They can either let our people go or we can crash their economy.  It is a their choice.





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We must get our own financial house in order before sending money to other countries. After all, as the old saying goes, "charity begins at home". Once we're not borrowing 40% (that's $40 out of every $100, folks!) of every dollar we spend from China, then maybe we can help some others.

Mr. Forbes of Forbes magazine came up with a plan which would immediately cut billions of dollars from the budget.   Nobody listened to him though.   Too much politics in Washington, D. C. to get anything done like that.

Great idea Judson, let's cut funding to Egypt and all the other foreign Countries who never reciprocate.  Wonder if you should send J. Boehner a nice bottomline Judson email?  Great blog and yet let's be real honest here - the Democrats and Obama don't want to balance the budget, pay down our Deficit or get our fiscal house in order.


This is a little off subject, but here's another email from Obama and gang. This is the perfectly example of how and why he may win the 2012 Election - they work the Internet freeways hourly and I believe that's where they pick up an awful lot of support.

Friend --
This campaign is ramping up, and the decisions we make right now will shape our path to victory in November.
That's why I want your input, because you are the ones building this campaign on the ground in your community. We want to know from you what's working, what we could be doing better, and what you're hearing about the President and this campaign.
Take a few minutes to share your thoughts.
Together, we've done some amazing work building this campaign so far. But I know that we're in for a tough fight ahead, and we'll need your voices and leadership if we want to win on Election Day.
Click here to fill out the survey:

Thanks for making this campaign the best it can be,
Jim Messina Campaign Manager Obama for America

Maybe you should watch the Documentary "Corporation Nation" as well as the Blog and see where all the money is in our De Facto form of government. Which  all it's agency's from a local level to the presidents seat are listed as Trading on Wall street . Dunn and Bradstreet lists them all as PRIVATE CORPORATIONS!  So what candidate is explaining this?  What Candidate is explaining we are suppose to be operating as De Jure form of Government? The fact is our government has tons of Doe !!!

I have another suggestion for cutting another 1 billion from our budget:  Get rid of Obama and his whole regime and it may save us way over that amount.  The cuts are starring us in the face...just have to do it.

that is a drop in the bucket. Lets repeal the 16th amendment. and add a 3.5% max on what congress can spend  annually,

Wow.  Did anyone catch the irony: They are worried that their national debt/deficit is at 8.6% if GDP...

Wow, oh that we should have OURS at 8.6%...

Our "Diplomats are a waste of good skin (IN TOO MANY CASES).  They do NOT have the Courage tp do the right thing!!!!

We can cut over $380 billion by getting rid of all illegal aliens.  That's what they cost in social services every year.  And then next year we'd be $380 billion ahead.  And then there's the $400 billion they wire home every year (Mexico's second highest source of GDP) tax free.  And the billions each state pays out in welfare (71% are on welfare), education for their anchor baby children, food stamps, housing, etc. etc.  Another benefit would be getting millions of Americans back to work, stabilizing our governments (state and federal), eliminating violent illegal gangs and their drugs, helping our schools operate in the black once again, reducing diseases brought over the border by untested illegals, But one of the greatest benefits would be the elimination of illegal alien crime.  From petty theft, i.d. theft, to rape and murder, illegals have committed thousands of crimes against Americans. wwwillegalaliencrime.com   And now congress will vote on a bill which states that an illegal must be given three DUI's before they can be deported.  WHAT?  And we thought being illegally here would be enough.  It is in Mexico where the first time someone is illegally there they get a two year PRISON sentence.  The second offense earns a TEN year prison sentence.  Also seal the borders and send our troops there instead of guarding another country's border. 

We must all remember that the current Washington DC political hacks, don't want to cut anything..either party!

If they do cut any $$, it from the automatic increases to the yearly budget base per department. Only that of Military & Medicare budget cuts are real dollars. If we allow them to just take a little here a little there our debit will never decrease..

WE need to "SHUT" down complete agencies/departments, cut back on all expenses.etc, it common sense.

Discontinue all funding to the.. United Nation (send them packing), and to all Country that don't like us. Its a very simple fix, its all common sense solutions.. Who said that??? Businessman Herman Cain.. Its "Business 101 Basic Studies" for any first year business student. Isn't it just the normal way of life for the average American..specially in todays environment just to survive.

A "Balance Budget or a "Major Plan" for our countries debit reduction is only a dream or you can call it a fantasy for all of the "WE THE PEOPLE" type..with the current clowns in Washington DC at the controls.......God Bless Us All....we can use the help..Amen !!

FYI..Info on this current TPN conversation..

Here is a new Gallup Poll on how the Egyptians feel about taking our $$Aid. Very easy decision.. eliminate it.

Lets face it their oponion of  the USA, won't change at all.. if we do or if we don't... so I vote don't !!

just a note : Gallup's polling participants starting age was 15 years old..??? 


Egyptians are as likely to favor economic aid from Arab governments (68%) as they are to oppose aid from the U.S. (71%). Half favor aid from international institutions.

Read more at.. GALLUP.com.


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