How did Barack Obama win reelection in 2012?


There are a lot of reasons given.  Mitt Romney was a terrible candidate.  That is certainly true.  Conservatives stayed home. Again, that is true.  Romney and his brain trust made no effort to reach out to conservatives or even appear to be a conservative, so conservatives stayed home.


But there may be another reason why Barack Obama, the worst President in American history, managed to squeak out another term.


What is the shocking secret that may explain how Obama got a second term?


A study done in North Carolina showed that 35,750 people who live and voted in North Carolina may have voted in another state in the 2012 Presidential election.  The study was based on comparing the first and last names along with date of birth for people who voted in 28 other states.  In 765 of those cases, social security numbers matched as well.


This number would have probably been larger but only 28 states participated and the four largest states, California, New York, Texas and Florida did not participate.


If you extrapolate this figure out over the entire population, that could be over one million double votes in 2012. 


Liberals shriek that voter fraud never happens.  Conservatives don’t engage in voter fraud but liberals do.  Only weeks ago, Democrats in Cincinnati celebrated the release from jail of Melowese Richardson.  The poll worker and Obama bot confessed to voting for Obama multiple times.


She saw nothing wrong with that as she pledged her allegiance to her Dear Leader.   Richardson was prosecuted in Ohio court and was convicted and given a five year sentence. Leftist groups screamed in horror that a Democrat convicted of voter fraud would actually have to serve a prison sentence and pressured the authorities in Ohio to grant her an early release.  Illegally voting in a Presidential Election is a federal offense, but Attorney General Eric Holder shows about as much interest in prosecuting Richardson as he does in going after the criminals at the IRS.


The results of this North Carolina study are not just alarming, they could have changed the outcome of the 2012 election. 


Mitt Romney lost the popular vote.  But a shift of 333,000 votes in four states would have given him an electoral win. 


As reported by Breitbart in November 2012:


Romney lost New Hampshire’s 4 electoral college votes by a margin of 40,659. Obama won with 368,529 to Romney’s  327,870.

Romney lost Florida’s 29 electoral college votes  by a margin of 73,858. Obama won with 4,236,032 to Romney's 4,162,174.

Romney lost Ohio’s 18 electoral college votes by a margin of 103,481. Obama won with 2,697,260 to Romney’s 2,593,779 

Romney lost Virginia’s 13 electoral college votes by a margin of 115,910. Obama won with 1,905,528 to Romney’s  1,789,618.

Add the 64 electoral college votes from this switch of 333,908 votes in these four key states to Romney’s 206, remove them from Obama’s 332, and Romney defeats Obama 270 to 268.


If all fifty states had participated in the North Carolina study, the numbers would be much higher.


It is also worth remembering that Obama did not carry a single state that has voter ID laws.


Democrats are not winning elections.  They are taking them the old fashioned way.  They are stealing them.

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Well she voted one more time than most conservatives did in 2012. That's why Romney lost.

Sometimes you just have to hold your nose and vote otherwise you suffer greater consequences.

We are now suffering greater consequences. Those who are the biggest complainers are those who did not vote in 2012 or voted for someone in an obscure party, which had no chance of winning.

Better get it right this November!


This isn't news to those that understand the only reason anyone would fight voter ID laws! The news will be when someone whom we have elected stands up and stops this madness. We have illegal cows being rounded up while illegal aliens run free, we have illegal aliens being sought after to teach with no experience while illegal aliens are in charge of the highest office in America and nobody does anything. Voter fraud will haunt America for a long time and if we continue to allow people from countries that hate us to come here then we will continue to become like them. Congratulations America, we have allowed this county to become a 3rd world country. Out of control kids and those that could care less as long as their check keeps coming electing out of control criminal leaders who could care less as long as their back door checks keep coming.

Thanks I couldn't have said it better. I knew from the first debate by BO' s attitude he could care less. He knew the election was already won thru voter fraud. We need to protest and demand voter id
Exactly right. This is why "True the Vote" in Texas was viciously targeted by the IRS, and the other federal agencies. A black Congrssman, Elijah Cummings, was revealed to be in on this, just this week.

You Nailed it.

Obama is an authority on criminal behavior.

Absolutely disgusting.  But I have suspected this all along. 

I believe there are a number of norther libs who have moved to North Carolina, people not yet that old that they cannot travel to double vote back in NY or Chicago. Of course, there are absentee ballots which make travel unnecessary. I'm not saying every transplanted Yankee in N. Carolina or Florida has the brains, the energy or the brazen or foolhardy brand of courage to do this - but I suspect some of them do. I've met enough of these transplanted NYers in my late dad's retirement residence, Century Village in West Palm Beach, a place I both visited and stayed at in the last part of my dad's life. Some of these transplanted Northerners were dumb as a box of rocks and some appeared fairly honest and decent - or at least decent enough not to want to risk jail time. They knew Bill and Hillary and other Democrat officials weren't going to help them avoid jail as they would help precinct captains, etc.

This is more reason why people won't vote anymore if they think their vote doesn't count! The democrats are communist Godless people without conscience and integrity who will cheat, lie, deceive and defame their opponents! Once again through voter fraud, they'll win in this November's elections and no one is doing a damn thing to stop them! This is why they fight voter ID laws with such a passion! "The United States Of America" is becoming The United Communist States Of America! Sad but true!

This is the correct answer, but old news to some of us.
There is only one chance left to save this country from the one party..The Corrupt Party, and the cockroaches in the media.
We MUST bypass them completely when Sheriff Joe's information comes out, soon.
We need to contact everyone we know via email, blogs, forums, etc ...The only way...It must be done!


Copied from Constitution Club of US by OsceolaRenegade.

Found In My EMAIL.   A chap from Florida sent this to Governor Rick Scott.  It seems that in 2012 before nomination and after nomination of OBAMA, this person had filed a PERJURY complaint with the State of Florida including FDLE asking for a State Forensic Analysis of the April 27, 2011 OBAMA FORGERY.  We have a FORGERY used as basis for PERJURY and therefore a Conspiracy to get OBAMA elected is the theme.  The individual received 8 or so rounds of "KISS OFF CORRESPONDENCE" from the AG, FDLE, SOE, ELECTIONS COMMISSION, and SCOTT".  This is the recent SNAIL MAIL FILING with printed copy of Doug Vogt's AFFIDAVIT which is also in several Federal Cases.  And possibly one at the Supremes.

It would be nice if we got SOMEONE from each state to PING their Governors also since Villagrossa filed the PERJURED Nomination in all States  (57? of them Ha Ha).

Your Return Address and Info.


b>YOUR STATE> Gov Address


Governor xxx;


Subject:  Criminal Complaint Against Antonio Villaraigosa for a Perjured Obama “Official Certification of Nomination”   filed in b>Your State>


Attached  is a notarized document by Doug Vogt outlining the Forged Document that Barrack Obama proffered on April 27th 2011 from Federal Case cite annotated; the forgery was prior to the Antonio Villaraigosa nomination of Obama to be on the 2012 b>YOUR STATE> ballot. 


Therefore the forgery dictates that Villaraigosa also proffered a Fraudulent Nomination of Barrack on b>YOUR STATE> and to 49 other states by using false information (a conspiracy) in addition to providing b>YOUR STATE> with a Perjured Document. 


18 U.S.C. § 4 – Misprision of Felony.  Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.  I am passing notice of this crime to you for resolution under Florida Law.


You are my elected Civil Authority and I am placing you on notice to resolve the Fraud and proffered perjured nomination document!  Otherwise, you become complicit with the crime at this point by accepting the crime as a status quo operation of b>YOUR STATE> Government.


I trust you will accurately respond within the very short time of two work weeks.











The two PDF Files print out 100 Pages.  Why SNAIL MAIL.  GOVERNOR cannot say he did not load PDF from Internet for fear of Viruses.


Do not give an inch to drive in a wedge.

Went to http://www.vectorpub.com/Obamas_Certificate_Forgery.html

And downloaded the files recommended.

One hell of an affidavit.

There is another parallel statement on some other site I read also.

It is about a Baby Girl born on August 4, 1961 and Died on August 5 1961 by Name of Virginia Sunahara.  It seems that there is no trace of this individual in the Hawaii Archives.

However, two people searching for the same information crossed paths on the topic in Geneology Research (one looking for any baby born and died on or around August 4, 1961; and another looking for any grave markers of same notation).  Together they found the name of Suhahara daughter of a US Veteran of World War II and expanded that into a Name of a younger brother still alive today.  That brother was also contacted by Doug Vogt who escorted him to the halls of the DEAD DUFFY FUDDY who refused to even give the LIVE BROTHER a copy of the Dead Baby Sister Long Form Birth Certificate.   Now you now what the word FUDDY someone means in the Obama administration.

Why I cut and pasted this info here:  Every Governor in the United States has a PERJURED Document issued by Villagrasso in his/her filings to get OBAMA reelected in 2012. 

All nominations are PERJURED based on the AFFIDAVIT by Vogt.

You now have a CONSPIRACY between State Governors and the FEDS to protect the nomination of Obama by Villagrosso - the crimes are not CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, and PERJURY - and a few instances MURDER.


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